In-Car navigation for the Psion 5


If you own a routeplanning program (such as RoutePlanner on the Psion or MS AutoRoute on the PC), you've undoubtedly found yourself peering hastily at tiny lists of directions when stopped at traffic lights, trying to find your place before the lights change. CoDriver takes the directions produced by your routeplanner and presents them to you in clear, screen-high text junction by junction. It will even read them out to you! Step through the instructions with the spacebar, or connect a GPS and have them read out automatically as you approach each turn.


Version 2.02 features


CoDriver is shareware - download a copy now and try it out. The unregistered version is fully working. If you like the program, registration costs £15 and entitles you to continued use, email notification of future versions, removes the "nag" screen, and encourages me to continue to develop the program!
New in 2.05
  • Now compatible with Palmtop's own GPS.
  • Bug fix deals with a problem causing "hanging" with one particular turn direction.

Download Now! (general version 2.05) (241kb)

German Version 2.05 (full translation) (287kb)
Dutch Version 2.05 (sounds only translated) (211kb)


Please register the program if you find it useful.
You can register online via Reg.Net, RegNet program ID is 4327.
Alternatively, you can send me a cheque for £15 directly - see the details in the program.

Further Information

IMPORTANT note to users with non-English versions of RoutePlanner. CoDriver will work with French, German, Dutch and Italian versions of RoutePlanner/StreetPlanner, but it's menus and speech remain in English (with the exception of the Dutch and German versions). If anyone is interested in recording their own language version of the sound files, please let me know and I can advise you how best to go about it. I can then make them available here or link to your own page if you prefer.

You can read the Help File online as well as the installation details and development history.
Any further questions or comments? Please send me an email at

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