1160-1195 OWAIN CYFEILIOG, Prince of Southern Powys, received Cyfeiliog from his uncle Madog ap Maredudd 1149, abdicated in favour of his son Gwenwynwyn 1155 and retired to the monastery of Strata Marcella, born about 1125, married firstly Gwenllian. daughter of Owain Gwynedd, King of Gwynedd, and had issue,

1. Gwnwynwyn, succeeded his father.

2. Caswallon.

1195-1216 GWENWYNWYN, Prince or Lord of Southern Powys (since known as Powys Wenwynwyn) acquired the Lordship of Arwystli 1197, deprived of his lands by King John 1208, but was restored 1210, swore an oath of homage to Llywelyn 1215, married Margaret, daughter of Robert Corbet, of Caus, and died in exile 1216, leaving issue:  See also:Connection between Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn and Agnes Wentworth

1. Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn, invested with the lordships of Arwystli, Cyfeiliog, Mawddwy, Caereinion, Y Tair Swydd and Upper Mochnant by King Henry III 1241, transferred his allegiance to Llywelyn 1263, married before 1241, Hawise (died 1310), daughter of John Lestrange of Knockin, Salop, and died between 21 February 1286 and the end of 1287, having had issue, with five other sons and one daughter,

1.1  Owen de la Pole married to Joanna Corbet, and had issue,

1.11 Gruffydd, died in 1309.

1.12 Hawise Gadarn (the Hardy), born 1291, and died before 1353, married John Cherleton, or Charlton, Lord of Powys, jure uxoris. They left issue the Charlton Lords of Powys.

1.2   Llewelyn ap Griffith, died after 1290, and Married to Margaret  daughter of Meredith Goch Lord of Mochnant.

1.21 Efa who married Madoc ap David Lord of Hendwr in Edeirnion.  Their descendants include Owen Tudor, founder of the House of Tudor by his wife Catherine de Valois, Queen of England.

1.3   John ap Griffith who died without issue.

1.4    William ap Griffith who died about 1315, and Lord of Mowddwy, and married Eleanor 3rd daughter of Thomas ap Llewelyn Lord of Yscoed and had issue:

1.41  Griffith ap William, High Sheriff of Merionetheshire

1.42  John ap William, Lord of Mowddwy, married to Catherine Corbet of Watlesborough and had issue.

1.5   Griffith Vychan ap Griffith of Ddeuddwr and Merchel and died without issue.

1.6    David ap Griffith who died without issue.

1.7    Margaret Verch (daughter of) Griffith ap Gwenwynwyn who married Fulk Baron Fitzwaren who died about 1315.  He was born about 1251.  They had a daughter:

1.71   Hawise Fitzwaren, who married Ralph de Goushall who lived from about 1274 to 1294 and had issue:

1.711    Margaret de Goushall who was born on the 12 May 1294 and died on the 29 July 1349 (possibly of the Black Death) .  She married Philip le Despenser the son of Hugh le Despenser Earl of Winchester and brother  of Hugh le Despenser jnr Earl of Gloucester.  He died on the 6 September 1313.   They had issue:

1.7111   Philip le Despenser, Knt of Camoys Manor who was born on the 6 April 1313 and died possibly of the Black Death on the 23 April 1349.  He married it seems Joan Cobham about 1339 who took a vow  of chastity 30 January 1349/1350.  They had issue.

1.71111 Philip le Despenser, Lord Despenser born 18 October 1342 in Gedney who died on the 4 August 1401 in Goxhill.  He married a person called Elizabeth and had issue:

1.711111 Philip le Despenser, Knt, of  Camoys Manor who lived from abt  1365 and died 20 June 1424.  He married Elizabeth de Tibetot of  Nettlestead, Suffolk. Their daughter:

1.7111111 Margaret le Despenser who lived from about 1400 to 20 April 1478 who was buried in Cambridge.  Heiress of Nettlestead in Suffolk.  She married John de Ros,   Lord Ros of Hamlake who died in 1421 at the Siege of Beauge.  She married  secondly Sir Roger Wentworth of North Elmsall and Nettlestead in 1452.  Their   daughter:

1.7111111    Agnes Wentworth who died in 1495 and married Sir Robert Constable MP 1423 - 1488 of Flamborough and had issue.

2. Madog



1160-1191 GRUFFYDD MAELOR I, Lord of Northern Powys, received Maelor and Ial as his portion and later added Nanheudwy, and on the death of his half-brother Owain Fychan 1187, Cynllaith and Lower Mochnant married Angharad, daughter of Owain Gwynedd, King of Gwynedd, King of Gwynedd and died in 1191, leaving issue,

1.Madog, succeeded his father.

