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JOHN OF GAUNT, Prince of England, King of Castille

 TO FARMER JOHN CLIFFORD of Sherburn in East Yorkshire


23rd December 2011

JOHN OF GAUNT Duke of Lancaster, Prince of England and King of Castille, Third surviving son of KING EDWARD III OF ENGLAND (r1327-1377), was born March 1339/40 in Ghent, Flanders, and died February 3, 1398/99 in Leicester, and was buried in St Paul's Cathedral, London. For information on the ancestors of the parents of John of Gaunt click here. He married (1) LADY BLANCHE OF LANCASTER May 13, 1359 in Reading, daughter and co-heiress of HENRY DUKE OF LANCASTER and  ISABEL DE BEAUMONT. She was born March 25, 1345, and died September 12, 1369 in Bolingbroke Castle, Buried in old St Paul's Cathedral. He married (2) PRINCESS CONSTANCE OF CASTILE about September 1371 in Roquefort, elder daughter and co-heiress (with her sister Isabella who married John's brother Edmund Duke of York) of PETER KING OF CASTILLE AND LEON and MARIA DE PADILLA. She was born about 1354 in Castro Kerez, and died March 24, 1393/94 in Leicester. He married (3) KATHERINE ROET, LADY SWYNFORD on January 13, 1395/96, a daughter of SIR PAIN DE ROET, and widow of Sir Hugh Swynford.  She was his ex-mistress (and more interestingly his elder children's ex-governess) and all her issue were born during John of Gaunt's marriage to Constance of Castille.   The issue was later legitimated and given legal rights as legal children, but not given the right of succession to the throne.   Katherine Roet was sister, (there is some heraldic and other evidence for this), of Philippa, wife of Geoffrey Chaucer, the Great English Poet.  Katherine was born about 1350, and died May 10, 1403 in Lincoln, being buried in the Cathedral.  For information on Katherine Swynford see: Jeannette Lucroft, Katherine Swynford, Sutton, 2006 and Alison Weir, Katherine Swynford, Jonathan Cape, 2007. Please note that there are two recent books about Edward III, one by Ian Mortimer (The Perfect King, the life of Edward III, London, 2006) and the recent, W. Mark Ormrod, Yale Monarchs series volume, Edward III, London, 2011.


i. PHILIPPA OF LANCASTER, born March 31, 1360, Leicester; d. July 19, 1415, Odivelas, near Lisbon; being reburied with her husband in the Monastery at Batalha (about 100 k North of Lisbon, Portugal), she married JOHN I of AVIS, KING OF PORTUGAL, February 11, 1386/87, Oporto; born April 11, 1357; d. August 14, 1433, Lisbon.

King John and Queen Philippa had many children, including a younger son Prince Henry of Portugal, known as 'Henry the Navigator'

Their son John was the grandfather of Isabella of Castille, husband of Ferdinand of Aragon, and parents of Katherine of Aragon, Queen of Henry VIII of England. They are also ancestors of Queen Catherine of Braganza (wife of King Charles II of England and Scotland)

King John is a male line ancestor of the present claimant to the Portuguese throne through his illegitimate son, but the same claimant is a descendant of King John and Queen Phillippa  via female lines many times over.

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It is interesting to note that a legitimate line descendant of Philippa had a good claim to the English Throne (before the Act of Settlement in 1702), above even the Tudors.  So her descendant Philip of Spain King of England (as husband of Queen Mary I Tudor, another descendant) 1527-1598 could put himself forward as a claimant with an uncomplicated legitimate descent from John of Gaunt, unlike his 2nd wife's grandfather King Henry VII Tudor, or his sister-in-law Elizabeth Tudor. Philip inherited the 'thrones' of Spain, the New World, the Habsburg Netherlands, his father's Italian States, and 'took' the throne of Portugal after the death of King Henry in 1580. King Philip had married as a first wife his cousin Maria of Portugal 1527-1545, herself a person with several descents from the children of John of Gaunt.

ii. JOHN OF LANCASTER, born about 1362 and died young.

iii. ELIZABETH OF LANCASTER, born before February 21, 1362/63; d. November 24, 1425; m. (1) JOHN HASTINGS, EARL OF PEMBROKE, June 24, 1380, Kenilworth; born November 11, 1372; d. about December 30, 1389, Woodstock , a descendant of King Edward I, through his son Thomas of Brotherton Earl of Norfolk; she divorced him to marry, (2) JOHN HOLAND, EARL OF HUNTINGDON, June 24, 1386; d. about January 9, 1399/00, Pleshley, Essex; the half-brother of King Richard II, and maternally a great-grandson of King Edward I, m. (3) JOHN CORNWALL, BARON MILBROOK, before December 12, 1400; d. December 11, 1443.  John Cornwall was an 'Angevin' (misnamed 'Plantagenet') like Elizabeth, being a male line descendant of an illegitimate son of Richard Earl of Cornwall, a son of King John of England. Elizabeth had issue by her second husband and her third.  There are descendants of the second marriage.

iv. EDWARD OF LANCASTER, born about 1365 and died young.

v. JOHN OF LANCASTER, born before May 4, 1366 and died young.

vi. HENRY IV KING OF ENGLAND, born April 1, 1367, Bolingbroke Cast; d. March 20, 1412/13 Westminster; , buried at Canterbury Cathedral,   m. (1) LADY MARY DE BOHUN, Arundel Castle; born about 1370; d. July 4, 1394, Peterborough Castle, the younger daughter and co-heiress of Humphrey de Bohun Earl of Hereford and his wife Lady Joan Fitzalan; m. (2) PRINCESS JOANNA OF NAVARRE, DOWAGER DUCHESS OF BRITTANY, February 7, 1402/03, Winchester; born about 1370; d. July 9, 1437, Havering-at-Bowe.  He was the father by Mary de Bohun of King Henry V, and grandfather of King Henry VI, King of England and France, the last ruler of the old male line of the House of Lancaster. There are no descendants of Henry IV surviving other than in illegitimate lines.

vii. ISABEL OF LANCASTER, born about 1368 and died young.


viii. CATHERINE OF LANCASTER, born 1372; d. June 2, 1418, Toledo; m. HENRY III, KING OF CASTILE, about 1393, BURGOS; born October 4, 1379; d. December 25, 1406, Toledo.  They had issue.

