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Updated: May 17, 2007.



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"Towers blocked by people power"

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Letters: "More problems will prevail if tower block plan goes ahead" 

"Independent Federation" welcomes all WHHA/Pathmeads tenants

Move to PCHA: Out of 550, 8 vote "Yes". Move confirmed

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CNJ: Letters to the Editor. "Most housing cash is wasted". 3/2/5.

Special meeting for permanent tenants: Thurs Feb 17th, at Wembley







Dapo Ladimeji, board chair, surrenders right to sack chief executive. 

"Devonshires the Lawyers wishes us a "Happy Holiday"

Update on evicted nurses' homes: now in use ... three years on. 

The Annual General Meeting. Sept 19th.

Hopes shattered ... "Crash of Genesis disappoints" ...yeah?... life goes on.

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PCHA: the boss goes - company secretary gone - PR chief gone

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Ombudsman: Name changed!! : "IHOS" becomes "HOS".

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Camden to sell homes to shortlifers' co-op, CRISH

Letters to the Editor: Property People. 5/12/03 

 Camden New Journal. Letters to the Editor. 30/10/03

Ham & High: "Why have our homes not been improved?"

The Annual General Meeting: in secret, of course.

Camden council discuss C.R.I.S.H.'s homes. or .doc file

Letters to the Editor, Property People. 11/9/03 

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Letters to the Editor: "Like pigs fighting over a trough". C.T. 30/7/03.

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"Hepatitis C victim set to be evicted". H&H. 11/7/03 

Letter to the Editor: Camden New Journal. 26/6/03. 

Letter to the Editor: Inside Housing. 20/6/03.  

Ombudsman blasts PCHA. (Housing Today). 

Complaints Procedure for permanent tenants trashed again. May 26th 2003  

 Letters to the Editor, C.N.J. May 15th.

"CDS wins Camden transfer in landslide residents vote". I.H. May 9.

"'Forgotten' short-lifers vote for the co-operative option" - P.P. - text

 'Churches damned in landslide vote

Letters to the Editor: Property People

Burglar sues householder for £35,000 ?

Schadenfreude Dept.: The Corporation's crisis: update. 

Housing Corporation takes on the M.O.D. busters 

Camden New Journal. Letters to the Editor. 23/1/03 

Comment on the Inside Housing article, Dec 12th. 






Inside Housing: "Genesis learns takeover lessons". Dec 12.

 WHHA's name has changed ... but written confirmation is withheld

 Ham & High: "£5m repairs offer housing life line". 6/12/02

Camden New Journal: "Listed block faces sale". 5/12/02

Camden's Executive Committee: the results. Dec 4th 

Dec 4th: Council discuss Shortlife: a decision  or (The .doc file)

Inside Housing: "Crisis blamed on benefits 'debacle' ". 22/11/02 

Ham & High: "Housing association drops name but not debt". 18/10/02. (Late report) 

 Property People: "Questions go unanswered at WHHA meeting". 3/10/02.

Inside Housing: "West Hampstead treads a new path". 4/10/02.

WHHA's Annual General Meeting. In secret again. 29/9/02

Inside Housing: "West Hampstead accumulates £11.5m deficit". 27/9/02

Housing Today: "West Hampstead HA back in profit 'in near future' "26/9/02

Property People: "Accounts reveal HA's £11m hole". 26/9/02

 Property People: Letters to the Editor. 19/9/02

Inside Housing: Letters to the Editor. 30/8/02 

PCHA's "Tenant Profile Form": entirely voluntary. 

Inside Housing: West Hampsteads sell off: Councils' 'compensation'.16/8/02 

Kilburn Times: "Family's fury after repairs delay". 14/8/02 

The first "Great Joke of the Third Millenium" 

Camden New Journal. "Plea to Town Hall: save out homes from sell-off"

Camden at the crossroads: they vote to turn Left and Right 

Letters to the Editor, Property People.

 Adrian Bell, chair of Genesis: Crisis? What crisis? (+ Postscript)

Homelessness Act 2002. (Relevance to us not known) 

Our South London friends sharpen their spears. 

 Inside Housing: "Impact of West Hampstead reports assessed". 21/7/02

Radio 4. "Any Answers". Dimbleby set right on housing solutions. 

