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The Grocery Store Haunting. in the year 1980

as reported by anonymous

While working for a large grocery chain between the years 1980 and 1981.I was promoted to manager of their Conwy grocery store and it was not long after being moved there that things started going missing at first i believed that the staff working for me were hiding items but I was soon to find out the real reason.

I had only been there for about two months when I discovered that the building was supposedly haunted, this came about after I remarked to a member of staff that no matter how much I blocked the back door with draft excluders it was always very cold in one spot near the door. I remember saying it was so cold as too make the hairs on the back of your neck stick up and thats when she told me about the old lady who had died in that very spot years before the building had been converted into a shop.

Now dont ask me why as I really dont know but I reckon that I must of have made a joke about the old lady because after that day things started to really get crazy.

When I would be alone in the building due to before opening, lunch time or after closing the atmosphere there would be electric and although she did not show herself to me at that time, she wanted to let me know she was there.

No matter what I was doing or where in the building I was doing it everyday at least once I would hear a cracking type of sound and then as I looked around to see what it was I would be chilled to the bone momentarily as if she had just walked through me.

Also a large knife I used for cutting the ropes off of the cages would frequently fly across the room and embed itself into a door or crate in the storeroom.

When down in the cellar boneing bacon or cutting blocks of cheese I would have to be quickly in and out of the walk in cold room or else she would shut me in it, which believe me is not much fun.

Then one day when I was in the storeroom alone she materialized right next to me and she looked like a white mist vaguely in the shape of a old lady.

She touched me first on my hand then up on to my arm and both places she touched me became as cold as ice. At this point petrified I ran out of the storeroom and into the shop and stood by the front door until the staff came back from their lunch breaks. Then while acompanied I went into my office and phoned the area manager and resigned.



The Man on the Moors. in the year 1961

as reported by anonymous

My wife,son and I were traveling back to London after visiting family in North Wales. It was a cold misty evening and the rain poured down as we drove along the road across the Denbighshire Moors and on seeing a man hitch hiking we decided to give the poor fellow a lift.

As I stopped the car my wife reached into the back seat and lifted our one year old son into the front as the man sat down in the back.

For the whole time the man was in the car I can honestly say he never spoke a word he just grunted to every question I asked him so in the end I gave up but I kept a close eye on him through the rear view mirror.

Anyway after about ten minutes the man in the back grunted and pointed out the window so I stopped the car and the man promptly got out and started walking back down the road.

Now there was definately something strange about his appearance but I couldn't figure out what it was as I watched him walk away. Then distracted by my wife I turned around to look at her "he's got no feet" she kept saying her eyes wide in disbelief and when I looked back to see if this was true it was already to late he had vanished.

Well being over curious and disobeying the strict instructions my wife was screaming at me, I got out the car and with the torch I kept in the glove compartment I walked down the road in the direction the man had taken but I never found him nor did I see any place's for him to have hidden himself behind in such a barren landscape.



The Ghost in the Woods. in the year 1982

as reported by Jason Cox

I can't remember the exact year 1982 I think, anyway it was summer and I was about 10 years old. My best friend at the time was a girl called Helen and we often went for picnics at the embankment where the old railway tracks used to be.

On this particular occasion we climbed to the top of the embankment to a grassy area where we often had our picnics. Afterwards we took a walk along the embankment which was more of a wood than anything else.

Suddenly she stopped and I watched the colour drain from her face and she started blubbering about a ghost, "yeh don't be stupid" I said and I looked towards where she was looking.

Fuck me ( sorry about the language ) but what I saw filled me with such dread such fear that I suffered nightmares for years after. Standing in front of us was a humanoid figure around the same height as us legs slightly apart left one in front of the other right arm slightly bent. Its left arm was stretched out pointing at my friend and its forefinger bent towards me.

A perfect white in colour though not glowing and it even had facial features though not distinctive. It had a nose and chin and it was as if its eyes were closed also I noticed it had no hair, no eyelashes even. There were no imperfections on any part of its body.

I didn't hang around to long I had never ran so fast in my life my friend not to far behind. After this incident she would never talk about what happened until recently.

She told me when she first saw it it was quite far away but it approached us alarmingly fast passing through any object in its path. When I looked round it stopped. I often now wonder what was it? Would it still have stopped if I hadn't looked round. The only thing I know is that it was definitely real as Two of us saw it.



The Piper of Glencoe. in the year 1958

as reported by Marya Miller

Back in the late fifties, when I was about four, I went on a long car trip with my parents, baby sister and a couple who were my parents friends.

We were driving through Glencoe, in Scotland (we were from Glasgow). We were all struck by how desolate and vast it seemed, and the weather was miserably windy and drizzling with rain.

We heard the sound of pipe music long before the man came into sight. A piper in an odd-looking outfit was trudging along with his back to us, and as we drew closer, he stopped playing.

We passed him, and I got up on my knees in the back seat and waved at him, because I thought he looked sad. He smiled and waved back. My mother said to my father, "Michael, that poor man is going to get awfully wet, there's nothing for miles, not even a tree.

We should go back and offer him a lift." My dad agreed, and turned the car round - there was no one in sight. We drove back and forth a few times, but no sign of him and no place he could have gone. The adults were very silent.

Ever since then, I loved the sound of the pipes, and I always thought of the nice piper in Glencoe who smiled and waved back so sweetly. The first time my mother heard me play, she was very silent, then said "Do you remember that piper in Glencoe? I think he was a ghost." That was the first time I realized he wasn't "real". But he was very nice.



Ghost Experiences. in the year 1995

as reported by Anonymous

Well, it all started about two years ago when my grandparents along with my mother and step-father decided to tell my younger sister and I about the ghost in their house, how when we were too young to understand we used to complain when we spent the night over our grandparents house about the dog jumping on our bed at night. Now that sounds all good and fine except for the fact that the dog had been dead about a year.