The son of Catherine the Lancaster heiress of Castille and King Henry III, the Trastamara heir to Castille, become King John II of Castille.  He married as his second wife his cousin from Portugal and they became the parents of Isabella of Castille who married Ferdinand King of Aragon, uniting their Kingdoms in their issue. 

Ferdinand and Isabella King and Queen of Aragon, Castille and Leon, Conqueror of Granada,  Monarchs of the united Spain.

The youngest daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella was married in England .  Known as Catherine of Aragon 1485-1536 she became the First Queen of Henry VIII and mother of Queen Mary Tudor, the wife of her cousin King Philip II of Spain. 

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella

ix. JOHN OF GAUNT (or Ghent who was born there like his father), born about 1374, Ghent, died young.

Children of JOHN LANCASTER and KATHERINE ROET are (revised by the new dates in Katherine Swynford by Weir):

x. JOHN BEAUFORT, MARQUESS OF DORSET, born about 1373, Beaufort Castle; d. March 16, 1409/10, m. LADY MARGARET HOLAND, before April 28, 1399; born about 1385; d. December 30, 1439.  They had issue including Joan Beaufort, wife of King James I of Scotland, and John Beaufort Duke of Suffolk, who by Margaret Beauchamp was the father of Margaret Beaufort, wife of Edmund Tudor Earl of Richmond, the parents of King Henry VII.  Henry VII inherited his claim to the English Throne through this person.

xi. HENRY BEAUFORT, CARDINAL BISHOP OF WINCHESTER, born about 1375; d. April 11, 1447;  and had illegitimate issue, traditionally (and unlikely) by LADY ALICE FITZALAN (later wife of John Lord Cherleton of Powis), Jane Beaufort, mentioned in her father's Will and wife of Edmund Stradling, of St Donat's, Glamorgan  1389-1453.  Amongst their descendants are John Quincy Adams, the 6th President of the USA. For more details see the volume or web pages for Burke's AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL FAMILIES.

xii. JOAN BEAUFORT, born about 1377, Beaufort Castle; d. November 13, 1440, Howden, in East Yorkshire, buried in Lincoln  Cathedral; m. (1) ROBERT FERRERS, LORD FERRERS OF WEMME; born about 137 3; d. before November 29, 1396; m. (2) RALPH NEVILL EARL OF WESTMORLAND, before November 29, 1396; born about 1364; d. October 21, 1425. For their issue see below:

xiii. THOMAS BEAUFORT, DUKE OF EXETER, born about 1381, Beaufort Castle; d. December 31, 1426; m. MARGARET NEVILLE (of the Hornby branch), before February 15, 1403/04.  They had no issue that survived childhood. 

Medieval scene JOAN BEAUFORT, Lady Ferrers of Wemme and Countess of Westmorland.   She was born about 1377 in Beaufort Castle in France and died 13 November 1440 in Howden, East Yorkshire, and was buried in Lincoln Cathedral.  She married firstly, ROBERT FERRERS, Baron Ferrers of Wemme, son of Robert Ferrers and Elizabeth Boteler, Baroness le Boteler of Wemme.  He was born about 1370 (1373 Weir) and died before 29 November 1396.  Joan Beaufort married as her second husband and as his second wife, RALPH NEVILLE, 1st Earl of Westmorland before 29 November 1396.  He was the son of Baron John Neville of Raby and Maud Percy of the family of the Earl of Northumberland.  He was born about 1364 and died on the 21st October 1425.


i. ELIZABETH FERRERS, born 1392; m. JOHN GREYSTOCK, 6TH LORD GREYSTOCK; born 1389; d. 1436.  For issue see below.

ii. MARY FERRERS, born about 1394; m. SIR RALPH NEVILLE, second son of Ralph Neville Earl of Westmorland, her step-father, by his first wife , Margaret Stafford.  Their son John Neville of Oversley was the father of Joan, who carried their estates to the family of her husband Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe in Yorkshire, and left issue.


iii. WILLIAM NEVILLE,  EARL OF KENT, d. about 1463; m.  JOAN FAUCONBERG, BARONESS FAUCONBERG, and had issue, he had issue also an illegitimate son, known as 'The Bastard of Fauconberg' Thomas Neville 1435-1471, executed during the Wars of the Roses. The Earl and Countess of Kent were the great-grandparents of Joan Strangeways, the mother of Francis Bygod (executed 1537) below.


v. ANNE NEVILLE, m. (1) HUMPHREY STAFFORD, DUKE OF BUCKINGHAM; born about 1402; d. about 1460, at the Battle of Northampton; m. (2) WALTER BLOUNT,  LORD MOUNTJOY; d. August 1, 1474.

vi. LADY ELEANOR NEVILLE m. (1) RICHARD DESPENSER, BARON LE DESPENSER; d ied about 1414; m. (2) HENRY PERCY, EARL OF NORTHUMBERLAND, about 1392; born February 3, 1392/93; d. May 23, 1455, St. Albans.  He was the son of Henry Percy Lord Percy 'Hotspur' by his wife Lady Elizabeth Mortimer.  Hotspur had been killed in revolt against Henry IV and was a co-claimant to the throne at that time , having claims through both his grandmother and his wife.  They had issue.

vii. GEORGE NEVILLE, BARON LATYMER, d. about December 1469; m. LADY ELIZABETH BEAUCHAMP, daughter of Richard de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick by his first wife Lady Elizabeth Berkeley, heiress of the Lisle Barony.  They had issue.