Housing Today. Letters. "Name change misses the point". 30/5/02 

C.N.J. "New Journal camera saves Iranian refugee from eviction". 23/5/02

C.N.J. article: Comment

Housing Today: "New name for troubled RSL". 23/05/02 

Camden New Journal's Election results (Camden)

Housing Today: "Knock-on effects". 2/05/02

Inside Housing. "Corporation resists pressure". 26/04/02

 C.N.J. "Angels caught in housing meltdown". 25/04/02

Inside Housing: "Rules put staff in indefensible position". 19/04/02  

Letters to the Editor, Housing Today. "The buck stops here" 18/04/02

Housing Today: "Corporation's role outrages Camden". 18/04/02

Inside Housing: "Report on W.H. made public" + "Open up for business". 12 Apr.

Housing Today: "Camden and corporation in W. H. face off". 11/04/02. 

Property People: "WHHA cloak of secrecy hid financial collapse". 11/3/2

Camden's Scrutiny Panel: The Report 

 Camden New Journal: Articles and letters. 7/3/02 & 14/3/02

 Inside Housing: "Catastrophic deficits revealed by new accounts". 1/3/02

Time Out: "Rats and racism ... " and Genesis. 20/02/02 

The Annual General Meeting: Outflanked by dirty tricks 

In secret: WHHA's Annual General Meeting - this Thurs - 21st Feb - 6.30pm.

Ham & High: "Housing group's base to be sold to pay bills". 15 Feb"

C. N. J. 14 Feb. "WHHA dirty tricks?"

 Camden's Scrutiny Panel: Genesis in the chair.

Property People. Letters to the Editor. 7/02/02. 

 Housing Today: Camden probes West Hampstead. 31/1/02.

Property People: "RSL to sell off assets to clear debt millions". 31/01/02

Kilburn Times. Major front page story by Teresa Keane. Info soon. 

Update: Scrutiny Panel interviews the Housing Corporation. 

Housing Today: Letters to the Editor. 24 Jan.

C. N. J. 24th Jan. "Town hall blamed for WHHA collapse"

 Camden's Scrutiny Panel interviews tenants.

Kilburn Times: 16th Jan. "House is left awash". 

Inside Housing: Letters to the Editor. 5th Jan 2002






 Newsletter: "We are on the move". Dec 2001

Kilburn Times. 6/12/01. "Housing scandal kills trust" 

PCHA suppresses the Rule Book.

 Inside Housing - Housing Today. "Camden investigates"

Housing Today. 22/11/01. Letters to the Editor. 

Housing Today. 15/11/01. "Shortlife prolonged for West Hampstead". 

Kilburn Times. 1st Nov. "I waited twenty years". Page 8. 

Ham & High. 2nd Nov. Letters to the Editor. Page 24.

Property People: Letters to the Editor. 25th Oct.

Kilburn Times. "Tenants face crunch". p.5. 25th Oct. 

Inside Housing: "Catastrophe threatens Corporation's authority".

Ham & High. 18th Oct "Tenants at risk after association shows £8m debt".

Kilburn Times. 18th Oct. Front page story.

Camden New Journal. 18th Oct. "Special report ... ".

Camden New Journal. 18th Oct. Letters to the Editor.

Evening Standard. Tues 16th Oct. "Councils bail out housing group hit by £8m debt"

Camden to set up a "Scrutiny Panel" on Housing Associations.

"Secret report hides £8m debt". Camden New Journal. 11th Oct.

 Tenants' Deputation to Camden Council. 10th October.

Property People: Letters to the Editor. 20th September 

"Who will rid us of these accurs'd fools"

Property People: Letters to the Editor. 16th August 

Camden New Journal. "Rude awakening on the way".

PCHA's 68 year widow is out 

Housing Today. Letters to the Editor. "Churches schism". 26 Jul.

PCHA's Annual General Meeting.

 CNJ. 19th July. "Penniless widow faces life on streets". 

Evicting a 68 year old: PCHA's justification.

Housing Today: Full report. "Shortlife fears at West Hampstead"

PCHA to evict 68 year old widow onto the street. 

Letters to the Editor: Property People. 28th June.

S.G.M: Tenants defeated by strangers 25th June.

PCHA: Its official - Every promise broken.

Shareholders misled by Chair's letter.

 WHHA's future: shareholders decide - 25th June. 

Tom Maybank. R. I. P.

Meeting No. 3. - Temporary. You need the tools to do the job.

Meeting No. 2. - Permanent. So many complaints: therefore, ignore them.

