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The projects most recently completed are 3D Bridge and 3D Chess. These combine competition-level AI with lush 3D environments. The advent of fast 3D hardware has made it possible to somewhat enrich the presentation of such games, way beyond what has been offered before. The goal now is to make the user feel that the game environment is real, not just a functional game interface.
AI Factory is relatively new, but already has four major titles, Bridge, Chess, Darts and Pool, on the market:
link to Bridge link to Bridge Bridge
Omar Sharif Bridge II implements the Oxford Bridge engine within a 3D environment. There are over 70 different AI opponents to play with (including Omar Sharif himself) as well as 9 beautiful card set designs to collect and use.
link to Chess link to Chess Chess
Tournament Chess II (Chess Championship Tournament & Chess II in Japan) uses the Treebeard engine for strength and speed. The fully 3D game allows play with several well-crafted piece sets and boards, against a range of AI opponents of very different skills and abilities.
link to Darts link to Darts Darts
Friday Night 3D Darts (Darts Tournament in Japan) brings the excitement of "x01", "Cricket" and "Around The Clock" darts games in a 3D world direct to your PC.
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link to Pool Pool link to Snooker Snooker
Friday Night 3D Pool (Billiards Championship Tournament in Japan) has been recognised for its realistically-rendered balls and table and the solid physics behind the movement. It incorporates 8-Ball, 9-Ball and Snooker. well as a range of classic titles re-released for sale:
link to Backgammon link to Backgammon Backgammon
The Mediterranean cafe society game with a long history of popularity, this version offers match options on game setup.
link to Checkers link to Checkers Checkers
You will find it hard to beat this game. Great concentration is needed to avoid silly errors.
link to Chess link to Chess Chess Tal
This 2D version of Chess uses Chess Tal and has a configurable layout, so that the player can arrange the available information as they like, as well as choosing from 6 different chess sets.
link to Chinese Chess link to Chinese Chess Chinese Chess
Like Chess, this game is a serious challenge. The pieces loosely correspond to Western Chess, including a front row of pawns, but the moves are different.
link to Dominoes link to Dominoes Dominoes
A timeless classic.
link to Four in a Line link to Four in a Line Four in a Line
Drop the counters to try and build a line of four while you block your opponent's attempt to do the same.
link to Gomoku link to Gomoku Gomoku
A challenging 5 in a line game from Japan.
link to Reversi link to Reversi Reversi
The classic game of territory reversal. Trap your opponents pieces between your own and claim them for yourself.
link to TaiPei link to TaiPei TaiPei
A traditional tile pair matching game played against the clock or simply for fun.