viii. EDWARD NEVILLE, BARON BERGAVENNY, d. October 18, 1476; m. (1) LADY ELIZABETH BEAUCHAMP; daughter of Richard Beauchamp Earl of Worcester and his wife Lady Isabel Despencer.  m. (2) CATHERINE HOWARD, October 15, 1448.  She was his ex-mistress and daughter of Sir Robert Howard and his wife Margaret Mowbray, heiress in her issue of the Mowbray Duchy of Norfolk. He left issue by his first wife.






xiv. CATHERINE NEVILLE, born about 1397; d. about 1484; m. (1) JOHN MOWBRAY, DUKE OF NORFOLK, born about 1392; d. about 1432; m. (2) SIR THOMAS STRANGEWAYS; m. (3) JOHN BEAUMONT, VISCOUNT BEAUMONT; d. about 1460, Northampton;  (4) JOHN WOODVILLE, about 1465; born about 1445; d. about 1469, Battle of Edgecote. The Duchess of Norfolk is famous as having made the 'Diabolical Marriage' to the young John Woodville to advance the family of his sister Queen Catherine Woodville.   She was last heard of at the coronation of her nephew King Richard III in 1483.

xv. RICHARD NEVILLE, EARL OF SALISBURY, born about 1400; d. December 31, 1460; m. LADY ALICE MONTAGU, COUNTESS OF SALISBURY, about February 1420/21; born about 1406. Their eldest son Richard Neville Earl of Warwick and Salisbury married the sister and heiress of Henry Beauchamp Duke of Warwick, Anne Countess of Warwick.  This Richard Neville is known to history as 'Warwick the Kingmaker'.   They left two co-heiresses, Isabel who married George Duke of Clarence and left descendants through their daughter, Margaret Countess of Salisbury, and Ann wife of both Edward the Prince of Wales only son of Henry VI and then married Richard III, then Duke of Gloucester.  Their only son died without issue.

xvi. CECILY NEVILL, born May 3, 1415, Raby Castle; d. May 31, 1495, Berkhamstead Castle; m. RICHARD PLANTAGENET DUKE OF YORK, son of Richard Earl of Cambridge and his wife Lady Ann Mortimer (thus in their issue uniting three lines from Edward III) before October 18, 1424; born September 22, 1411; d. December 30, 1460, Battle of Wakefield. They were the parents of King Edward IV, King Richard III and George Duke of Clarence (famously died in a Butt of Malmesbury wine and left descendants).  She also has descendants through her daughter Ann Duchess of Exeter, Lady St Leger, and may have illegitimate descendants through her other daughter Elizabeth Duchess of Suffolk.

ELIZABETH FERRERS was born 1392, The eldest child of Joan Beaufort and her first husband Robert Ferrers of Wemme. She married JOHN GREYSTOCK 6TH LORD GREYSTOCK, son of RALPH 5TH LORD GREYSTOCK and KATHERINE CLIFFORD. He was born 1389, and died 1436. 

Sir Thomas Wriothesley, the Garter King of Arms, recorded more details about the family in the century after their deaths.  It is sad that Sir Thomas was unable to record all the details of the family living at that time, but it leads the family historian with an interesting bit of research to do.  The Pedigrees were printed in Collectanea topographica & genealogica , Vol 2, 1834-1843, edited by John Gough Nichols, and were derived from the volume written by Sir Thomas Wriothesley  (National Archives MS. Addit. 5530 - note: this reference may need revising).

Children of ELIZABETH FERRERS and JOHN GREYSTOCK are (in no order):

i. ANNE GREYSTOCK, d. March 27, 1477; m. SIR RALPH BYGOD,  d. March 29, 1461, Towton in Yorkshire, Gentleman of Settrington in East Yorkshire.


iii. JOAN GREYSTOCK. Married to John Lord D'Arcy and had issue. Their great-grandson Sir Thomas Darcy was to lose his head after his support of 'The Pilgrimage of Grace' in 1537.

iv. ELEANOR GREYSTOCK. Married to Sir Ralph Eure/Evers and had issue. Her descendants were the Northern Barons Eure.  The last Baron Eure died in poverty, but the family has many other descendants amongst the Northern Gentry and Aristocracy.



vii. KATHERINE GREYSTOCK. A nun at Barking.


ix. MATILDA GREYSTOCK. married Lord Scrope of Upsal and died without issue. This match is not covered in any other source. This may be a confusion and the people concerned might not have existed.

x. ELIZABETH GREYSTOCK, m. ROGER THORNTON of Newcastle and had one daughter, Elizabeth Thornton, wife of Sir George Lumley, Baron Lumley, ancestor of the Earls of Scarborough and via other lines of the Earls of Durham.


xii. RALPH GREYSTOCK LORD GREYSTOCK ( ALSO CLAIMED TO BE BARON WEMME IN HIS WILL), born about 1414; d. 1487; m. (1) ELIZABETH FITZHUGH; m. (2) ELIZABETH TERELL; m. (3) BEATRICE HAWTCLIFF, 1483, Henderskelfe or Settrington; and died in 1505, who remarried Robert Constable , a 'Sergeant at Law' who died in 1501. She is buried at Sancton.   A fascinating women in her own right, she is the ancestor by her second husband of the Constables of North Cliff, and my ancestress.  Her second husband was an ambitious lawyer, but a younger son of a Yorkshire MP who died before he could achieve his full potential.  Ralph's granddaughter from his first marriage, was to marry into the Dacre family, and through them carried the family estates to the Howard family.  The Howard family still live on the Greystock estates at Castle Howard.  Beatrice  seemed to come from an obscure knightly family in that her father was a Sir James Hawtcliff.  Her brother Richard was a vicar who campaigned against the Religious changes in the sixteenth century and survived.  Her other brother was Sir William Hawtcliff who's descendants are spread widely.

ANNE GREYSTOCK died March 27, 1477. She married SIR RALPH BYGOD OF SETTRINGTON son of JOHN BYGOD of Settrington and CONSTANCE DE MAULEY, the daughter and co-heiress of Baron Peter de Mauley. He died March 29, 1461 in The Battle of Towton.