Meeting No. 1. - Shortlife. Is anyone in charge?

Housing Officer comes and another goes 

BBC Radio 4 - "Any Answers". Sat. 12th. May - T. A. speaks out

Corporate syphilis?

Rather too late: WHHA decides to set meetings for tenants

 ITV slams WHHA for its dangerous gas policy

Shareholders' Meeting. - Mostly hot air.

Meeting - this Tuesday - Shareholders only - All others are out.

"Sauce for the goose". HT. 19th Apr. Letters to the Editor.

Who is in charge?

Camden ban us ... ! 

Tenants: New Rent Form ... Wait ... 

They're on TV again ... Coming soon!

PCHA's Anu Vedi backs (or drives on?) WHHA's double dealing. 

Evening Standard blasts WHHA's gas policy.

Tenants denied D8 rights: and now "Partnership Bulletins".

Operations Director and Development Director to go.

"Genesis is made West Hampstead agent". H.T. 1st Mar.

"Genesis revelation to association tenants". P.P. 22 Feb.

 Property People: Letter to the Editor.

The Meeting: Successful encounter. 15 Feb 2001

Its done! We join the Genesis Group (maybe).

Meeting fixed - Gun jumped. 8 Feb.

A.G.M. Scandal : Promise of new meeting - Update. 7 Feb.

"Housing chiefs evicted from office". Camden New Journal. 1 Feb.

A.G.M : Uproar as discussion of accounts is vetoed. 31 Jan.

Suspended directors: the results. 27 Jan.

T.A. elections. 27 Jan.

Suspended directors' hearings held.

"Genesis deal could save association". H.T. 5th Jan. 2001






Merger: Its Paddington Churches... (probably). 19 Dec 2000

T.A. Elections. We need to be ready to negotiate.

Our meeting with new Special Manager, Mr. Greg Lomax. Mon 18th Dec.

"Suspensions at West Hampstead as quango supports overdraft"IH 15 Dec

"Association's debt backed by quango". Property People. 14 Dec.

"Housing chief in cash quiz mystery". C.N.J. 14 Dec.

"Agency's £3m stops HA from going bust". H.T. 14 Dec.

Eleanor Lohr, Consultant leaves. 12 Dec.

Chief Executive suspended. 8 Dec.

Finance Director suspended. 6 Dec.

Merger talks in the air. December 2000

Supervised HA looks to rescue. H.T. Nov 23

"West Hampstead under supervision". I.H. 22 Nov. 2000

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  Pathmeads Housing Association T. A. aka :

WHHA Tenants' Association (in exile)

This web site is primarily for the shortlife tenants of West Hampstead Housing Association, but we are hopeful other short-life people will find it useful. The law is changing, and it is vital to keep up to date.
Pre-Jan 1989 shortlifers have acquired secure status, and they can ask the Housing Corporation for the Secure Tenants Charter. We ask for recognition, and building work recognising environmental and green ideas.

Permanent Tenants: Special Area

Temporary Leasing Tenants: Special Area
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Recent news.




Move to PCHA: Out of 550, 8 vote "Yes". Move confirmed.


The consultation exercise performed by Tom McGregor, Chief Executive of Pathmeads (WHHA) a while back involved a vote on whether permanent tenants should move to PCHA. After an allegedly one sided presentation, biased to suggest benefits to tenants a show of hands could only muster eight votes for the change. The Chief Executive of PCHA was in attendance. Pam Lockley was amazed by the hostility to her firm. She has only been in her job a short while; she has a lot to learn.

The Housing Corporation's rules require this consultation.

Following this meeting, it was decided to carry out the transfer, and this has happened. Since it is clear form the voting figures that Mr. McGregor had no intention of taking the slightest notice of the results of the consultation, it must be wondered what the point of it was, apart from satisfying the Housing Corporation's seemingly pointless rules.


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Dapo Ladimeji, board chair, surrenders right to sack chief executive.

At the Special General Meeting of shareholders held on November 23rd, the chair of our management board, Dapo Ladimeji, presented a long list of amendments to our constitutional rules. The Housing Corporation require, under Sect G4 of their rules, that tenants are consulted about changes which affect their tenancies.

Yet again, this is not been done.

Some changes are obscure; some are weird. Amongst the latter was a motion that the management board can no longer sack the chief executive. Mr. Ladimeji was asked why he was asking for this particular change to the rules. He was unable or unwilling to reply.

