Place: Abbey Town, St Mary’s

Location: Left of main  Norman doorway (eroded) disgorging foliage from mouth

Date: 1450’s

Source: TG, F&GD, NP, VAP


Place: Appleby, in Westmorland, St Lawrence & St Michael

Location: Pew-green dragon or snake oroborus (was Jacobean oak Organ case)

Date: ?

Source: MH, NP, VAP


Place: Boltongate, All Saints

Location: Corbel above the West Window    

Date: 1450s

Source: TG

Verified by VAP


Place: Brough, St Michael

Location: Exterior, south doorway-archivolts

Date: Late 14th C

Source: CH, NP, VAP


Place: Brougham Castle

Location: Main tower, high level

Date: ?

Source: CH


Place: Brougham Castle, St Winfreds Chapel

Location: Oak arm rests between the northern choir stalls and the finials at either end of the chapel (possibly continental)

Date: C 15?

Source: TG, NP

Verified by VAP


Place: Carlisle Cathedral

Location: Capitals, corbels, many, excellent (illus DH) Porch above round windows; Foliate mermaids reported; Treasury-detached roof boss (early 15th C. At least six stone Capitals and Corbels, some of bird bodied mermaids with foliate tails; one hooded with “ an acorn head” amidst oak leaves ,on the wall to the right of the East Window. Two Capitals,  heads of monsters disgorging foliage, ( one a lion?) Misericord of a head with a hat, whose cheeks are leaves.

Date: ?

Source: CH, DH, TG, VAP, RM, HMC, NP


Place: Carlisle, Crown & Mitre Hotel

Location: ?

Date: modern

Source: CH


Place: Carlisle, High Head Manor (ruin)

Location: Exterior freeze

Date: modern

Source: CH, VAP


Place: Cartmel, Priory of St Mary & St Michael

Location: Misericords, Janus head, crowned foliate tricephalos disgorging stylised acanthus grinning lion mask with foliage issuing from mouth, grinning foliate mask.

Date: ?

Source: CH, GLH, RM, VAP


Place: Clifton, St Cuthbert

Location: Chancel rebuilt 1846, Chancel Poppy-head, Green Man large Oak leaf coming from either side of mouth, held in position against side of head by hands.

Date: 13th C

Source: TG, NP, VAP


Place: Crosby Garret, St Andrew

Location: Nave arcade

Date: 12th C

Source: CH, TG


Place: Crosthwaite, St Kentigern

Location: Font, Green Man three stems sprouting from mouth

Date: 14th C

Source: CH, ROM, MC, NP, VAP


Place: Gosforth, St Mary

Location: Chancel arch-capitals possibly 6

Date: 12th C

Source: CH, TG, F&GD, VAP


Place: Grange over Sands, Crown Hotel

Location: Facade

Date: C19

Source: CH, VAP


Place: Great Salkeld, St Cuthbert

Location:  Entrance (2?)

Date: 1100

Source: TG


Place: Greystoke, St Andrews

Location: Carved poppy heads (4) Misericord, head of a Woodwose in vine leaf circle

Date: ?

Source: TG, GLR, VAP


Place: High Head Manor (Ruin)

Location: Exterior-frieze

Date: ?

Source: CH


Place: Irthington, St Kentigern’s

Location: Capital

Date: 1170

Source: TG, F&GD, NP, VAP


Place: Kirby Lonsdale, St Mary

Location: Nave capital (C12); stained glass

Date: C12

Source: CH,VAP


Place: Kirkbampton, St Peter’s

Location: Capital

Date: 12th C

Source: TG, F&GD, VAP


Place: Levens Hall, Nr Kendal

Location: Small drawing room, over mantel, pair of Green Men Masks with foliage scrolling from mouth. Redman Room panelling (1822), Foliate Masks with tendrils from two of the heads filling panels with flowers and buds, these masks stick out from frieze.

Date: Various

Source: VAP


Place: Lowther, St Michael

Location: Nave Capital, leaves issuing from mouth, cap of leaves and twigs, plus two animals disgorging foliage

Date: 12th C

Source: CH, TG, F&GD, NP, VAP


Place: Orton, All saints

Location: Early carvings are all gone but Thirlie Grundy speculates that some of the chunks rescued by the villagers and now eroded beyond recognition in walls and gardens may have symbolised the green man

Date: ?

Source: TG


Place: Preston Patrick, St Patrick

Location:Green Man in remains of old church

Date: ?

Source: CH, VAP


Place: St Andrew

Location: Sandstone Capital disgorging from nose, also similar animal head.

Date: C12

Source: CH, F&GD, VAP


Place: St Bees, Priory Church of Saint Mary and Saint Bega 

Location: Currently displayed in the Lapidarium in the Priory Church (a green man monk! He has Oak leaves coming from his mouth and also has a tonsure) more information at www.stbees.org.uk

Date: 1120-1400

Source: CH, VAP


Place: Sizerth Castle

Location: Two heads disgorging foliage , right of Overmantel in Queen’s room, 1569.  Old dining room (1563), two foliate masks on over mantel either side of family Arms and Green Lions on base of side panels.  Hall chair in passage beyond has mask disgorging foliage. The Boynton Room, foliate Mask on C16 over mantel (1573) over Coat of Arms and another in pediment above it. And a Man and Woman grow from foliage either side of shield and in side panels. Excellent carving throughout the house according to Pevsner

Date: Various

Source: CH, CH, NP, VAP


Place: Torpenhow, St Michael

Location: acobean ceiling thought to have come from the hall of a London Livery Company, several foliate masks associated with oak leaves.

Date: 17th C

Source: TG, F&GD, NP, VAP