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                                       Updated July 2013


Many thanks to Chris from  for help with the latest links cleanup!

All links are UK-based unless otherwise noted. Many US and Australian suppliers will ship to the UK, and it can be cost effective for some items. There may be  restrictions on posting plant materials.  EU regulations for certification are under "Reference".


The Indispensable 

MMS                Majestic Mountain Sage Lye Calculator  

Cranberry         Basic but useful.

One-stop shops for soap making and toiletries supplies


Sodium hydroxide/Caustic soda – While it can be bought by mail order,  it's easier to get from your local Boots, B&Q, Wilkinsons,  or hardware store.

SoapmakersStore                     Large catalogue  - aromatherapy, soap and cosmetics.  Was formerly Cosmetic Ingredients.

IdAromaticsLeeds                   An old favourite gets a web site. £35  min. 

Aromantic                                 Online. Wide range of cosmetic supplies.  

SoapSuppliers                          Super selection of ingredients for all bath product makers: bases, oils, butters, chemicals and more.


SheaButterCottage                  Suppliers of exotic butters,  fairly traded and organic ingredients for making natural skincare products.

Soap Kitchen                            Good variety and growing. Online ordering.  

JustaSoap                                  SLSA powder, Milky Way moulds, kilner jars, asessment packages and lots more.  

Soaposh                                     Bases, packaging, moulds and pre-certified lip balm. 

Gracefruit                                   Has a nice range of butters, bases, additives and packaging. 

BaseFormula                             Ingredients, oils, hydrolats, training, bases, dried flowers, packaging, labels and even more. 

BathBombBiz                            Ingredients, moulds and kits for bath bombs and bath products.

SoapBasics                               Everything you need, and LOTS of moulds.  £20 minimum.

Baldwins                                    Supplies include empty capsules and removable divider moulds. 

Gilde                                           Dutch, with English. Supplies include cutters, shrink sealers and a milling machine.   

IngredientstoDieFor                Super catalogue, a formulary and some interesting services. USA, but experienced shipping to the UK.     

LyndenHouse                           Canada. Aromatherapy, soap and toletry making supplies. They have hottub fragrances, too. 

NewDirections                          Soap and toiletry-making supplies.  

Brambleberry                            USA. Very large range.  

Sweetcakes                               USA. Good for unusual FOs.  $25 minimum.

Chemistry Store                       USA. Big range of synthetics, especially sulfolaurelacetate powder for bubble bath slices.  

Nature'sGarden                         USA. Soap and candle making supplies. Has a vast range of frangrance oils.  

KangarooBlue                           USA. Some items are economic to have shipped, and great customer service.  

SunFeather                                USA. Lots of wax colour chips under "Colorants".

BayHouse                                  Oils, Eo's, butters, jars and other cosmetics and aromatherapy supplies

AussieSoapSupplies                Australia. Raw materials, workshops , moulds stamps and tools for soapmaking.


The International  Bunch 

It's so much easier to get soaping supplies now than when this list first started. Most countries have at least one supplier.

The list below is companies that are geared to the home soaper, with a little of everything.  If you have a good local  company,

drop me a note and I'll include them.


CreativSpa , Cosmetine      France                       Laquilone                            Italy                       Urtegaarden             Denmark

SoapQueen                          Netherlands             PacoArtCenter, Chemspec       Greece                Spaline                       Israel

ArtofBeauty                        Austria                     Pieni                                             Finland

Arvika                                 Spain                          KosmetischeRohstoffe              Germany

Crearome , Sanna               Sweden                       SkinCareOnline

Oils and Bases 

Palm oil can  be bought from catering suppliers, or try fish and chip shops.  Pura shortening is half palm oil.


Stephensons                               Soap bases in noodles. Range includes a transparent organic.     Fixed!

JohnDrury                                    Bedforth's milling base and flakes. Three grades, 25kg sacks.  

Lefktro                                           Pomace olive oil in trade quantities. There is a retail side, too.  

Sheamooti                                     Fairly traded shea butter in bulk. Partnered with the Afrikids charity. 

