Oskar and Ilse Lubin

Oskar and Ilse Lubin are friends of Aadam Aziz from Germany. We never get to meet Oskar directly in the narrative because, we are informed, he got run over in Germany - like a comic. He tripped over his shoelaces before trying to tell some soldiers to put down their weapons and stop being pawns.

An essay in Fletcher, M.D. (ed.) suggests that the name Oskar "pays conspicuous though oblique tribute to Grass in his account of of the German connections of Saleem's supposed grandfather Aadam Aziz." 1 [p.85] Oskar is the name of the dwarf that narrates Gunter Grass' tale The Tin Drum.

Ilse Lubin does come to visit Aziz but only lasts one chapter because she takes a boat out onto the lake in Kashmir with Tai never to return. She drowns herself. Leaving only an enigmatic note reading "I didn't mean it".

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