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(West Indian World No.650 Feb. 15, 1984)



(by Veronica Minto)

TELSTAR Television is Britain's first pirate TV station. The Birmingham-based trio behind Telstar consists of a local government officer, an unemployed self-trained electronics expert and a black business man (Cecil Morris) & broadcaster,who was previously ran radio Star.

Telstar TV was run from 151 Dudley Road, Rising Star Records, the station utilised the BBC2 TV transmittors after it went of the air at midnight. This was done by using switch-on signal to re-broadcast the pirate pictures. Mr Morris suggests he has over 5,000 viewers in the Rubery and Northfield areas have so far been treated to hired videos such as pop group Duran Duran, horror movies and films such as Kramer vs. Kramer. Though their broadcasting time is between 1-5 am., they say they have no intention of screening "Video Nasties" or blue movies.

    "We are all responsible family people. There is no question of broadcasting anything distasteful which would insult our viewers", said Music Master. Before signing off one of the presenters will read out a letter of support , advise for better service and requests for films.

  Since it's exposure Telstar have been the recipients of dozens of letters a week as far a field as Scotland, Ireland and Sussex, anxious to find when they will be able to receive Telstar. But it's not only the young who are enthusiastic. On 68-year-old is reported to have said waiting up for Telstar is the highlight of the week, to which Music Master who wishes to remain anonymous says:

    "Telstar is the peoples station. British TV is boring, it needs competition to make it healthier. We would not have so much support if they were satisfied. The audience is there and we are catering for them.

      Telstar is now off the air to avoid detection, as the Department of Trade have called in  British Telecom's Radio Interference office saying "What they are doing is illegal," \but come summer Telecom's engineers will once again be huddled around their sophisticated tracking equipment in the hope of hunting down the country's smallest TV station, because Telstar have promised------ better organisation ------- hours of video ----