"I've done occasional commissioned projects for television, songs and things."
Stephen K Mulrine notes:
'Pete Shelley also composed the theme music for "Tour de France" on Channel 4 in the UK. The duty officer's letter states that it is "not commercially available" and credits it to "PETE SHELLEY AND THE BUZZCOCKS". It was at least five years ago [as of Jan 1994] that they started using that music - but certainly no more than eight, so I doubt that the rest of the BUZZCOCKS were involved at all. Also, the piece is very much in the style of the instrumental bit in the middle of "I Surrender" on Heaven & The Sea. It's on every night for a few weeks during the summer - Channel 4 have the UK TV rights to the famous cycle race. The title sequence has changed a couple of times over the years but the theme tune has remained the same.'

Gez notes:
'It's basically the instrumental riff from Zip's 'Your Love', very short, and played whilst you see a cyclist riding. The whole thing amounts to around 50 seconds. The Tour de France music is definitely one and the same as 'give it to me' although I agree there are some similarities to 'I Surrender'.'

(See ZIP single 'Your Love')