Soon after the stories that my sister and I regarded as a definite plot to "freak us out", my mother took up wallpapering and decided to re-paper my grandmothers bedroom.

My mom recounted the incident as this: Your grandmother was standing behind me when all of the sudden she began to laugh, when my mom curiously asked her what it was exactly she was laughing at my grandmother simply replied, "You just glued my ghost to the wall."

About that time, my mother wiped the excess glue from the wall onto her jeans and that is when strange things started to happen at my house. The t.v would cut on and off, the fan would go from high speed to off in a matter of seconds, doors would open and close, and my parents began to complain about feeling something crawling on their bed at night.

Then one night my parents came to me pale as a ghost, claiming that something had sat behind their two recliners and viciously growled to the point where it caused my step-father to carry a gun in our den if he was watching t.v alone.

Being the realist I was, I blew almost all of the claims off by making logical excuses, when it seemed that everyone else was walking on egg shells I was calm, until one night when I was alone in my room and for some reason I woke up to a slight tapping at my door.

I must have said "come in" at least twenty times, and when no one answered I fell back asleep assuming whatever that person wanted it was no longer needing my assistance. I would guess ten minutes later the tapping persisted. By this time I had figured someone was trying to play a trick on me, so I crept close to the door and when I heard the tapping I swung it open! Not a soul was there, I walked out of my room expecting to catch some one down the hall, but there wasn't anyone awake but me.

I decided to use the bathroom before returning to my disturbed slumber. I began to feel uneasy, then a nervousness I have never experienced swept over me as the bathroom lights flickered. Quickly I turned out the light and swung open the bathroom door and began slowly (for some reason) down the hallway towards my room.

I felt like I was being followed and curiosity caught me as I turned around to confirm my suspicion, not even an inch from my face stood a figure, it was not white or glowing, rather it was dark and cold, so cold I could feel my skin turn to goose bumps, I ran fast as I could into my sisters room and leaped on top of her, I remember the two of us clutching to each other after I had explained what happened. I guess that was the ghosts way of showing it was there and it was not imagination.




as reported by Tanya Wales

I am relating an encounter I had with a poltergeist during 1968 in Rancho Palos Verdes, California when I was twelve years old. While visiting some Jewish friends aged 10, 12, and 14 I was left alone in their TV room briefly.

Suddenly, I had a strong feeling that I was being watched but I knew no one else was present. Out of sheer fear and stubbornness I refused to turn around and acknowledge the presence in the room.

The next thing I knew a large rock weighing at least ten pounds that was resting on the lower shelf of a bookcase behind me started rocking back and worth making quite a racket. No other objects in the room had moved.

Springing to my feet I whirled around and confronted the spirit. It's hard to explain but I could see him in my mind but I was not seeing him with my eyes. He was wearing a white tee shirt, jeans, sneakers with no socks, and had longish brown hair. The poltergeist was looking me as if he wanted me to do something for him or to tell me something. "Leave me alone! You have no right to be scaring me like that." I told him.

After that statement my friends' mother walked into the room. I told Mrs. Lazaroff what had happened. "Oh, that's our ghost. He moved into our house from next door after he died. He flicks on the lights, moves things, and rattles doorknobs all the time. He's harmless." My friends confirmed that these things had been going on for a while.

I went home soon after, shaken by my experience. My father told me that a young man who was married had committed suicide with a gun in his garage and that when his wife came home from work she found him. Apparently he was very thorough and it was a gruesome scene. The wife immediately sold the house and moved away. The ghost moved next door where all the children were going through puberty and the poltergeist activity started. Perhaps he was lonely.

My father's theory was that the ghost wanted people to pray for and think of him because he took his own life. I felt this young man was trapped between this life and the next. I don't know his name but I have never forgotten him. I hope that by now the young man has found peace and haunts no more.

I think of him often.



HAUNTED HOUSE. in the year 1997

as reported by Don

I've come to the conclusion that I live in a haunted house. I live in a mid C20 terraced house in Wallasey, Wirral. My office is the small bedroom at the back of the house, immediately in front of the stairs. This room extends out over the kitchen, and adjoins only the house to our right.

A couple of weeks ago I was working in the room, and my dog was asleep on the chair. It was the early hours of the morning, and apart from my radio all was quiet. Currently, my wife is working in London, so there was only me and the dog in the house.

I was rather surprised, therefore, to hear the front door open, so was the dog, as she woke up and started growling. I opened the door of the room and looked downstairs, the front door though, was still locked, I was even more surprised when I heard footsteps walking up the stairs towards me. These were definite footsteps, not creaking stairs. They continued up the stairs, onto the landing and towards the front bedroom.

During this episode, Sally, the dog was looking at the stairs, with her head on one side and growling. I decided discretion was the better part of valor, switched all the lights on and didn't investigate further. I told my wife about what had happened when she came back on the Friday before Xmas. She was rather skeptical, and no, I hadn't been drinking or taking any recreational pharmaceuticals.

Last Tuesday my wife got up at 0730 to let the dog out. I was still in bed. The dog sleeps upstairs with us. Anyway, the dog started barking whilst she was still upstairs, and my wife came back into the bedroom to tell me that she could hear somebody walking about in the hall downstairs, however there was nobody there.

It's now Sunday afternoon (28th) and my wife has just gone back to London for a couple of days, however, this morning as she was packing she went into the front bedroom to get some clothes, we're not sleeping in it at the moment (re-decorating), came out and told me that it was too cold in there, even though the central heating is still on in the room, the door hasn't been open all weekend and it's double glazed and totally draught free. Weird eh. I'm now wondering what strange things are going to happen next.


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