Proposed "SEVERN" Class lifeboat.

We have recently been repeatedly asked if we have plans to manufacture a "Severn" class lifeboat, either as a kit or set of GRP mouldings.

We would be interested in the project if we could get some idea of the amount of interest there would be, how many sets we would initially sell. Ideally if we could get 10 (ten) provisional orders we would without a doubt go ahead with the project, would you be interested?.

We are looking at making a model in either (NOT BOTH) of the following scales:-

Scale of 1" to 1ft (1:12) dimensions: Length o/a: 55.3/5". Beam : 18.1/2".

Scale 3/4" to 1ft. (1:18) dimensions: Length o/a: 41.3/4". Beam: 13.3/4".

We would provisionally look to supply the model in two packs as follows:

A/. GRP mouldings set, this would consist of a one piece GRP Hull/Deck joined together (with raised coaming to take cabin around single central hatch) and a one piece GRP Superstructure. Scale drawings to suit plus one of our orange "Construction Manuals"

B/.Part Fittings Pack, this would consist of shafts, "A" frames, propellers, rudders, kicking board supports, stanchions, turnbuckles, fairleads, bollards, anchors, vents, wipers, hatch handles & hinges, trim tabs, capstans, lights, etc. Plain white styrene sheet to make interior, flybridge, lockers etc., Clear glazing for windows. Rod to make solid bow and stern railings, whip aerials etc. resin cast dinghy & Liferaft cannisters. Template drawings for full size shapes to be cut from styrene sheet and specially written dedicated construction manual.

The provisional costings would be :-

1:12 scale. A/. - 275.00p. (+20.00p P & P) B/. - 275.00p. (+10.00p.. P & P.)
1:18 Scale. A/. - 225.00p. (+20.00p. P & P.) B/. - 250.00p. (+10.00p P & P.)

We are not looking for you to commit yourself to ordering one. However, if you think you would be interested in one sometime in the future, please write, phone or 'e-mail' us with your name, address and comments/views.

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Tel/Fax/24hr Ansaphone: 01920 438686