British Contemporary Sculpture Water Sculpture Wind Sculpture Bronze Portrait Sculpture

Angela Conner’s profile as one of the world’s most significant sculptors has developed with her prolific creation of large-scale public sculptures that harness kinetic energy in a very unique and subtle way. Angela considers herself an ‘Environmental Sculptor’ utilising wind, water, sun and shadow in her abstract sculptural forms. Her works demand endless ingenuity with some of her pieces in continuous motion as wind and water tip heavy constructions. Angela works predominantly on corporate and public commissions and always transforms her concepts into scaled maquettes, believing if the mechanics work on a small scale they will work on a large scale too. Her eye for proportion, one of the most difficult things to judge in an open space, is unerring. Angela has been awarded an Institute of Architects Honour Award for sculpture and co-design of Heinz Plaza, Pittsburgh USA and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors. She is represented in many public and private collections internationally. American Institute of Architects Honor: Award for Sculpture and co-design of Heinz plaza, Pittsburgh, USA. Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors. Society of Equestrian Artists, Sculpture of the Year Award. Wave Tallest Sculpture in Europe, Parkwest, Dublin. Poise Commission for Consignia, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Rolling Stones Commission for Parkwest, Dublin. Revelation Large scale water sculpture for the Duke of Devonshire, Derbyshire. Scribe Wind and water mobile for Cindy Nord, North Carolina, USA. Two as One 23 ft water mobile for Fidelity Investments, European Headquarters, Kent. Creation State table, gold & silver mobile Commissioned by the Silver Trust for the Prime Minister, 10 Downing St. Celebration 25 bronzes for Pat Doherty, Ireland Longleat Arch 34 foot water mobile arch that opens and closes for the Marquis of Bath, Wessex. WINNER OF: 2002 KAO International Kinetic Art Competition National Competition resulting in a 45 ft plaza feature, comprising of four 6 ft water mobiles, seating and 28 ft central sphere that rises and falls with weight of water in rhythmic cycle. Horsham, Sussex. National Competition for Public Art Development Trust 30 ft mobile water sculpture, permanent installation. The Economist Plaza, London. National competition for sculpture as centre piece for Market Square, Cambridge. (No sculpture made due to Council reorganization) Competition run by Public Art Commissions Agency for centre of campus - triple 18 ft mobile water sculpture. Aston University, Birmingham. National Competition for larger than life-size statue of De Gaulle. Carlton Gardens overlooking the Mall, London. International Sculpture Competition. Lexington Airport, Kentucky, USA General de Gaulle Statue, Foreign Office, London Horsham 45 foot City Centrepiece, Surrey An experienced professional, Angela is well used to the problems associated with the public having unguarded access to sculptures, ensuring her materials are long lasting and of the highest quality. While Angela’s works are of a pre-eminent international standard they are also extremely accessible to a non-art gallery going public. Importantly, the density and weight of her sculptures also make them ideal in terms of protection from weather, theft and vandalism. Within everything there is the capacity to be near beautiful. The light from the sun while curving round during the day causes the rough and ugly shadow in the morning to gradually refine itself into a perfect, linear circle. Present bronze maquette is 8 inch high, the sculpture and concept is well suited to be considerably larger. Scale woulds be site specific. This sculpture is about a mental sense of wholeness as when you look at the complete figure in the pool you slowly realise that half of it is actually only a reflected image on the surface and the form is not actually there. The figure is a cast of the artist's own body. Materials are a resin pool, stone figure and stainless steel. This is a 9 foot diameter disc cut into 6 curving segments. The subtle shadows are forever changing as the slabs move in the wind. The movement is tranquil and very fascinating, always attracting passers by. This 121 foot high, vertical energetic line with 9 & half tons as a counterbalance, waves in the wind. One third of the sculpture has a mist that creates a rainbow through the form when the sun is out. The scupture is moved solely by the weight of water. The inner sphere, like a seed or a concept, is hidden & protected by the outer leaves until ready to be revealed. Tons of water are released, he leaves open, & the precious sphere appears. 2 mobile discs one of onyx marble, one of slate, bonded by resin. The 2 metre discs are driven by water. The white appears and disappears as the discs rotate with the weight of water. 45 ft plaza feature consisting of four satellite water mobiles and one 28 ft high centrepiece. The large sphere rises and falls with weight of the water, dispensing a torrent of 7 1/2 tons of water in a rhythmic cycle. Multi medium