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In the fortnight or so before you sit the exam, it is helpful to attempt some Practice Papers of 62 questions.   This will give you practice in tackling the exam - in other words, how to make the best use of the 2 hours allowed to get top marks.  It will also be useful revision.

In the exam you will be given
           Question Paper.
           Optical Mark Sheet
           Reference Data Booklet

To download Optical Mark Sheet click here.

To download Reference Data Booklet click here.
    The copy of this booklet supplied in the exam is handed in at the end,
    together with your question paper and optical mark sheet.

To download QADV Practice Paper 1 (with answers) click here.
To download QADV Practice Paper 2 (with answers) click here.
    New versions of these QADV Practice Papers uploaded on 4 July 2014.
    They contain revised guidance on using the optical mark sheet.

Radio Communications Foundation (RCF)
      For two RCF Sample Papers click here.
           These papers are issued by the examining authority.

Steve Hartley G0FUW
      The co-author of  "Advance! The Full Licence Manual"
      and leader of the Distance Learning Course.
      To download Advanced Mock Exam 1 click here.
           To download answers to Advanced Mock Exam 1 click here.
      To download Advanced Mock Exam 2 click here.
           To download answers to Advanced Mock Exam 2 click here.

"Amateur Radio Exam Secrets"
      This book contains a Sample Paper for each of the three levels of exam
      (Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced).
      In addition there are sample questions at the end of each chapter.

Hamtests UK
      Hamtest questions are answered online.
      To view the Hamtest website click here.

History corner
      David Pratt G4DMP
City & Guilds Radio Amateurs Exam papers and Chief Examiner's Reports
      Ah! They don't write questions like that any more.