Renault 5 TL "Le Car 2"

My car is a 5 door 1984 Renault 5 TL 1108cc "Le Car 2". The car has not travelled very far (50,000 miles), considering its age - and when I obtained the car in 1992 it had done only 17000 miles. Still, in its 14 year life so far it has covered an average of under 4000 miles a year.

I inherited the car from my grandfather in 1992 - I was 15. The car had only travelled 17,000 miles - it had been owned by an elderly couple previous to my grandfather.

The car sat in our drive for the next two years until I was old enough to drive it. I did do some work on the car during that time but not much. All of a sudden its MOT (roadworthiness test) was due and so we checked everything over and got it tested. It passed with no problems - quite a feat for a car that's been standing for some time! So I drove the car for the first time on my 17th birthday.

This is what the car looked like when I had been driving it for a few months: My car after I had been driving it for a short time
It still had its original wheels, and looked exactly like it did when it left the factory. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that the wheels were rusty!

It was not long before I began to improve the car beyond its original specification. First I replaced the wheels with some alloys from a R5 Gordini:

Alloy wheels My alloy wheels - click on the picture for more info.

Then I replaced the front bumper with one from a R5 Gordini Turbo. I painted it white to match the body colour of the car, but unfortunately within a few months all the paint fell off!

The interior of the car has also had some improvements made to it:

Electric Windows!

These deserve a page of their own.

Instrument Panel/Steering Wheel

So... After 18 months of a bumper that looked pretty awful, I decided to have the car resprayed. I was also dissatisfied with the rest of the paint - the front of the bonnet was getting a little stonechipped and the paintwork was rather marked and dull. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to obtain new decals - the "Le Car 2" logos on the front of the bonnet and the rear of the car and also the pinstripes down the side of the car. I took the car to "Classic and Vintage Restorations" in Ashford, Kent, England. They carried out the following work:

This is what the car looks like after its mini-restoration. It's a photograph of it at the Renault Owners' Club meeting, where it attracted a lot of interest.

Select the picture for more pictures of the car after restoration.
Front of the car

I have also made minor modifications to the car to increase its performance: I have fitted a Weber 32 DIR dual choke carburettor to the car. It replaces the bog standard Zenith carburettor (and yes, I have told my insurance company!). I still have a little tuning to do but early indications show that the car pulls away from rest much more quickly and the engine seems to be much more flexible. The fuel economy is slightly worse than when I had the single choke carburettor. To complement the carburettor I have built a fresh air intake that allows air to be forced into the carburettor by the car pushing forwards through the air. I have also fitted a custom exhaust system; it comprises a R5 TS under-wing silencer and a R5 Gordini Turbo rear silencer. The resulting exhaust system sounds quite good (although it can be slightly "boomy" on a long journey) and may make a difference to the performance!


Pictures of the engine

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