NaturallyBalmy                             Lip balms and supplies for making,  including organics.  

Kerfoot                                          Specialists in  vegetable oils.

Phoenix                                         Oils, including some of the more unusual ones. No online prices.

Fresholi                                         Butters, waxes and bases plus forums for soap and lotion makers.

CornwallSoapBox                        Wholesalers for Agbanga Karite unrefined, fair trade shea butter.     

NorthStarLipids                          All plant derived oils, and some specialty sunflower oils.

Statfold                                        Base oils from 25 kg and essentials from 1 kg up. Includes organics. Nice people. 

WmHodgson                                Base products, oils and additives in small to bulk sizes.   Fixed!

Anglia                                          Anglia Oils.  Food, pharmaceutical and organics.  

Codina                                          France. Oils in large or small quantities. There is an order form in English. Fixed!

InoviaInternational                      All kinds of base products and additives, and most in reasonable sized quantities. 

Aromatrading                              Good quality EOs.  Does organic palm and coconut.

Balestrini                                       Italy, but with pages in English. Wide variety of oils.    Fixed!

OrganicArgan                               Oil, Rhassoul clay and skincare. Wholesale available.                                

LaMotte                                         Germany. Includes a large range of organic base oils.

Liberty                                          USA. Virgin unrefined coconut oil in all sizes, but there is a minimum order. 

Biochemica                                   USA. Exotic butters.

FNWL                                           USA. From Nature with Love. Oils like arnica, turkey red, rice bran, meadowfoam. 

Voigt                                              USA. The only source I’ve found for cottonseed oil. Other unusual ones.  Fixed!

Eo/Fo (Mainly)


If you're looking for an unusual FO, try here for a long list of scents and suppliers (mainly US):        FragranceFinder 

For advice on blending smells, try this nifty gizmo:       RMScentBlender    

Gracefruit                                       Specialises in hard-to-get FOs - and has all the revelant paperwork.   

AncientWisdom                           Eo/Fo and other supplies. Good for baskets!

NewMoonOccultShop                Lots of unusual oils.    

NorfolkEoils                                 Norfolk Essential oils. Small cooperative company with some interesting oils.

EoOnline                                        Oils, carriers, creams and floral waters.

JCBuck                                          Different kinds of lavender, rose, peppermint and  others  

EoCo                                              Essential oils with lots of good information about them. 

BulkApothecary                           Essential oils and fragrances, plus soapmaking supplies wholesale. USA. 

SensoryPerfection                       FOs from US sources and now a rangle of soap moulds

Butterbur & Sage.                       Reliable old firm. Oils and now a range of cosmetic ingredients.  

JustAromatherapy                       Family run company with oils and fragrance products.       

Amphora                                      Amphora Aromatics. £50 min.

Mother Earth.                               I’ve used their headlice blend.

Norfolk Lavender                         The famous one. Soap, toiletries, oils, plants.         

Roeper                                            Germany. (In English). Resins, waxes, gums, attars.  

Augustus                                       Augustus Oils. 1 Kg minimum on most. Email for prices.

Scentworks                                    USA. Long list of FO's and excellent, speedy customer service.  

EssentialWholesale                      USA. All kinds of 5 fold citrus oils.

SaveonScents                                USA. Big range of EO and FO and bottles. 

Meadows, Newss, Elix, Kobashi, EChamomile     Not seen enough Eo companies yet? Ok, here are a few more.         

Moulds  and Molds

Most of  the “one stop shops” mentioned above sell moulds

Nizzy                                   Australia. The famous “Nizzy” soap mould with removable dividers. 

Keylink                                          Chocolate moulds.

MilkyWay                            Milky way home. 

AscottSmallholding                     Look under cheesmaking for moulds, and look at the Goat Coats for fun.

Anticosapone                                 Moulds and cutters from Italy      

DennyCrafts                                   Soap and  candle moulds. 
DavesWoodenMoulds                Wooden moulds in pine and soap cutters    

PlanetEarth                                    Vertical tube molds and nifty novelty moulds.  

LePrevo                                          Custom embossing plates which can be used successfully as soap stamps   

                                                             from a leathercraft supplier.

