The North American Wapiti, often known as the Elk, is one of the noblest of the Deer family.
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Elkin Family History Research

John Elkin, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Elkin Family History

Acorn I'm a keen family historian and I've been researching the history of my Elkin family in England for many years. I've collected much information about them, and about many other families called Elkin and Elkins. Click here to find out more about my research, and why I think that the Elkin and Elkins families have different roots.
Spelling variants I have encountered include; Alkin, Allkin, Allkins, Elekin, Elken, Elkens, Elkin, Elkine, Elking, Elkings, Elkins, Elkyn, Elkyne, Ellkin, Helkin.

A list of the other surnames I'm researching can be found here, many of them in my home county of Staffordshire.

I am often asked how to get started in family history research. The following sites provide good introductions to research in England.

Berkshire Family History Society

Acorn I've been a member of the Berkshire Family History Society since I first became interested in the subject, even though I have no Berkshire ancestors myself. I have always found membership to be useful to me, and I fully support the aims and activities of the society, and used to host their web pages here. They now have their own site, and you can find out all about them by visiting


Shield I've now lived in Berkshire for nearly thirty years. Unfortunately, recent reorganisation of local government means that the county doesn't officially exist anymore. However here is a collection of links to many sites with information about the former "Royal County", and many of the places there.

When I'm not researching family history, I spend my time implementing computer systems. I specialise in Business Intelligence. One of the most enjoyable periods of my career was when I worked with the ACUMEN Decision Support System.

I've found the world wide web to be a great way of making contact with others who share my interests. Perhaps it will also allow me to renew contacts with friends I've lost touch with over the years. Here is a list of some of them.

Data Quality

I am committed to the highest standards of quality of information. If you think that there are any errors or out of date information within these pages please notify me of the page in question by email.
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