WELCOME, you strange people, to the web page of Lwaxanna, Imzali and Spontini, otherwise known as PROJECT HEADQUARTERS!  Through this page you will learn the dark secrets of our so called lives (i.e., Lwaxanna and Imzali frequently go on trips through time with the help of their video recorder and Spontini thinks that he is the 'Lord of Illusion' (but we know that the clothes don't fit!). So please, stand back from the automatic doors as they will be closing behind you. Make sure you have all your personal belongings and take small children by the hand for you have now entered PROJECT HEADQUARTERS! (dun-du-run-dunnn!) but let this be a warning to you; in these headquarters there are no doors and only MICROSOFT Windows (which will not help you a bit in these circumstances!) and there is no turning back...ha ha ha!
      So to all of you wandering souls that just happened to come across our web page fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride.


Where To Go?

You have reached the cross-roads of life and there are currently only 2 possible directions to go. If you are a fan of the Quantum Leap TV programme, this site provides nit-pick guides to the series episodes. They are the work of contributors to the (rastql) newsgroup. This is an on-going project of the newsgroup and further guides will be added to this site regularly.

Quantum Leap TV Series

 Certain Doom - Imzali's Lair




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