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About page:

I use this page in my spare moments to make available things produced by me that I think others may like. None of the stuff on here is for commercial gain, as a matter of fact I am making a loss on it. If you wish to distribute the items from your own site please ask me, I will likely say "Yes" and will add a link to you on my links section.

Most of the stuff here is based on Futurama, the best animated series since the Simpsons. However I have a Star Wars screensaver available now and have several other none Futurama screensavers part finished on the my drive. The others will be made available once I feel they meet a certain standard.

The page itself is designed to work with as many browsers as I can get it to work with. Because I rely on CSS for the page styling I would hope that you are using a newer browser with an ok implementation of the CSS standard such as Mozilla 1.1+ or MSIE 5+. I don't recommend the new Netscape as it is just Mozilla with AOL and their partners adverts plastered all over it.


ComputerStore Snake saver added

I have added a new screensaver today created for ComputerStoreUK.COM I have been meaning to make this for a while and was finally badgered into it. The screensaver itself shows their logo moving round the screen as a snake, I'm not sure how they will take that I'm showing it as a snake but they aren't paying for it so they can't really complain.

Feedback section added

There is now a feed back section on this site that allows you send email and leave messages in the guestbook, just click on the feedback button at the top of the menu on the left.

I am trying to make the ICQ feedback section work with my client. I use the open source client Miranda which seems not to work with the web options. I'm reluctant to go back to the ad soaked, bloated corporate ware that is the AOL version of what was once a good IM program.

Leela Bond updated

I have updated the Leela Bond screensaver to include the ability to mute the sound with the "X" key while it's running. I have also optimised the graphics and eliminated the need to have a second low quality version available by making the saver automatically adjust on lower spec machines.

Star Wars Screensaver available

I have spent a long while making this latest screensaver, my first step away from making one based on Futurama. Work done on this saver will make making further screensavers far easier as I have built myself a library of Flash components that should be useable on all.

The screensaver shows two X-wings fighting and four TIE fighters in a continuous noisy battle, fortunately I have included the ability to mute the sound by pressing "X" whilst it is running.

New page design (again!)

Trying out a new page design. Its quicker to load, easier to update, easier to use and in my opinion looks better so it should be good. And for a bonus point it was all done in notepad. :)

Futurama Game

I have uploaded a game I am currently working on. The game is very"work in progress" and the only button with any content behind it is the "start game" button.

UP and DOWN cursors = Change height
Left and Right cursors = Left and right :)
Space = Fire.
Click here to start. I would be interested to hear any opinions on the game and problems you have with it in its current state. Thanks.

El Chupenebre screensaver

I have made a new screensaver available today. This one is just a filler until my next big release so don't expect it to be the best one you have ever seen. Still more entertaining than those slideshow screensavers I hate so much

Leela Bond available

I am making Leela Bond available today as has not crashed since I did a small amount of tweaking to it. It is available to download from the screensavers link.

Leela Bond finished(?)

I have finally finished the Leela Bond Screensaver, it is just in the test process at the moment as I have had some problems with the Flash projector exe crashing on Win2k. Not sure if this is my problem or Macromedia's, going to guess it is Macromedia's fault because if I change the order the scenes load in it crashes less. The order change makes no difference to the play order and the code in it is the same. I think I have found the most stable order for them with the first scene loading last and the last scene loading first. (EH!)

New Page design

I have spent some time making this page work with as many browsers as I can recently. Should work with NS3+ and IE4+ now. If you use something other than NS or IE then the flash content is not there as I can't check it with anything other than the two big browsers. I could only check it under win2k so any feedback on problems is appreciated.

Previous site design sacked.

I got board of trying to get the previous design to work with Netscape. So instead opted for a completely new design that looks more interesting, is easier to update and should work in most browser versions. Netscape 3 has a few problems with my Java script and messes around with some of the design.

Page design problems

At the moment I am putting the finishing touches to my latest creation, Leela Bond, which will be up in a few days.

After seeing how bad this page looked using Netscape I have updated the design so that it mostly works. I only have Netscape 4.6 to test with at the moment so I will suggest you use that or a grater version to view this page.

A game with my graphics

Andie from Can't get enough Futurama has created a game using an animation created by me. It is available from their page and is quite good.

Praise me again!

I would like to say thank you to Darrell for the the following:-
"This is the Best set of screensavers for Futurama I have ever seen! I hope you continue to make more, as more people will really enjoy them as much as I do. These screensavers are definitely my default screensaver"- Darrell Johnson of the Futurama Outlet

Praise me!

My screensavers have been described as awesome by Can't get enough Futurama, thanks go out to them.

Walkies Available

My second screensaver is up and ready for download. Unlike the first one (Futurama warp) this one is not very processor heavy.

18th May 2000

After three years of this address not being put to any use I finally got around to doing something with it.

You will find my first in a line of screensavers under the screensavers tab.