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What to wear etc.

Christmas day walking from the Sugar Loaf Car Park (Route 3)
  • Obviously this depends on the time of year, the weather when you start, and the weather outlook. It also depends to some extent on the route you choose. On a nice day during spring to autumn leaving from the Sugar Loaf car park, trainers and some sort of wind resistant top are adequate.
  • The final paths to the summit are stony and a twisted ankle is always a possibility so walking boots are usually best.
  • It is always colder and more windy at the summit than at the car parks. In winter or if the weather is windy or wet take a jacket that is wind and waterproof and a warm undergarment.
  • It can be bitterly cold... I have worn crampons in winter. I have become lost in fog... above the tree line it is hard to distinguish one area from another when visibility is poor, so take a map and compass.


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