There is an excellent article about the Bygod family (using the records and indexes available to him at the time) by Rev Charles Moor FSA, FRHistS., in The Yorkshire Archaeological Journal.         Settrington Church (November 2006)

Settrington Church

The family of Bygod/Bigod/Bygot is an interesting one and is probably one who's descendants could say 'of course we lost our family Earldom around 1300'. There is some information about this in the CP* (see below). On 11 April 1302 Roger Bigod Earl of Norfolk and Hereditary Earl Marshall surrendered his Earldom, Marshalcy and all his lands (with some small exceptions) on condition that they shold be regranted to him for life, and that he should be given additional lands worth 1,000 pa also for life. He died on the 6th December 1306 and his titles and estates reverted to the Crown. King Edward II granted the title to his brother Thomas in 1312, his eldest brother by his father's second wife, and it remains with his heirs the Howard Dukes of Norfolk. Half the estates went to a younger brother Edmund. The House of Lords in 1906 ruled that the surrender of 1302 was invalid. John Bigod the brother and erstwhile heir of the Earldom should have suceeded his brother if he had been alive and the future Earls would have been his descendants. One of John's heirs in the 15th Century was John Bigod. The mother of John Bygod who married Anne Greystock was Constance Mauley who was a co-heiress to her brother's lands and made the family much richer and more prestigious.


i. SIR JOHN BYGOD OF SETTRINGTON, died March 29, 1461 in the Battle of Towton (Subsequent to the battle). He married as her first husband, (she later married Henry Rochfort and Oliver St John, a descendant of King Henry VII's grandmother, Margaret Beauchamp) ELIZABETH SCROPE, a member of the great aristocratic family of Archbishop Scrope and had issue including:




ii. HENRY BYGOD, Gentleman of Scagglethorpe.  See below.  Founder of the Scagglethorpe Branch of the Bygod family it seems.

iii. EDWARD BYGOD. Married and according to one (secondary-Plantagenet Harrison) source had issue.  According to YAS RS Vol. IX p92 Deed 233 there is mention on the 4th March 1496/7 of a Edward Bygod esq. being married to Katherine, widow of William Nawton.  She was left Eddlethorpe which returned to her son Thomas Nawton by 5 September 1515.  There is no proof in this document or in the Will of Thomas Nawton in 1515 of there being any issue of the second marriage of Katherine.  It is possible that at the time of the first Deed that Edward was about 60.




vii. RALPH BYGOD. Vicar, Priest so unmarried.

viii. RICHARD BYGOD, Vicar of Settrington, an unmarried Priest.


x. PETER BYGOD. Married and had issue, founded the branch at Wharram.   He may have been living as late as 1529/30  at North Grimston, his Inquisition being taken in 1530.

His son Ralph died before 1530 and lived at Adlingfleet in Yorkshire, marrying Isabel daughter of Richard Haldenly of Haldenly, the mother of his four children, Peter, Ralph, Jane (wife of Lawrence Cooper of Wharram), and his heir Robert Bygod of Adlingfleet and Wharram who died on the 1 Feb 1558 aged about 43.   This Robert married Margaret daughter of the Conyers family at Danby Wiske (remarried Pepp) and had an only son Edmund Bygod of Wharram and Malton.  He lived from about 1536 to 1566, and died on the 8 October 1566.  He married Frances daughter of Richard Rasing of Malton, who remarried her cousin Christopher Rasing of Malton.   Only daughter Mary married James Dodsworth of Settrington, according to the Ecclesiastical Cause Papers in the 1570s she was married to Walter Keighley. She was disputing the inheritance from her grandmother Margaret Rasing of Malton. It is possible that she married both. I don't think that anyone has researched descendants of Peter and the development of new indexes might assist further research.

xi. ELIZABETH BYGOD, m. SIR JOHN ASKE, OF AUGHTON, their grandson Robert Aske was to lead the 'The Pilgrimage of Grace' in 1536-7 which was in turn to lead to the destruction of the main line of  the house of Bygod at Settrington.  According to the Visitation of 1584 she gave birth to a large family.

xii. ANNE BYGOD, m. WILLIAM CONYERS, OF SOCKBURNE. According to the Visitation of 1584 she gave birth to a large family.



xv. AGNES BYGOD, m. THOMAS STILLINGTON, OF NETHER ACASTER.  No issue is shown in the 1584 Heraldic Visitation.

3. HENRY BYGOD, GENTLEMAN, OF SCAGGLETHORPE, granted land at Scagglethorpe by his parents in 1455 , so probably was born about 1434.  This land is in remainder to his brothers.  As there is no proof that any of his brothers inherited the Scagglethorpe lands it seems likely that at some stage he married someone as yet unidentified.  Essentially this is the weakest link in the pedigree.  Work will continue to be carried out on this family as part of a family reconstruction, there is an answer to this somewhere, or several answers.

 i. EDMUND BYGOD, Who died in 1526, of Filey in East Yorkshire.

The agreement is reproduced in the Visitation of Yorkshire in 1584/5 and 1612, Edited by Joseph Foster, 1875, Harleian Society.

Omnibus etc Willielmus Pedelington et Johannes Malton salutem.  Noveritis nos tradidisse et confirmasse Henrico Bigod filio Radulphi Bigod, chevalier, dua messuagia et tres bovatas terrae in Scakilthorpe juxta Settrington, in com Ebor, etc. quae nuper  habuimus ex dono Radulphi Bigod, chevalier, per cartam suam datam anno 34 Hen. VI. Habendum eodem Henrico et haeredibus masculis de corpore, pro defectu, remanere Edwardo Bigod fratri ejusdem Henrici, et haeredibus masculis pro defectu, remanere  Willielmo Bigod fratri ejusdem Edwardi, etc., pro defectu, ramanere Georgio Bygod  fratri praedicti Willialmi, pro defectu, remanere  Radulpho Bygod fratri ejusdem Georgii, pro defectu, remanere Ricardi Bygod fratri ejusdem Radulphi, pro defectu, ramanere  Philippo Bygod fratri ejusdem Ricardi, pro defectu ramanere Petro Bygod fratri ejusdem Philippi, pro defectu, ramanere praefato Radulpho Bygod, chevalier, et haeredibus de corpore suo exeuntibus, etc., dat anno 34 Hen. VI.

