Linda Ward
Powys - Mid Wales Border region

I normally have between one and three carefully planned litters per year, which are whelped and raised in a home environment. The health and temperament of my puppies is of paramount importance and I ensure that my bitches and stud dogs used have current clear eye certificates as required by the KC/BVA scheme.

Particular attention is paid to the adequate socialisation of my litters and I aim to send away confident well adjusted puppies that will settle down quickly in their new homes. All new puppy owners are urged to continue with a recommended programme of further socialisation and habituation.

Since gaining my Diploma in Advanced Canine Psychology I have realised the importance of the correct management of puppies to ensure that they do not develop bad habits as they mature and I have produced a booklet "Growing Good Puppies Guide" (approved by The Cocker Spaniel Club) that gives advice on how to avoid common behavioural problems.

I am a member of the Cocker Spaniel Club, London Cocker Spaniel Society, and the Cocker Spaniel Club of Scotland. I am a breed and general adviser for Dogs Today magazine and I'm always happy to try to and help people with any cocker related questions or health worries. I am also a Kennel Club Accredited Breeder (a scheme set up by the Kennel Club to encourage and recognise good breeding practices)


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