Program QADV

QADV consists of multiple choice questions to help students revise for the Advanced exam that qualifies radio amateurs for a Full UK Licence.
It is also useful to students of the International exam (HAREC) and other similar exams such as that of the Republic of Ireland.

For each question QADV gives the relevant page in
       - the textbook ''Advance! The Full Licence Manual'', and
       - the Reference Data Booklet provided in the exam.
QADV also contains an extended index to''Advance!''

Many local amateur radio clubs run courses for the exam.
A Distance Learning Course is available - details from Steve Hartley:
                   g0fuw at tiscali dot co dot uk

Program QADV is designed to supplement a course of study.
It enabled students to consolidated topics they have learnt
and to identify any topics that need further study.
Also, because it's fun to do, it provides motivation.

A new version of QADV uploaded 6 Dec 2014.
To install QADV please see Program notes.

              ''I think your QADV program is a really effective learning tool.''
                                                                        -   John  2W0TOF