The Jean & Mike Teasdale Home Page.


 Hi!   Both my wife Jean and I are into Family History and have been chasing the various members of our family trees for some 10 years or so.   As up to now, we have both been working and it has been a slow and often frustrating search.  Family History takes time, and this is sometimes hard to find!   I have just retired, so Family History matters may well speed up in the future.


The names we are researching include Teasdale, (Witton Le Wear, Durham 18c,- from the North Riding of Yorkshire { Rosedale 1805–1835, Danby 1825 –1860, Castleton 1860-1900}).  Hemmings, (Aston Warwickshire 1880s). Veasey (Aston Warwickshire 1850s). Osborne, (Portsea Hampshire 1860s). Holliman (Hockliffe Bedfordshire 1820-1865.  Flitton, & Bedford, & Clophill 1625-1820)


If you are into family history, there are two family trees in GEDCOM format  which may help some connections to your own trees. One is my own Teasdale & Holliman connections; the other is my wife’s Hemmings, Veasey, & Osborne connections.  E-mail me on the link below if you think they might be of use to you and I will send them.


My own e-mail address  is If you wish to contact either Jean or myself.  The best site for general TEASDALE connections is which is run by Ronnie H.Teasdale. He is collecting all Teasdale and variant information. If you have not visited his site,  now is the time.  If you are a Teasdale researcher and have any information, I am sure that he will be happy to hear from you.






(last updated 23rd May 2002)_