Mr. Fox

WELCOME, curious reader.

Within these pages you will find much concerning the famous Langsett Fox Dance, which is held on that Saturday night nearest the full moon before the Fifth of November, called the Hunter's Moon (the which will next occur on the Fifteenth of October, in this year of grace Two Thousand and Eleven).

At half past eight of the clock (or thereabouts) the masked dancers will commence to march to the tavern, the Waggon and Horses, and perform once again the immemorial dance of this tiny Pennine hamlet.

Within these pages you will find lifelike representations of the thrilling scenes to be encountered on this night, along with a true and accurate history of the dance, and an Almanack of our coming activities. Here, too, are connexions to like pages, which we wish to recommend to your attention.

Our noble master, Mister Fox, bids you enter, and it is his fervent hope that you will find herein both profit and pleasure.