This meeting begs closer scrutiny. Work is being done on it.

If you wish, you may ring the company secretary, Ms. Siobhan Coveney, on the new PCHA phone number: 020-8150 4100 and ask for a copy of the old rules along with a copy of the new ones to compare them yourself.

PCHA (please note: not Pathmeads/WHHA) appear to have done a moonlight. Their new address is:

Capital House,

25 Chapel St .,

London NW1 5DT.

Here is a map . It is off the Edgware Road near the Marylebone Flyover.)

Watch this space. 



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Devonshires the Lawyers wish us a "Happy Holiday".


Remember Devonshires? They are the law firm who took us all to court. This is despite the fact that they are alleged to have told WHHA in the early nineties that traditional shortlifers had proper tenancy status. They have taken out a full page rear cover advertisement in "Housing Today" wishing everyone a "Happy Holiday".

The ad's colour scheme is dark grey on light grey. Well done Devonshires, you can't get more Christmassy than that.

This will probably offend all Christians because Devonshires have lacked the grace to acknowledge arguably their most important festival of the year. It will offend all the other faiths because Devonshires failed to acknowledge theirs at all.

And who has paid the £2,500 bill? You can bet your bottom dollar that it has come indirectly from our rent money.


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Update on evicted nurses' homes: now in use ... three years on.

Two key workers, nurses, were evicted in November 2001. This was reported in the Camden New Journal the following April as part of an initiative. It is believed that the NHS in this borough has lost the use of both nurses. The purpose of the eviction was said to be to hand the house back to the Homeless Persons Unit of Camden Council. It is well known that the HPU does not have the funds to do repair and refurbishment work. They need "oven-ready" properties with little or no money to be spent on them.

The building was, in due course, squatted. These people were evicted and the building was then left empty for a very long time. The house has now been put right, and new tenants, probably Camden tenants, have just moved in.

Cost to WHHA/Pathmeads/PCHA: £26,000 in lost rent.

Cost to NHS: the difference between the salaries of agency nurses and staff ( x2 x3 ).



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PCHA: the boss goes - company secretary gone - PR chief gone.


Three senior members of staff have left, and in an extraordinary recent chain of events, PCHA has, in addition, lost its PR chief, company secretary and now chief executive.

First to go was the Group Director of Technical Services, Sonny Karanjia, a while back, and then the Group Director of Finance, Dominic Gibb. He was followed by the Deputy Director of Development, Tony Hall. Then came the Company Secretary, Sandra Raine, who left recently without any explanation or announcement. Rob Davies, Head of Marketing and boss of the Press Office has gone, and just before the weekend, rumours were circulating that Alan Beatty, Chief Executive, was no longer in post. This has been confirmed.

The reason given for Mr. Beatty's departure is that there has been a governance review in 2003 and job restructuring. We are told that now, in the Genesis Housing Group, each subsidiary company will have its own chief executive.

But this has always been the case. What's new?

Apparently the chief executive will now combine board level as well as executive responsibilities. Alan Beatty, apparently, declined to continue; he didn't feel that he wanted the "new" post. He has accepted voluntary redundancy.

We are asked to believe that Alan Beatty was offered a place on the board, didn't want it, and threw in the job.

The only real difference is that the post of head honcho of PCHA will be called managing director rather than chief executive or whatever else it was that he was called.

The new M.D. is Ms. Orla Gallagher, although she has also been described as deputy M.D. The new company secretary is Siobhan Covenay and the PR chief is Ms. Jules Hiller.

PCHA's press office: 020-8537 4103.


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"Thrown out on to the streets". Camden Times. 16th July 2003.

By Lorraine King.

In a major article occupying the whole of the front page, Lorraine King describes the story of one of our tenants who was an original pre '89 licencee, and hence a secure tenant, suffering from Hepatitis C, who is to be evicted onto the streets on or after August 15th. He was a joint tenant on a long term "licencee/secure" tenancy. The other joint tenant signed off their tenancy in his absence effectively leaving him a squatter in his own home.

Joint tenants: Beware. (although not all joint tenancies can be abused in this way) .