FrederickFollows                           Custom hand stamps. Big company, but happy to do one-offs. 

ChaseHoldings                             USA. Moulds and custom mould-making.

Soapcraft                            Wooden box moulds and soap cutters.

SoapImpressions                          USA. Custom soap stamps. Very good service.

NaturesBouquet                           USA. Different, and very nice floral moulds.  

MoldMarket                                    USA.  Huge range of novelty molds plus  they take Paypal and ship by regular post. 

ForCraftsSake                               USA. Soap log splitter.



Other Supplies and Cosmetic Chemicals


TKBTrading                                      Bulk  micas and pigments. Reasonable even with shipping from Canada. 

Ellens                                                 USA. Peacock dyes for soap and bath bombs. BRIGHT colours.  Fixed!

TubOSoap                                         Canada. For LabColors.  

Mistral                                               Surfactants, alcohols and other chemicals.

ArtemisHerbs                                   Bulk herbs in manageable 500 gram bags  

GeorgeWeil                                       Look under “Textiles” for a long list of natural plant dyes.  

SelectShades                                    USA. Over 800 colour shades for CP, M&P and other toiletries.  

MidwestBathSaltCompany             USA. A nice range of mineral products - salts, muds , scrubs and skin treatments  

Bonnymans                                       NaOH and KOH in 5 and 10 kg tubs  

Jet                                                        Baskets wholesale. (Actually a floristry supplier.)

MountainRoseHerbs                       USA. Bulk organic herbs and they'll ship. (But you can pick up from Oregon if you like.)

ReAgent                                              Chemicals from 1 Kg upwards - experienced in dealing with small customers. 

SaFranciscoBathSaltCo                  Salt and Mud products from San Francisco. Worth a look!  

OfASimpleNature                              Stocks some hard to find toiletries additives. 

FunatBathTime                                 UK/USA. Trade suppliers of all kinds of bath goodies. 

IchabodConk                                    USA. Wet shaving  products including mugs and bowls.  

Kremer                                                Germany/USA. Huge pigments company - need to know what you are looking for

                                                                                         as most of the products are not for cosmetics.

Emporium,Pierce,Decofleur               Dried citrus slices and potpourri  supplies. Three suppliers. Also try KCPackaging  listed below. Fixed!

Moorlands                                         Cheesemaking supplies, but look under Misc for colourings and thermometers.

Oriental                                               Oriental trading. Small toys, including plastic goldfish. Price is per GROSS.

PressedFlowers                                 Devon Pressed Flowers. No online ordering, but very helpful by phone. 

JosephMills                                        Ethanol from 1 Liter upwards. 

WeeFolkOutfitters                             Nothing to do with soaping - I just really like them! 

BritishWax                                          Family-run company with waxes for candles and cosmetics. 

PeacockSalt                                        Salt, and lots of it.

QD,  Cottonpatch, Rio                      Freezer paper - three different suppliers of .

RoseChemicals                                  Cosmetic chemicals. They say they will do smaller amounts. 

Romil                                                   High purity lye.  

AlbanMuller                                      French company with a wide range of cosmetic ingredients .  They sponsor The Herboretum


Suppliers for Bigger Boys and Girls

These companies have everything you could ever want, but it all starts with a 25 kg minimum. Begging doesn't help.


Biachem                                     Chemical distributors. Nice people -   will redirect you to another supplier if they're too big. 

Connocks                                   Oils and cosmetic additives. Good links for industry organisations.     

SBlack                                          Known for Eo's and cosmetic chemicals.

Kanegrade                                   Food-grade additives like honey powder and ROE.

Adina, Blagden, Paroxite           Three more  cosmetic chemical distributors, if you're really determined. Ask Adina about smaller quantities.


Soap Makers

EUDirectory                           The European Directory of Soap and Cosmetics. An online way to bring artisans and 

                                               customers together, from Elizabeth at Gracefruit.

ShetlandSoapCompany                  Two shops and mail order from our most northerly islands
SallyPointer                                       Historic soaps: washballs, castile and soft soap in tubs. 