4. EDMUND BYGOD, GENTLEMAN, OF SCAGGLETHORPE, died after the 5th May 1526 in Filey, His Will was made on that date and proved on the 19th July 1526 (Vol.9 f.344). He married (1) ALICE GRIMSTON, of Grimston Garth who was living in 1522. He married (2) ELIZABETH, who is thought to be the mother of his son. She died Aft. 1526.   It is possible that Edmund was farming the lands of the Prior of the Canons of Bridlington according to Professor Claire Cross (Source to follow). According to the documents in the National Archives (C1/350/50), Edmund was a defendant in a Court of Chancery Case where he was in Court over the Detention of deeds relating to lands in Pontefract, York. The case was dated 1505-1515. His Inquisition Post-Mortem was proved and recorded at the National Archive C142/51, which needs to be looked at further. There are some interesting links with the Constable family at Carthorpe in this document. I have thought that Elizabeth may have been widow of a Robert Constable of Filey who died in the early 1520's.


5. i. EDMUND BYGOD, GENTLEMAN OF SCAGGLETHORPE, born about 1524; d. December 30, 1580.

5. EDMUND BYGOD, GENTLEMAN, OF SCAGGLETHORPE , was born about 1524, and died December 30, 1580 and was buried December 31, 1580. He left no Will and his administration was proved on the 1st September 1581 at York.  His Inquisition Post Mortem is in the National Archives, C142/200. He married MARGARET YOUNG, thought to be daughter of Anthony Young of Craven in Yorkshire. She died 161 4/5, and was buried on March 5, 161 4/5, at Settrington, and left a long and interesting Will (Vol 33, f466 Dated 1 Mar 1614 and proved 22 April 1615).  I have not as yet traced any family connections of Margaret's.   She was an interesting women and saw her numerous family make marital unions amongst the district Yeomanry and even Husbandry, rather than the lower gentry and may reflect the social decline of the family.

Children of EDMUND BYGOD and MARGARET YOUNG are (not in order):

i. ARTHUR BYGOD. Baptised April 7, 1566, Settrington . 

ii. CHRISTOPHER BYGOD, Baptised 19 September 1568 in Settrington, married Ellen Foster at Norton, East Yorkshire, on 23rd April 1598.    They had several children.  Their daughter Ann Bygod might have been the Ann Bygod who married George Thompson in 1619 and had issue at Norton.



v. ELLEN BYGOD. Buried December 1, 1620 at Settrington

vi. FRANCIS BYGOD, baptised September 29, 1563 in Settrington, married ELIZABETH LAKIN, OF SCAGGLETHORPE on 29th October 1598 at Settrington.  No issue has been found yet.

vii. JOHN BYGOD. Baptised November 13, 1559, Settrington

viii. KATHERINE BYGOD, d. 1632, Norton, nr Malton East Yorkshire. She married Thomas Melton of Norton, Husbandman and had issue, traceable to the end of the 17th Century, and probably later.

ix. MARGARET BYGOD. Buried February 16, 1604/05, Settrington


xi. EDMUND BYGOD, Born about 1555; died November 24, 1582 at Scagglethorpe, Gentleman . Eldest son.  His administration was proved at York on the 5 January 1582/3.

xii. SIMON BYGOD, OF SCAGGLETHORPE, Gentleman. Born about 1556 and died in 1627 and was buried on the 17 July 1627.  He married firstly MARY DODSWORTH of Settrington who died childless, and secondly SUSAN BLAKESTON.  Their eldest son EDMUND BYGOD of ACKLAM 1601-1664 was the last of the Bygod family at Scagglethorpe and sold his lands and moved to Acklam.   There may be issue of his brother, and his sisters may also have left issue which is not mentioned in any Will so far found.  One exercise that might be carried out is to check all the Wills of people in the area and see what connections were made.

In 1599 a Survey was carried out for the Queen of her Manor of Settrington, and this was published in 1962 by the Yorkshire Archaeological Society, edited by Prof. H King and A Harris. This contains a lot of information about land holdings in the Manor at the time, though some of the genealogical detail is faulty, either because of the editor or due to the original surveyor. Simon Bygod was a Jurer at the Survey in 1599 and was aged 45. On p.16 and p.17 there is also a reference to the Free farm that Simon held in Settrington. This refers to the earlier deed in 1456 where according to the Survey it states tht the land was granted to William (sic) son of Ralph Bigod, Knt., his heirs and assigns in perpetuity, of whose heirs the nearest of kin is Simon Bygod esq.,

xiii. AGNES BYGOD, born 1571; d. 1596, see below married to Richard Beilby of Yedingham in East Yorkshire, and had issue , see below:

AGNES BYGOD  was born in 1571, probably at Scagglethorpe, She was baptised on March 2, 1571/72 in Settrington Church, and died in 1596,  being buried March 3, 1596/97 at Settrington. She married RICHARD BEILBY July 25, 1577 in Settrington. He died 1615 and was buried May 10, 1615, Settrington , His administration was proved at York on the 20th July 1615 (twice, once with son Simon and secondly with son William), William Beilby, Richard's brother who died in the first decade of the 17th Century was probably the William Beilby a mason from New Malton who was aged 34 in 1599 in the Survey.

Some people comment on the young age of the bride.  But at the same period I have found other brides under ten years at nearby Driffield in East Yorkshire in one branch of the Etherington family.  The bride would have gone to live with her new family and the marriage would probably have been consummated in 1584, or later, when the girl was over twelve.  The legal age for marriage was 12 for girls and 14 for boys and that existed until the early part of the 20th Century.  None of her children seem to have been baptised at Settrington or other parishes in the area that have 16th Century records.  According to the 1612 Heraldic Visitation her husband had connections with Yedingham in East Yorkshire but they have no records for this period.

