Looking north over  the fields covered in a flurry of snow

Looking east over the water
snow covered bay
A beautiful day at the beach
Down at Muchall shore
Walking down at the cliffs at Bridge of Muchalls
The Brown Jewel

Muchalls beach has a rugged charm.  Great care has to be taken when descending the steep slopes as you can easily lose your footing when it is windy or wet.

In spring and early summer you can hear the shrill cries of the numerous seabirds.

Lying just north of the Highland Boundary Fault, the rocks make a fascinating excursion for both amateur and professional geologists.

This beauty was also recognised by Franco Zeffirelli when he used the area as a backdrop to his film Hamlet

Looking north at Muchall coast

Looking east over a flat calm sea

Snow covered cliffs on a sunny February day

Walking down at the cliffs at Bridge of Muchalls

Down at the shore.  The water glitters in the sun.

The water is so clear you can see the bottom

The Brown Jewel - an intriguing rock sticking out of the water

Muchalls Beach