North Pole/South Pole, or, Which Way is Up?

Definition of North/South Polarity

It is completely understandable that people should confuse the North and South Poles as industry and navigation usually does it one way and science the other!


The Earth is the ultimate magnet for humans and has long had a defined North Pole and South Pole.  This is used by scientists, Norstar and most serious, scientifically  based companies, world-wide. 


The compass, used originally for navigation by sailors and adventurers often with little education, became misnamed.  As a magnet itself, one end of the compass needle seeks the Earth’s North Pole, the other the South.  The North-seeking end of the needle is called the North Pole of the magnet and the other, the South Pole.  It is this compass needle that is incorrectly named as the scientific North Pole of the needle actually seeks the Earth’s South Pole.


Norstar’s research is performed by top scientific laboratories in the USA and the UK and they sell their products around the world, consequently they conform to international scientific conventions and standards.

Determination of North/South Polarity

The North-seeking end of the compass needle will point to the Earth’s North Pole and a magnet’s North Pole side.


If no compass is available a dowsing pendulum held over the North Pole rotates clockwise, responding to the negative energy, and anti-clockwise over the South Pole in response to positive energy.  Sorry, that’s not scientific is it?  Or perhaps the scientists haven’t got there yet!  I can reproduce this experiment at any time, so can most people, as long as there is no electro-magnetic interference!


The North Pole side of a Norstar magnet is the plain side.  The dark-blue “N” on the South Pole is the logo for “Norstar”, this should always be visible when in use.  Other Norstar products are specifically designed such that they will automatically be worn correctly, usually with a scratchy Velcro-like side, the South Pole, and a smooth, soft side suitable for placing in direct contact with the skin, the North Pole.  Norstar PowerStrides (insoles) utilise both North and South Pole energy, and as such are reversible.

Differences between North & South Pole Energies

There is still a lot of argument over the differences between North Pole energy and South Pole energy, especially in the therapeutic business where few have engineering or physics backgrounds.  I have read a serious book on magnet therapy that was full of incorrect statements because the eminent doctors who had written it had failed to run it by modern physicists.  I also know of a significant company in the magnetic therapy business that has all its magnets the wrong way round!  I pity their clients, or is this deliberate to discredit magnets. I too a call for Norstar one day when a client said Norstar products were great and they got better, but then they bought some from company X and they got worse, so they went back to Norstar and will now stay with Norstar forever.,


Granted, many scientists say that there is no discernable difference between the two energies, other than the direction: positive or negative.  However in the therapeutic field and amongst scientists who experiment with living tissue there is a general agreement that the two energies are different, namely that North Pole energy is healing, relaxing and alkaline, and South Pole energy is stimulating and acid.  Suffering from dyspepsia?  Apply a North Pole magnet over the stomach area. If it is strong enough about 80% of the population will feel the relief quickly. No need for repeat purchase of pharmaceutical remedies that may themselves have long- or short-term side effects, especially with continued usage.  Continued usage of magnets appears to train the system and remove the need for them.  Women who use the Norstar Senza pad for period pains and PMT report that at first they may use it 24/7, then gradually they find it to be needed less and less and after a couple of years the body seems to have learned how to perform correctly.  It is believed that the tissues develop a memory of the correct functioning and continue to do so long afterwards.


The ultimate experiment is to take 3 plastic cups and put an inch or two of very ordinary red wine in each.  Place one cup over a North Pole, one over a South Pole and leave the third as a control.  Leave for 30 to 45 minutes, then taste each.  This may also be done with plain water or fruit juice, but the red wine experiment is the most effective.  In the light of the evidence this provides, as a satellite engineer (from a field where it is essential that things be done right, first time, regardless of egos or even long-standing laws of physics) I find it imperative to state that the energies are different in ways that science may not yet have investigated or explained.

Utilisation of North & South Pole Energies

It is the healing, relaxing North Pole that should be applied to the body.  In the absence of further scientific investigations there only two, safe, valid exceptions:


Additionally North Pole energy will significantly improve the flavour of many drinks, even smokers can usually tell the difference.


South Pole energy will ripen fruit more quickly.


Application of combined North and South Pole energy is: