Hello I am Lucy Pearson

NHS Organ Donor Register

We along with many others are continuing to try to get people to join the NHS Organ Donor Register. This will always be an ongoing thing, so my family and I have decided to leave this page as it is. Well, apart from updating some of the following information.

I am 9 years old and received the Gift of Life during the summer of 2006. Having a new heart is enabling me to do all of the things I have never been able to do before:

• Bounce on a bouncy castle and a trampoline
• Learn to swim
• Have ballet lessons
• Learn to ride a horse
• and most of all, be able to run around and keep up with my brothers and sisters.

I had my ups and downs suffering from CMV on three occasions and now suffering from high EBV levels. I do also have medication to take so that my body doesn't reject my new heart (or new engine as I refer to it). I can do lots of things that I could have only dreamed of before. One of which is laughing - mummy and daddy were amazed when I started laughing days after my surgery.

We also realise that none of this would have been possible without the fantastic gift that some selfless person and their family have given me. We can never thank these people enough, words cannot express how my parents feel. Their way of thanking them is by making sure I take all of my medications on time and by helping me achieve all of my dreams.

We have a new addition to the family; a VW Type 25 whom I have named Tia. We are going to be having lots of fun in her. There is a link to her on the left hand side.

Many people stop my mummy and daddy in the street to ask how I am and to say that because of me they have joined the NHS Organ Donor Register. This is all we have ever wanted to achieve; to get people thinking and talking about organ donation. The lists are going up and people are dying waiting for an organ to become available for them. I am definately amongst the lucky ones to receive my organ in time.

If you have never thought about it before, please think about joining the NHS Organ Donor Register. After your death you could be able to help someone else out there who is in desperate need of a life saving transplant, they too will then be able to live a life that they may have never experienced. You can either click on the donor card logo to the left of this page or the link at the top of the page entitled UK Transplant, this will take you through the registration process. Remember, talk to your family about your wishes, it is a hard subject to broach, but one that would mean so much to others.

Please think about it today ... organ donation, so life can go on.

You can still sign my guestbook, email me and read about me by clicking one of the links on the left hand side!

Thank you

Lots of Love
xx Lucy xx












Lucy Pearson