Web Building

The page for general web building, CGI scripts, Cascading Style Sheets and Javascript stuff can be found.


A little lesson in basic webpage building for those who might be interested:-

1st download these two files:- Virgin webbuild.zip and simplesite.zip

Then unzip the first file and read to your hearts content. It gives a good overview of how to write HTML. Next unzip the simple site files and, if you're desperate to get going, edit them with whatever comes to hand ( i.e. Dreamweaver3 or 4, 1st page 2000 or just your text editor) then upload them with whatever comes to hand ( i.e. Dreamweaver, WS-FTP, Cooledit or any of the other many FTP progs available. Most of the links are here somewhere on this site but if you're too idle to find them for yourself ( as I myself have had to do) then drop me an email and I'll see what I can do.

I've written a short page for those who are going to take this a little more seriously than most which you can see here.

Then there's simplesite2.zip which is a bit better and a bit more complicated.

Tattletale.com For checking that page is up and running
The Freesite.com Masses of free stuff for web building
Webdeveloper.com Speaks for itself.
Access 2 web For putting databases on the web easily and painlessly.
Dreamweaver for easy Web Page Building.


Freecode.com For CGI scripts
ExecPc for all things CGI.
CGI Resource Index for more of the same


Good tutorial for Cascading Style Sheets


Earthweb for Javascript but also very useful for other stuff as well.

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