Although I  have no baptisms for any of their children it is reasoned from  the information in the Will of Margaret Bygod, the mother of Agnes Bygod where she mentions amongst the grandchildren, Simon, William and Robert Beilby.  She also mentions Agnes daughter of John Bell.  John Bell married Margaret Beilby (named after her grandmother?), so I assume that she was a daughter of Agnes Bygod and her husband Richard Beilby.   Margaret is mentioned in the administration of her uncle William Beilby who died in the first decade of the 17th Century childless. There may have been other issue.

Children of AGNES BYGOD and RICHARD BEILBY are (possibly with others):

i. SIMON BEILBY, d. Aft. 1631. See below.

ii. WILLIAM BEILBY, Appears in the records for Scagglethorpe it seems and possibly a small farmer. d. 1667, at Scagglethorpe, buried at Settrington,  November 20, 1667.

Children of WILLIAM BEILBY and his wife HELEN are:

i. AGNES BEILBY, born 1615, baptised November 29, 1615, Settrington

ii. JANE BEILBY, born 1616, baptised October 28, 1616, Settrington

iii. RICHARD BEILBY, born 1621.Baptised September 9, 1621, Settrington, and probably had numerous descendants in the Rillington area.

iv. AME BEILBY, born 1624.Baptised July 4, 1624, Settrington

v. MARY BEILBY, born 1625. Baptised February 12, 1625/26, Settrington

vi. MARGARET BEILBY was born 1626 in Scagglethorpe, baptised March 11, 1626/27, Settrington, and died 1682, March 26, 1682, Settrington in Scagglethorpe. She married HUGH PEACOCK, OF SCAGGLETHORPE November 26, 1644 in Settrington. He died 1683.  They left issue.

vii. HELENA BEILBY, born 1634. baptised January 18, 1634/35, Settrington

viii. MATTHEW BEILBY, OF SCAGGLETHORPE, born 1636, Scagglethorpe.  Was born 1636 in Scagglethorpe and baptised September 25, 1636, Settrington. He married ELIZABETH WHITWELL May 12, 1659 in Settrington, She died 1682 in Scagglethorpe. buried November 21, 1682 at Settrington.


i. MATTHEW BEILBY, born 1663. Baptised August 2, 1663, Settrington

ii. ELLEN BEILBY, born 1665. Baptised December 10, 1665, Settrington

iii. ANNE BIELBY, born 1667. Baptised February 2, 1667/68, Settrington

iv. JOHN BIELBY, born 1669. Baptised February 27, 1669/70, Settrington

v. MATTHEW BIELBY, (?), born 1684.

ix. WILLIAM BEILBY, born 1640, Baptised April 19, 1640, Settrington, and died in 1704, being buried June 25, 1704, Settrington


iv. MARGARET BEILBY. married JOHN BELL on February 5, 1608/09 in Settrington.  She may have died in childbirth or within a few years after as John Bell could have remarried.  The mention of her daughter in the Will of Margaret Young Bigod is the only proof that Margaret Beilby was her grandmother. No burial date or place for Margaret Beilby Bell has been found. Margaret Beilby at one stage was an administrator with Simon Beilby of the brother of their father Richard Beilby.


i. AGNES BELL, born 1609, baptised April 19, 1609, Settrington and alive when her great-grandmother made her Will. 

SIMON BEILBY of Scagglethorpe died after 1632 (his youngest traceable son was baptised that year). He married BARBARA SMALLWOOD of Elmerby? (Helperby?) April 29, 1611 in Settrington.   He was definitely son of Richard Beilby and his wife may have been daughter of William Smallwood that had some connection with Rillington in the 1590's.

Note that due to the absence of Parish Registers at Rillington for the period before 1638, and sparseness of the entries in the Parish Register Transcripts (Bishops Transcripts in the Borthwick Institute, York) there are many gaps in the picture of this family. He possibly had other issue between 1616 and 1631.  It is also possible that Simon died sometime between 1632 and 1638, he did not leave a Will unfortunately.  We might get some idea of his death date from the Manor records kept at Castle Howard which is a private inaccessible archive.  The Wills of Scagglethorpe people of the period might produce further information.  The Seventeenth Century Wills of all the people of Settrington and Rillington will also help .


i. ANNA BEILBY, born 1612, baptised May 16, 1612, Settrington

ii. DOROTHY BEILBY, born 1614, baptised 8 May, 1614, Settrington; d. 1679, Rillington.

iii. JANE BEILBY, born 1616, baptised May 28, 1616, Settrington

iv. ROBERT BEILBY, born 1631, baptised 1631, Rillington

v. Unknown other issue possible 1617-1630.

Other children of Simon and Barbara Beilby might turn up in neighbourhood Wills.  The only daughter's marriage that I have traced so far is Dorothy, so further connections could be possible.  The problem with linking the family to later Bielbys in the area is simply the posibility that further issue of Simon might have been extant.

DOROTHY BEILBY was born 1614 , probably at Scagglethorpe and baptised May 8, 1614, in Settrington, and died 1679 , as a widow, and was buried December 13, 1679, in Rillington, . She married WILLIAM HURD November 26, 1639 in Rillington, son of RICHARD HURD and his wife ELLIS. He died 1679 and was buried April 6, 1679 in Rillington.  William Hurd left a Will.


i. BARBARA HURD, born 1640, baptised May 23, 1640 Rillington; d. Aft. 1679 and was unmarried.

ii. ANN HURD, born 164 3, Baptised March 11, 1643/44 in Rillington; m. JOHN HARRISON, OF RILLINGTON, November 29, 1670, Rillington.

iii. MARY HURD, born 1650, baptised July 21, 1650, Rillington; d. 1699, Scagglethorpe,  buried August 29, 1699, Settrington; m. WILLIAM CLIFFORD, April 27, 1676, Rillington; d. 1697, Scagglethorpe and was buried December 3, 1697, Settrington.

iv. RICHARD HURD, YEOMAN OF RILLINGTON, born 1654; Baptised April 7, 1654, Rillington d. 1719; buried November 17, 1719, Rillington m. ANN; d. 1714. June 10, 1714, Rillington. There are descendants of this marriage.

v. ELIZABETH HURD, d. Aft. 1679.

vi. WILLIAM HURD, born 1656; baptised September 25, 1656, Rillington d. Aft. 1679.

vii. JANE HURD. In the Will of her father.