WeirdnWitchy                                  Specialises in goth and pagan-themed soaps.   

KettlersCottage                                  Soaps from Dawn's wonderful workshop in Lincolnshire. 

Littlecotes                                          A real shop and web site for soap, bath products, honey - and free range eggs. 

PlushFolly                                          Soap, lotions, potions and paper and now Soapmaking courses.

HeartsandHomespun                        Completely natural ingredients only in their soaps. Retail and wholesale. 

Briallen                                                 Soaps made with local beers. Other crafts too. 

AromatherapyGold                             Beautiful web site for lucious looking natural products.  

NaturalSoap                                        The Handmade Natural Soap Company, Norfolk. Wholesale and trade for hotels, B&B, guest houses.

Woadworks                                         Interesting and unusual clear soaps.  

LomondSoaps                                      Full range of soaps and toiletries - and midge repellent  

 Caurnie                                               Inventors of  Mega Soap-on-a-Rope
GoatsMilkSoap                                   Soaps and accessories - and meet the goats.


SurreySoap                                          Lovely CP soaps which can be done with custom, personalised labels. 


ZeepSoapSavon                                  A variety of soaps from different makers. In Dutch, English and French.

Hebridean                                            Scottish Island soapmaker.

ThistleSoaps                                        Ann in Scotland gets a web site at last!  

MadAboutNature                               Keilly's Useful and Needful handmade soaps. 

JMSoaps                                               Natural soaps from West Yorkshire 

HedgewitchesKitchen                       Magical soaps.

WildOliveSoaps                                 Soaps, scrubs and a range with French clays from Derbyshire 

IsleofSkye                                           Nice transparent soaps on a pretty site.

SavonNaturel                                     France, with an English page. No artificial anything.

BanhoMania                                         A Portuguese soapmaker who also sells supplies                

NaturalBubbles                                     Prettily packaged handmade bath products                    

Purdies                                                  Soaps with fantastic names (and lots more) from rural Scotland.  

CottageSoap                                        Bars, gift sets, wedding favours and soap platters 

AkomaSkincare                                     Skincare featuring Sheabutter from a fairtrade cooperative.         

PureThoughts                                      Soaps, soaks and a collection for working hands. 

Oakwood Aromatics                           Bath goodies from North Yorkshire. Love the cat. 
                                         Akua shares her love of shea butter.

Xanna                                                   A place to buy Xanna soaps in Oz. 

Droyts                                                  Old UK mfgr of  clear glycerin soap.  

Aromanature                                       France. Handmade soaps.  

EnvyCrystal                                         Stocks a range of well known organic bath and body products - and other fun stuff too.

BakewellSoap                                      Lovely site with excellent information and a label-making service. 

AlvaNatural                                         Magnetic bands, soaps, toiletries - all made locally. A selection of honeys, too.  

Mariah                                                 Your local friendly soapmaker in Berwickshire.  

BackPorch                                            Soap and bath products, plus courses and consultancy. USA.

SavonNaturel2                                   Another Savon Natural, but unrelated and in Montreal. Have a look at the Tiare Gardenia Butter. 
Bellingham                                         Bellingham soap and soap making courses.

SolaVoima                                            Our first handmade soapmaker from Finland. 

ScottishFine                                       I've tried some of these in hotels - very nice.
RedGum                                              Australia. Castile Soaps from Oz's first solar-powered soap factory.

SoapBox                                              Wonderful  whipped body butter and a soap using local Cornish eucalyptus oil. 
Woolfat                                               Lanolin soap for hands, olive oil soap for feltmakers, from a spinning supplier.
Soap-Makers                                     Bright Glycerin soaps with embeds, from Suffolk. (Also known as Watkins.)

Lobstermans                                       USA.  A nifty little company with a fun take on toiletries. 
YoureGorgeous                                 Soaps made with a variety of butters.
Olivias                                                 Germany, but in English. Homemade soaps and information.
CoconutCoast                                    Hawaii. Soap and some fabulous exotic floral fragrance oils.  
Greenshop                                          Sells SimplySoap, Faith in Nature, OneVillage HM soaps. Wooden bath brushes too.


