Research Report

The information needs of elderly, disabled elderly people, and their carers

by Julia Barrett, MSc 

The results of this research show that a disturbingly high proportion of elderly, disabled elderly people, and their carers are not getting the practical support they need at home nor the information that enables access to this support. 



Part 1. Summary and Introduction to the Study.

Part 2. Literature Survey.

Part 3. Enquiries to Formal Information and AdviceProviders

Part 4.Focus Group Investigation

Part 5.Questionnaire Survey

Part 6. Summary and Conclusions of the Questionnaire Survey

Part 7.Overall Discussion and Conclusions

Part 8. References

Part 9. Appendices  (Only Appendices A & B)
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This report was published by the Disability Information Trust, 2000
ISBN 1 873773 21 8
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Revised: June 07, 2000 .