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  3D Aircraft Models
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The Models: I use Cararra the 3D modelling program from Eovia to build the models, generally using the vertex modeller, for the major objects and the spline modeller for the simple components. When the model is complete it is then textured using Painter 3D. Typically these days I use 2000*2000 pixel texture maps for diffusion and bump maps. Once the model is substantially complete it is imported into 3D Studio Max where the textures are re-applied, and tweaking and smoothing is carried out. The model is then converted into the different 3D formats using Deep Exploration. Generally I upload the models in Max, 3DS, LWO, and C4D to my Worldpay Shop where they are available for download. Other formats are available and if you need another format just let me know.

The models are not suitable for Flight Simulator.

The models are high res and are intended for film work, visualisation, and digital art. For example the models have been used in the Milestones of Flight exhibition consoles at the Royal Air Force Museum Hendon, in the BBC Timewatch documentary "Warburton: The Forgotten Ace", and Channel Four's Timewatch.

Aviation Art
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Using the latest in high end 3D modelling techniques any classic aircraft can be re-created digitally to your exact requirements. You can specify exactly the colour scheme you require to make the print uniquely yours.

The aircraft will then be displayed within a setting of your choice to create a high quality artistic rendering of the subject.

A giclee print costs £200 and is A2 sized, (23.4 inches by 16.4 inches) and is signed by the artist. A sample print can besent on request.

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