2. Owain, joint ruler with his brother, died 1197.

1191-1236 MADOG AP GRUFFYDD, Lord of Northern Powys (which came to be called Powys Fadog after him), married Isota, and died 1236 (buried Valle Crucis Abbey), leaving issue,

1. Gruffydd Maelor II, of whom presently.

2. Gruffydd Lal, died 1238.

3. Maredudd, died 1256.

4. Hywel, died 1268.

5. Madog Fychan, died 1269.

6. Angharad.

1236-1269 GRUFFYDD MAELOR II, lord of Powys Fadog, married Emma widow of Henry Touchet, and daughter of Henry Audley, and daughter 1269, leaving issue,

1. Madog, died 1277.

2. Lywelyn.

3. Owain.

4. Gruffydd Fychan I died in 1289, leaving issue,

4.1 Madog Crippil, died about 1304, leaving issue,

4.11 Gruffydd Fychan II, Lord of Glyndyfrdwy, married to Elen daughter of Thomas ap Llwelyn, of Iscoed and had issue,

4.111 Owain Glyndwr, Prince of Wales and leader of the Welsh revolt at the end of the 14th Century and beginning of the 15th Century.  He married Margaret, daughter of Sir David Hanmer and had issue.  His daughter Katherine married Sir Edmund Mortimer, the great-grandson of King Edward III and they were part of a fifteenth century conspiracy involving Owen Glyndwr, Henry 'Hotspur' Percy and the Mortimers to overthrow King Henry IV and split the Kingdom of England between them.   It failed.

4.112 Lowry, married Robert Puleston, and had issue.

4.113 Isabel, married Adda ap Iorwerth Ddu, and had issue.


1063-1075  BLEDDYN AP CYNFYN, King of Gwynedd and Powys, succeeded his half-brother Gruffud ap Llywelyn reigning jointly with his brother Rhiwallon until 1070, acknowledged the overlordship of Edward the Confessor, b c 1025, married 1st (the order of his wives in uncertain),  daughter of Brochwell ap Moelyn of Nwrcelyn in Mon (Anglesey) and had issue,

1. Cadwgan, Prince of Powys jointly with his brothers, and Lord of Nannau.

2. Llywarch.

3. Hunydd (or Gwladus), married Rhydderch ap Tewdwr, 2nd son of Tewdwr ap Cadell and had issue.

He married secondly an unknown wife,

4. Madog, killed at Llech-y-crau by Rhys ap Tewdwr 1088.

5. Rhiryd, killed with his brother 1088, leaving issue:

5.1 Madog.

5.2 Iorweth.

5.3 Ithel, who died in 1124.

5.4 Cadwgan.

5.5 Cynwrig.

He married thirdly, Haer, widow of Cynfyn Hirdref, and daughter of Cillin ap y Blaidd Rhudd, of Gest, and by her had issue,


He married fourthly, Morien, daughter of of Idnerth ap Cadwgan ab Elstan Glodrydd, and was killed by Rhys ab Owain, King of Deheubarth at Ystrad Tywi, or at Powys Castle 1075, having by her had issue.

7. Iorweth, invested with Powys and Ceredigion and half of Dyfed by king Henry I 1102, but was depreived the following year and imprisoned at Shrewsbury until 1110, when he was released against hostages, killed at Caereinion 1111.

8. Llywelyn (or Rhiwalon), ancestor of the Lloyds of Rhiwlus and other families.

1075-1132 MAREDUDD AP BLEDDYN, Prince of Powys, reigned jointly with his brothers but survived them all and finally united all Powys under his rule, married first Hunydd, daughter of Eunydd (or Efnydd) ap Gwernwy, and had issue,


2. Gruffydd, Lord of Mawddy, married Gwerfyl, daughter and heiress of Gwrgeno ap Hywel, Lord of Caer or Clydewen, and died vitus patris 1128, leaving issue,


2.2 Meurig.

3. Hywel, killed by his own men 1142.

He married secondly. Eva, daughter of Bletrws ab Ednowain Bendew, and died 1132, having hy her had issue,

4. Iorwerth Goch (the Red), made his submission to King Henry II and received Sutton, near Wenlock and other Shropshire manors, granted prossession of Chirk Castle 1166, later driven out of Mochnaint by his nephews Owain ap Madog and Owain Cyfeiliog, married Maud, daughter of Roger de Manley, and had issue,

4.1 Madog.

1132-1160 MADOG AP MAREDUDD, Prince (sometime styled King) of Powys, and Lord of Bromfiled, gave Cyfeiog to his nephews Owain and Meurig 1149, married Susanna, 4th daughter of Gruffydd ap Cynan, King of Gwynedd and died at Winchester about the 9th February 1160 (buried Tysilio Church, Meifod) leaving issue,

1. Llywelyn, died 1160.

2. Gruffydd Maelor I, Prince of Northern Powys (Powys Fadog).

3. Marared. married Iorwerth Drwydndwn, a Prince of Gwynedd.

4. Gwenllian, married to Rhys ap Gruffydd, Prince of Deheubarth

Madog also left three natural sons, of whom:

5. Owain Brogyntyn, held lands in Edeirnion and Dinmael 1188, married Margaret, daugher of Einion ap Seisyll, of Mathafarn, and had issue,

5.1 Bleddyn, who had issue,

5.11  Owain

5.2 Iorweth, who had issue,

5.21 Gruffydd.

5.22 Elise.

5.3 Gruffydd, who had issue,

5.31 David.

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