Bath Accessories


ElementsBodyCare                            Wholesale loofahs (big ones), wooden soap dishes,scoops,sponges. Small orders welcome.   

NaturalCollection                                Eco friendly EVERYTHING. Soap and toiletries too.

GreenFibres                                          Eco friendly towels and bath stuff.

Tobar                                                     Wholesale bath toys including rubber ducks.   

Simpsons, Culmak, Vulfix                    Shaving brushes, three suppliers of.   


Craft Suppliers  

More Craft supplies can be found on the "More Links" page


FredAldous             Includes mould making supplies.

Smitcraft                  All kinds of everything.

CraftCreations        Good for bags, wrappings and ribbons.

CraftUKOnline        A collection of suppliers, makers, organisations and information

Panduro                    Includes supplies for cosmetics, sweets, weddings and packaging

CraftyArts                Mould making and other craft supplies

CraftDepot               Nice selection of wooden boxes

Trylon                        Moulding, candles and other crafts. A personal fav. Nice people.

Tiranti                       Sculptors supplies, in London. For dedicated mould makers.  


Containers and Packaging  

Craftshapes                             Super wooden pots, boxes and gift tags.  

StandStore                              Display stands for shops or fair tables. 

KCPackaging                          Kay gets those hard-to-find goodies like small kraft bags.

HowtoWrapSoap                   Twenty ideas from the PV Soap company. Very inspiring.

Jutexpo                                     Friendly and helpful jute bag supplier. Call for prices and sizes.      

Wrapwith Us                           USA. Soap and bath wedding favours - some nice ideas. 

SKSBottle                                 USA. Wholesale with low minimums. Good selection of push-up tubes and plastic jars.  

PlushFolly                                 Really nice selection of bottles, jars and pots in small packs. 

ShrinkSleeve                            Shrink tubing for cosmetics. (There may be minimums - someone let me know!) 

BagNBoxMan                          A favourite with UK soapers .

Proton                                       Cellophane rolls or shred..  

Zues                                          Bespoke cartons down to soapbox size with reasonable minimums of 50. 

NobleXP                                   A catering supplier who does really good glassware in packs         

Pouches                                    Standup pouches with spouts for your liquid soap refills 

Raepak                                      Nice range of PET bottles and jars - and they'll do small quantities!  

Harrisons                                 Good for bags.  (The paper kind, not us soapmakers.)

Hallons                                      Gift wrap in BIG rolls and BIG packs.  Includes gold and silver year-round.  


Freund                                       USA. Fantastic selection of tins other containers. $1000 purchase min.   


HolmanWilliams                      Bleed-free, food-safe tissue and bags.

Mylar                                         Mylar in small rolls. Look under “lightweight materials” . Nice people- Very helpful.

Bartec                                         Glassine paper. Best done as a co-op.

Loynds                                      Twist wrap in sheets.  

Shredhouse, Topos, Woodwool                Three different suppliers of box fillers.

EssentialsCo                            "Documents enclosed" wallets for on the outside of boxes.

Noble                                         US/UK. Really nifty gift boxes. £50 min.    

Pattesons                                     Really nice selection of jars and bottles in all sizes  

GorgeouslyOrganic                   Clip top jars - and salts to put in them.  

TulleFactory                              Beautiful fabrics for your favour bags 

Baseformula                                Nice range of small jars and bottles.

HandmadePaper                       Beautiful papers,  big selection but £50 minimum.

Unirose                                       Reasonably priced bespoke wooden boxes.

TheBoxUK                                  Tins and metal packaging. 

TinPlateProducts                        Wide range of tins from stock. 

EocoAromatique                      Suppliers of bottles and jars in packs 

Dormex                                        Bottles,jars,pots,tubs. Reasonable minimums, helpful staff.  

BlueSkyPackaging                    Cosmetic packaging including a PET range.  Will go down to 1000 on some things.        

MeasomFreer                             Bottles, jars, plastic boxes but their minimums are HIGH.   

NM                                               Neville and Moore. Bottles and jars, but they have high minimums. 

