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We live in Swanmore, a small village in the Meon Valley in Hampshire.

The original Hampshire, that is, in England.  Not to be confused with New Hampshire in New England. 

We're surrounded by some of the most scenic countryside to be found and have one of the largest collection of EEC approved "blue flag" beaches within a few miles.  Close by are to be found the major cities of Southampton, Winchester and Portsmouth.

Southampton is one of the major ports in England and was the intended point of departure for the Pilgrim Fathers. Unfortunately, their mast broke shortly after sailing for the New World and they therefore stopped at Plymouth for repairs.  Had it not been for that event, it is quite likely that the most common city name in the USA today would be Southampton.

Winchester is the historical capital of Wessex and of England.  Famous for King Alfred (he who burned the cakes) and King Arthur (the chap with the round table), the Cathedral is also the final resting place of King Canute and Jane Austen amongst others.

Portsmouth is the premier Naval port of the United Kingdom, a major ferry port for travel to France or Spain and an architectural nightmare.  It is also Kevin's place of birth. 

This page was last updated on 26 March 2001.

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