T h e   L i b r a r y   o f   t h e   S p h i n x


"There are many marvelous tales, untold, unwritten, never to be recorded or remembered, lost beyond all divining and all imagining, that sleep in the double silence of far-recessive time and space. The chronicles of Saturn, the archives of the moon in its prime, the legends of Antillia and Moaria..."

Clark Ashton Smith

Pen and ink sketch of the last sighting of the Library, The Levant, 1812.

"As we all know, there is a kind of lazy pleasure in useless and out-of-the-way erudition." 

Jorge Luis Borges; Preface to The Book of Imaginary Beings, 1969

Things that are not real must, by definition, be endlessly fascinating, unbearably frightening, overwhelmingly important. The Library of the Sphinx, whether it exists in the imaginings of Freud or undiscovered beneath the stone images of Egypt (some of which sat staring at the first analyst as he wrote), is the repository of unwritten texts. A survey, discussion, meditation, -an indiscriminate midden of theories- concerning these unreal books is entirely unnecessary, constitutionally incapable of rigour or result. 

But it just has to be done.

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