ColouredBottles                         Vast variety of coloured containers.  

FrenchFlint                                  Every jar and bottle imaginable - by the case or pallet. 

MetPackaging                             Glass bottle/jars from 24 upwards, and open to suggestions  for products.   

NEVerpackung                             Germany.  Good prices on cases of bottles and jars. Buy online.

Labopichot                                   Bottles and jars by the carton from a French Company 

Bonosa                                          Beautiful bottles. Min of 1000, but they'll do a mixed pallet.  

Thorne                                           For slip tins. (They do beekeeping supplies.)

Wares                                           Wares of Knutsford

Nisbets                                         Nisbets Catering Supply.

PlastekUK                                    Very pretty 125 and 200 ml PET kilner jars. High minimum.  

NevilleMoore, J&J                    Two UK companies doing PET (plastic) kilner jars. They are considering doing small shipments.

                                                      Go and  encourage them.





BeechwoodBees                        Sells a useful double strainer and tins.

Altec                                            PH meters.

FischerScientific                         More PH Meters.

Maplins                                       Electronics. Oodles of thermometers.

TotalCateringEquipment          Need a dual purpose melter? Have a look at the soup kettles    

Foster-Fridge                             All kinds of commercial fridges. Remember what happened to your coconut oil last summer?  

Russums                                     Amazing collection of scales.                                  

Handryercouk                            Commercial hand and hair dryers

WardsCatering                          Look here for an amazing selection of heavy-duty stick blenders   

ThamesValleyCatering             Stick blenders, smokers, vacuum packers and hot dog machines. (Wipes away tear of nostalgia...) 

MeasurementShop                    Scales, PH meters and thermometers from the same folk that have Inscales.

FridgeFreezerDirect                   Wine chillers, bottle cabinets and coffee makers for that shop you're going to have.

Washroom                                   Dryers, dispensers and jumbo mini toilet rolls. Friendly and helpful staff, too. 

KitchenSolutions                      Mincers, mixers and burger presses for all your soapmaking chores.

EAFW                                         Low cost shrink wrapping system.

Handryers                                   Hand dryers and soap dispensers     



See your local Trading Standards office for official "stamped" scales


Argos                         Argos. Popular digital scales.  

InscaleScales            Trade stamped scales and lots of others   

CSG                            County Scales Group. Professional ones for sale or hire.

Scalesmart                  Weighing and counting scales for sale or hire, and even a bespoke scale design service

XL                               XL Scales. Helpful for sorting out "stamped" trade scales.  

ScalesExpress           All kinds, with online ordering.




I have been reliably informed that Avery clear labels printed by a laser will make a waterproof  label.

                     Staples                                  General office supplies.

                            Mercury                                Good prices on all sorts of labels. No online sales.         

                            Ablelabels                             Printed labels.

                            MiniLabels                            Labels, stamps and embossing. 

                      Papercrafter                          Vellum and other papers. Swatches available.



Soap Making Groups Online                Friendly, busy forum for UK/EU soapers, either hobby or business. Moderated joining.     French language forum for soapers in France.                  Scandanavian soapers.

Soapnuts                                                                                   Limited membership. Large online library.              Soap Naturally. International, but lots of Oz and NZ soapers               English language forum for soapmakers in France                        Knowledgeable liquid soapers                        Gruppi sapone - Italian soapers.                                      Includes a business forum - marketing, packaging, regs  and other joys 

Makeupalley                                                                               Reviews and discussion on all things cosmetic. Listen in on the forums and reviews 

                                                                                                       for good comments and info on packaging.


Chemists and Assessors


MelindaCoss                                           Melinda's company now offers consultancy and courses.

CosmeticSafetyAssessements             Hooray! A chemist who will deal with small soapers 

AlanPetitt                                                 Another chemist who likes to work with small businesses. 

SoapSchool                                             Certification (and help with it), courses, business advice and product     consultancy. 


Soapmaking Courses and other Professional Services


PlushFolly                                  Distance learning courses on cosmetic legislation and making cosmetics. 

Eynsham                                     Soap and toiletries making courses, including beginners. (From the Soapmaker to David Cameron!) 