MARY  HURD, born 1650, baptised July 21, 1650, Rillington; d. 1699, Scagglethorpe,  buried August 29, 1699, Settrington; m. WILLIAM CLIFFORD, April 27, 1676, Rillington; d. 1697, Scagglethorpe and was buried December 3, 1697, Settrington, farmer Rillington or Scagglethorpe?  William was the son of James Clifford of the Brompton by Sawdon family, who lived at Rillington, and his wife Ann Clifford of Malton.  I do not know if the two were related or even distantly related to the aristocratic Clifford family. In the book by Hugh Clifford 'The House of Clifford, Phillimore, 1987, the author refers to an entry in the diary of Lady Ann Clifford in the 17th Century where she comments on her ancestor Henry, 10th Lord Clifford (c.1454-1523) who had 'many base children' (p.85). The Cliffords inherited a lot of land in the North Yorkshire area from the De Vesci family and these lands included Malton and Brompton by Sawdon. Of course the Cliffords in this article could have just taken the name. Curiously the descendants of the Hurd-Clifford marriage did have it seems a descent from the medieval aristocratic family of Clifford through their Greystock ancestors. John Greystock's mother Katherine Clifford was the daughter of a fourteenth century Clifford of Skipton Baron.


i. WILLIAM CLIFFORD, born 1678, Rillington. Baptised  August 5, 1678, Rillington, and died in 1679 in infancy, being buried May 5, 1679, Rillington.

ii. GEORGE CLIFFORD, Husbandman of Heslerton in 1701, born 1680. Baptised March 28, 1680, Rillington, alive 14 Dec 1701.  He married in 1708 Mary Watson and may have lived at Snainton, and died in 1728/9.  We know George was a witness to his brother John's Marriage Bond in 1701.

Children of George Clifford and Mary Watson: 
i. William Clifford 1714-1714
ii. Mary Clifford born 1717
iii. Elizabeth Clifford born 1718
iv. George Clifford born 1722
v. Ann Clifford  born 1725
vi William Clifford born 1715

iii. JOHN CLIFFORD, OF SHERBURN, born 1682.<
See below.

iv. WILLIAM CLIFFORD, born 1684.Baptised June 8, 1684, Rillington

v. THOMAS CLIFFORD, born 1686. Baptised 29 Mar 1686, and seemingly farmed at Pickering Marishes near Rillington.  He died about 1765 as a very old man.  He had married Mary Wansford in 1712 and had several children.  He left a Will which names Milcha Whitwell so there is a good evidence that he was the Thomas Clifford who was baptised at Rillington.

i. Milcha Clifford, born 1712, baptised March 22, 1712/13, Ebberston; m. John Whitwell, October 11, 1740, Ebberston; d. 1780, Snainton. Buried May 9, 1780, Ebberston.   They had issue.  Many of her descendants use the female name Milcha.
ii. Mary Clifford born in 1717 and married to Thomas Young.
iii. Thomas Clifford born and died in 1723
iv. Thomas Clifford born 1725 who founded the Clifford family in the Pickering area. 

vi. MARY CLIFFORD, born 1690. Baptised September 1, 1690, Settrington. It is possible that she was the Mary Clifford who married JAMES ALMOND, OF CAYTON November 17, 1709 in Cayton. There is no record at the moment of their deaths or other descendants.  They had issue:

i. ANN ALMOND, born 1710. Baptised April 22, 1710, Cayton

JOHN CLIFFORD, OF SHERBURN   was born about 1682, baptised April 30, 1682 at Rillington. He married MARY TINDALL, OF NORTH GRIMSTON about December 14, 1701 in Hutton Bushell, by licence (The Bond and Allegation have survived at the Borthwick Institute amongst their Marriage Bonds and Allegations, this is not indexed but does exist.), the marriage as yet has not been found.  I have not found a Quaker union for them either.  She was born about 1675 probably in North Grimston, in East Yorkshire (there are no records of her birth or parentage).  John Clifford was a farmer at Sherburn and appears in the records of the Manor (NYCRO), but more can be found about him.  There is more to research about Mary Tindall.   I have consulted the extensive book by Christian Tindall ('The Tindalls of Scarborough, descendants of Ralph Tyndale, of North Grimston', Exeter, William Pollard, 1927.) and she is not mentioned in it, there were some sources that he had not consulted, Marriage Bonds and Allegations and Scarborough Apprenticeship records amongst others. Many more records have been indexed and made available since his book was written. But I would not be surprised if her ancestry was as interesting as that of her husband,  indeed in a later edition (no details available [at NYCRO], it rejects a descent from Peter Bygod of North Grimston and finds other Royal descents) Christian Tindall traces his family descent from Mary Ferrers Neville above.  A good place for more work to be carried out.  One of Mary Tindall's daughters was called Hannah, not a name used by the Cliffords before, but there was a Hannah Tindall who married Philip Anderson of North Grimston in 1704 and she could have been her sister.  The years around 1700 were a period of troubled record keeping. Many people had been attracted to Quakerism which took them out of Church of England records, and elsewhere the vicars did not carry out their record keeping duties thoroughly enough (Settrington around 1684 for example). The results were 'challenging' for modern genealogists.


i. MARY CLIFFORD, born 1702 and baptised July 26, 1702 Sherburn; m. THOMAS ATKINSON and had issue:

ii. JOHN CLIFFORD, born 1704. Baptised August 20, 1704, Sherburn, buried June 2, 1757, Sherburn, sometime of Scarborough and married twice with issue.

