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I used to preface this page by saying that, sadly, there's no such thing as an on-line Good Beer Guide - yet. Well, now there is, after a fashion. It's by no means complete yet, and it isn't simply a list of the pubs that have been selected for the GBG itself, but nevertheless the Online Pub Guide is a good start. For now, it lists all pubs in "Cheshire, Trafford & Hulme (Manchester), South Manchester & Stockport, Wigan, Chesterfield, Nottingham, Shrewsbury, West Shropshire, and parts of South-West London".

Alternatively, for just five of your Earth pounds you can acquire the GBG 2012 Mobile Application, whatever that may be. For a truly on-line GBG that you could just hyperlink to here and now: well, we're still waiting.

But in the meantime, here's a list of links to other folks' sites. It came about some years ago after lengthy discussion in the newsgroup. Most of us rely on guide books like CAMRA's Good Beer Guide to help us find decent beer and decent pubs around the country, but it takes a long time to compile and publish printed guide books. Their information is usually six months old before the book reaches the shops. Each edition is supposedly valid for a year, so the information can be 18 months old before it's updated.

Meanwhile, many CAMRA branches, and some individual members and non-members of the Campaign for Real Ale, produce and update their own local Guides. This page is to help you find them on the Web.

These days, CAMRA does offer an amendments page for the GBG, where you can at least find details of corrections and deletions for the current Good Beer Guide, and indeed for the last couple of editions.

Suggestions for new entries to this list are welcome, but please note that it is primarily about finding real ale - Britain's traditional beer. Food, music, the quality of the darts players and the charms of the barmaids are all secondary considerations. You'll find a definition of real ale on the CAMRA website.

Didcot and surrounding villages
East London
Horsham, West Sussex
North Lancashire and Lunesdale
For Leicestershire, go to Rugby CAMRA and navigate from there
London, or alternatively, London
East London
North London
For Northamptonshire, go to Rugby CAMRA and navigate from there
North London
Sussex, or alternatively, Sussex
Warwickshire, or alternatively, Rugby CAMRA and navigate from there


The following are not local guides but you may find them helpful.

Real Ale Hunter, an interactive map and database for pubs offering cask ale.

The Real Ale And A Bed site includes a search facility.

If you like German beer, check out The British Guide to German Beer. There's also a London Guide to Belgian Beer which has limited coverage of Belgian beer outlets beyond the metropolis.

All About Pubs is a very useful guide to the pub business, with an extensive search facility.

The Beer in the Evening site is a good database of pubs, easily searchable, with comments and ratings submitted by drinkers all over the country.

There's now a similar site at Pub Utopia; it's not been going as long so isn't comprehensive yet but it often tells you whether a pub is known to stock cask ale or just keg.

You can even browse the on-line version of the Good Pub Guide.

And the people at have launched their own on-line pub directories, featuring "top rated pubs as chosen by members of". They currently focus on Birmingham, Brighton, Leeds and Manchester.

Finally, Craig Cockburn publishes a list of Scottish pubs with smoke free areas. It's a little academic now that all pubs in the UK are smoke free by law (indoors at any rate), but it's an interesting archive of the all too recent past anyway.

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