HandMadeBeautyAcademy     Soapmaking courses now booking for July and September

LaFincaMalaga                          Soapmaking holidays in sunny Spain. Educational  and relaxing. 

AromaNature                             Soapmaking courses in France, in French 

PlushFolly                                   Workshops in making your own cosmetics.  

CIT                                               College of Integrated therapies. Setting up a soap business, with certificate.

MakeSoap                                   A consulting firm (Melinda Coss) who helps get your soap biz off to a flying start.
                                                       Soapmaking courses for beginners, too.  

NaturalSkincare                           Courses in soap and toiletry making, from Jane of Eynsham Soap, and a web site full of info. 

CornwallSoapBox                       Soapmaking courses are back on! Call for details.  

Oinkcopy                          Expert sales-writing service with plenty of experience in writing about natural health and holistic therapies


Recipes and Formulary


ColeBros                                     How to do HP rebatching. (You have to look around a bit - it's a big site!)

FeltSoap                                      How to make felted soap

CosmeticsWithBeeswax           Cosmetics recipes. Actually a document on beekeeping, it  includes a huge number of recipes for 

                                                     cosmetics like mascara and lipstick.

ClearSoap                                   Good directions for making clear glycerin soap.  

HPSoap                                       Hot process tutorial with pictures.                                   

Frankenlippy                              Drawer full of unused lipstick? Bring them back to life.  

GraceFruitBlog                           HP tutorials, recipes and lots of soapmaking info 

Millers                                         USA. All things about soapmaking and good for beginners.

SwiftCraftyMonkey                   Cosmetic chemistry and formulation for the home soaper  

BlueAspen                                 USA. Good  for beginners.

Herbarie                                      USA. Recipes which use all their products, but good technical info.

MabelWhite                                How to make your own bath oil beads. 

SoapMakingUK                        A source of recipes and info         

PerfumeGifts                    A description of what CP soapmakers do and a nice collection of links for beginners




EURegulations                           These are THE regulations for making soap in the UK and EC. Read ‘em and weep.  (PDF) 

FDA                                                 The FDA  regulations for bath products in the USA.

Cosmetics UnMasked.                  Huge, opinionated reference to all chemicals used in the cosmetics industry..

RTSPO                                              The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil    

INCI                                                   List of EU INCI names (Downloadable PDF - 528 pages)  

IFRA                                                 IFRA guide to safe fragrance levels

MSDS                                                How to understand the information on MSDS sheets

Colorants                                         A really good explanation of the types and uses of cosmetics colourants including pigments. 

CosIng                                              EU ingredients database, including restrictions and prohibitions.

Glossary                                           Glossary of modern soapmaking terms. 

PalmOilProbs                                    The environmental problems caused by palm oil plantations. (SOS Rhino.)

JoJoba                                               Everything you need to know about  jojoba (and they sell it.)

Emulsifiers                                         Very good short explanation of the most widely available emulsifiers for creams and lotions

Chemregs                                          Think you want to make and sell  laundry soap? Start reading here. 

Micas                                                 Did you know that  all  cosmetic micas are synthetic?  Read about it and be surprised. 

The Saponifier                                  Electronic magazine and resource for soapers worldwide 




PerfumeHistory                                        Historical info on cosmetics packaging.  

PerfumeMuseum                                      International perfume museum in Grasse, France. In English.

Wychenwood                                            Nice potted history of soapmaking from Rome to modern times   

SoapFactory                                             Good general history. Detailed instructions on colonial soapmaking.

Pioneer                                                      Early American soapmaking. Recipes, and how to make your own lye. 

IslamicTech                                               13th century saffron soap recipe from Yemen. Fixed!

ShortHistory                                             Very good article on the history of soapmaking in the UK

CaveManChemistry                                 History of soap with a bit of humour, plus 12th century instructions for rendering lye   

Aleppo                                                       Famous Middle eastern soap. Pictures from inside the factory. 

SavondeMarseille                                    Another famous soap: castile from France. 

Pears                                                          The history behind Pears soap. 


All of the links for running your own business now have their own page. 

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