10 Week 10K Training Schedule for Beginners

If you have not exercised recently or suffer from any medical condition, please consult your doctor for a check up prior to commencing exercise. It would also be useful to visit www.runnersworld.co.uk and click on the Training section. From here, look at the Beginners section and click on the article called ‘Total Beginners Guide to Running’. This article will talk you through the basics and help prepare you for starting this schedule.

This schedule is a guide to assist you in running the Lethbridge 10k on Wednesday 15th June 2005. It is not cast in stone and you should always listen to your own body. You should train at your own level and rest from training if you are ill or injured. Success will come from a steady build up over a number of weeks with consistency being the key. As they say “Rome was not built in a day”.

If you are starting from scratch, build up very gradually without pushing too hard or too far. Yes, some huffing and puffing will be required, but this should ease as you get fitter. Take a walking break if you need to get your breath back at any time.

Start with walking at a good stride so you can raise you heart rate and feel slightly puffed. Then start to add short sections of jogging mixed with walking. Gradually increase the jogging time and reduce the walking time until you are able to jog for the whole session. Then start to increase the length of the session until you are covering the 10k distance. Don’t worry if you have to miss the odd session but try to get out at least twice each week.

You can do the sessions on whatever days you can fit them in, however try to avoid running on consecutive days. Monday, Wednesday, Saturday is an example of how to mix in rest days.

If you already do some kind of physical activity, or you prefer to build up your fitness by cross training (swimming, cycling etc), you can substitute session 2 with another activity and just jog/run twice a week. Feel free to move the days about but try to avoid running on consecutive days.



Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Wk 1


Walk 30mins

Walk 30mins

Walk 30mins

Wk 2

Walk 5mins/ jog 1min  repeat 5 times

Total – 30mins

Walk 5mins/ jog 2min  repeat 5 times

Total – 35mins

Walk 5mins/ jog 3min  repeat 4 times

Total – 32mins

Wk 3

Walk 3mins/ jog 4min  repeat 4 times

Total – 28mins

Walk 3mins/ jog 6min  repeat  3 times

Total – 27mins

Walk 3mins/ jog 8min  repeat 3 times

Total – 33mins

Wk 4

Walk 1min/ jog 10min  repeat 3 times

Total – 33mins

Walk 1min/ jog 12min  repeat 3 times

Total – 39mins

Walk 1min/ jog 14min repeat  3 times

Total – 45mins

Wk 5

Jog 20min

Jog 25min

Jog 20min, walk 1min, jog 20min – Total 41mins

Wk 6

Jog 25min

Jog 30min

Jog 40min


Wk 7


Jog 30min

Jog 30min

Jog 50min

Wk 8


Jog 30min

Jog 30min

Jog 60min

Wk 9


Jog 30min

Jog 30min

Jog 70min

Wk 10

Jog 20min

Jog 20min

10k race  -  ENJOY!