iii. WILLIAM CLIFFORD, born 1706, baptised June 16, 1706, Sherburn.

iv. THOMAS CLIFFORD, born 1708. baptised April 4, 1708, Sherburn, died in 1708 and buried May 20, 1708.

v. HANNAH CLIFFORD, born 1709, baptised April 17, 1709, Sherburn, E.Yorks; d. 1798, buried September 15, 1798, Sherburn E.Yorks; m. PETER OWSTON,  July 11, 1737, Sherburn, E.Yorks; born 1708, baptised November 23, 1708, Sherburn, E.Yorks; d. 1765,   buried April 14, 1765, Sherburn, E.Yorks. Weaver at Sherburn.  They are ancestors of the father of Tim Owston, Charles Owston 1917-1992.

vi. ANN CLIFFORD, born 1713. Buried  February 10, 1713/14

vii. ANN CLIFFORD, born 1715, Sherburn; baptised December 9, 1715, Sherburn, d. 1801, Sherburn; m. (1) JOHN VICKERMAN, FARMER OF SHERBURN, April 17, 1743, Sherburn; d. 1762, buried December 23, 1762, Sherburn; m. (2) WILLIAM FOX, born at Rillington in 1715. and  married on the 29th January 1764, Sherburn died in 1783 at Sherburn, buried February 23, 1783, Sherburn.

MARY VICKERMAN 1753-1818 her daughter, married Thomas Owston 1755-1823 and has many descendants who are also direct descendants of the Ganton branch of the Owston family, seemingly a distinct branch from that of the family at Sherburn.  Descendants include Miss Lucy Owston 1893-1987 an East Riding Councillor for many years.

viii. WILLIAM CLIFFORD, OF SHERBURN, FARMER, born 1718, baptised July 14, 1718, Sherburn d. 1792, Buried October 8, 1792 Sherburn; m. ELIZABETH SANDERSON, November 23, 1752, Sherburn; born about 1723/4; d. 1804, Buried January 2, 1804 Sherburn.  She was the daughter of Thomas Sanderson of Weaverthorpe and Sherburn 1684-1733 and his wife Mary Owston of Sherburn 1700-1781, the sister of Peter Owston above. They had issue.

The youngest daughter and youngest child of William Clifford and Elizabeth Sanderson:

HANNAH CLIFFORD, born 1766 and baptised at Sherburn on the 4th November 1766 and died at Sherburn in 1835, being buried on the 3rd May 1835 at Sherburn.  She married RICHARD MONKMAN (also known as Maumpman) a farm labourer of Sherburn, at Sherburn on the 15th October 1791, born about 1769 at Acklam and baptised 16 Apr 1769 at Acklam, the son of Richard Monkman and his wife Sarah Grassam. Richard Monkman jnr. died at Sherburn in 1837, and was buried at Sherburn on the 2nd February 1837. Richard might have been the third of that name in a line.

ELIZABETH MONKMAN, eldest daughter of Richard and Hannah Monkman, born in 1792 in Sherburn died in September 1877 in Brompton by Sawdon, Baptism: 01 Nov 1792 in Sherburn and buried on the 26 Sep 1877 at Brompton by Sawdon, and married 31 July 1813 in Sherburn, JOHN HUDSON born 20 July 1786 in Strensall, near York, and died in June 1869 in Brompton by Sawdon.  He was a twin, and baptised on the 20th July 1786 at Strensall and buried on the 13th June 1869, at  Brompton by Sawdon.  At the time of his marriage he described himself as a Husbandman of Sherburn in 1813, They moved to Brompton by Sawdon where he worked as a Labourer.

HANNAH HUDSON;, eldest daughter of John and Elizabeth Hudson, was born in 1814 in Sherburn, E. Yorks  and died in 1878 at Brompton by Sawdon.  She was baptised on the 13th February 1814 at Sherburn.  She was buried 07 Jan 1878 at Brompton by Sawdon.  She married at Brompton on the 17th October 1836, JOHN WATSON, a labourer of Brompton by Sawdon, who was born about 1804 in Whitby and and died in 1859, being buried at Brompton by Sawdon on the 24th July 1859.

MARY WATSON, second eldest daughter of John and Hannah Hudson, was born 10th March 1838, baptised 11th March 1838 at Brompton and died 21st October 1928 and buried on the 24th October 1928.  She married on the 30th November 1861 at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Scarborough, RICHARD STOCKILL (Monumental Inscription says STOCKHILL) for more details see the Stockill webpage.  They are ancestors of Tim Owston's mother, Agnes Stockill, 1925-1997.

ix. JAMES CLIFFORD, born and died, 1721. Baptised June 4, 1721, Sherburn, and died as a child and was buried August 17, 1721, Sherburn.


I have adopted the style of referring to sources around the text. Additionally the sources have included:

Blood Royal, From the time of Alexander the Great to Queen Elizabeth II, A Golden Jubilee memoir, 1952-2002, Charles Mosley, 2002, Smith's Peerage Limited, Bournemouth.[a source for some of the Royal information above]

Burke's Guide to the Royal Family, 1973, Burke's Peerage Limited. [A source for the initial Royal information above]

A genealogical history of the Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited, and Extinct Peerages of the British Empire, Sir Bernard Burke, Harrison, London, 1883.[Known as Burke's Extinct Peerage.]

CP.  The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom.  Extant, Extinct or Dormant
by GEC. 1936/1982, Edited by H.A. Doubleday, Geoffrey H White and Lord Howard de Waldon.

WILLS AND PARISH RECORDS: This work refers to Wills before 1858 and those are at the Borthwick Institute for Archives at the Library of the the University of York. Parish Records are at various record offices in Yorkshire, including the Borthwick Institute at York (check out also the Parish Register Transcripts/Bishops Transcripts) and East Yorkshire Record Office at Beverley.

Researched, written, revised and edited by Tim Owston,

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