The piece has a number of errors, one of which is the figure of £67,000 quoted as a Right to Buy discount. This is NOT the case. RTB does not come into all this. The figure is a discount which has, in the past, been offered by Camden to the Housing Association when they buy council property as additional discount payable per tenant if they can get shot of us, thereby freeing up space for nominations from their waiting list. This is a measure of WHHA's gratitude to us for living in property that was discarded as unfit in the late seventies and was rented to us at about a third more than Camden charge their own tenants for fully rehabilitated homes.

Full text of the article


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Complaints Procedure for permanent tenants trashed again. May 26th 2003

PCHA have replaced the Complaints Procedure used by WHHA/Pathmeads permanent tenants. The new system is as follows:

1. Write to the Project Manager, Ms. Boe Williams Obasi, detailing the problem. Her address is Chancel House, Neasden Lane, NW10 2AY. She must give you a receipt within four working days and an answer within 28 days. If you are not entirely happy, then WITHIN FOUR WEEKS (probably not legally enforceable) ask for the next stage:

2. Appeals Panel. This consists of three people (who are all beholden to PCHA), namely a senior member of the management team, a board member and an independent executive director. If not happy with their pontifications, apply to:

3. Independent Housing Ombudsman, 105 The Strand, London WC2R OAA. You can get details posted to you by ringing 020-7836 3630.


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CDS wins Camden transfer in landslide residents' vote. Inside Housing. 9/5.

'Forgotten' short-lifers vote for the co-operative option. Property People. 8/5.

These two articles from Inside Housing and Property People amplify the article below on the overwhelming vote by the WHHA's Camden Residents in Shortlife Housing (CRISH) in favour of the CDS plan to develop the L. B. Camden houses in which they live.

Property People: full text of report

A CRISH statement said that PCHA made no effort until the very last moment to consult with residents or even show the slightest interest in their concerns.

A PCHA statement said that tenant and residents consultation was at the heart of its ethos.


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'Churches damned in landslide vote.

Paddington Churches Housing Association were pitchforked into an inferno of their own making (allegedly) by a 98% vote to reject their involvement in the proposed development of about two dozen buildings currently owned by the London Borough of Camden.

At the suggestion of the then Deputy Leader of Camden, Councillor John Dickie, and with the help of CDS, WHHA shortlife tenants have formed a housing cooperative called C.R.I.S.H., Camden Residents In Shortlife Housing. The intention is to attract the necessary outside funding, and to create proper housing for themselves as well as housing gain for Camden by acquiring the buildings and by putting them into satisfactory order working in cooperation with the tenants and using environmentally intelligent methods.

This contrasts with the Genesis/PCHA/Pathmeads/WHHA system which has involved simultaneously converting one-bed flats into family homes whilst converting family homes into one-bed flats, suing all the tenants involved over twelve to eighteen months with all the void losses and legal costs that that incurs, along with the ripping out of brand new ceilings, floorings etc etc, fitting new boilers whose exhaust gases could decimate London's bird wildlife by roasting, and filling the premises with glued products and toxic chemicals generally at the taxpayers expense.

What have floor boards ever done to you, Mr. McGregor?

Camden's own tenants are rightly sceptical about the proposed Arms Length Management Organisation currently being suggested. The arms in question are, allegedly, a little on the short side. CRISH offers a model well worth keeping an eye on.

And as for Genesis/PCHA? They made just under £20m profit last year. They won't go hungry. If they do, then they can draw on the £1,000,000,000 assets that they have accumulated off the backs of taxpayers, ratepayers and tenants.



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Burglar sues householder for £35,000?

Regulars will remember that the Housing Corporation's troubleshooter, Greg Lomax, apparently blamed the downfall of WHHA on the Finance Director, Douglas Wilson. He was summarily dismissed but subsequently took out a case against Pathmeads/WHHA for wrongful dismissal.

An Inside Housing article of last November has Housing Benefit being blamed for the crash. So, where was the gradual build up? Why did other housing associations escape? Instead of going to court and presumably winning, WHHA have used our rent money to settle with an out-of-court payment of about £29,000 + legal costs.


It would appear that WHHA do not have the confidence that they would win. So we must conclude that the cause of the crash of our housing association is not known and that nothing has been learned.

In the meanwhile, the WHHA's debt when Genesis/PCHA took over, £3m, has risen to £11.5m as of a year ago. What is the current figure?

According to the Group Director of Finance, David Levenson, it is secret.


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Schadenfreude Department: The Corporation's crisis - Update.

"Computer Weekly" reports that the contentious I.T. deal has been signed: