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{short description of image}This database contains information and notes about the maritime history of Gwynedd in North Wales, United Kingdom.

I have always been interested in this subject as I grew up in the area and come from a seafaring family. The old counties of Caernarvon, Meirioneth and Anglesey have a long history connected to the sea (Anglesey is now a separate county but I am including it here). Hundreds (thousands?)of snows, brigs, brigantines, ketches smacks and schooners were built in the region, owned and manned by local men. Several barques and full rigged ships were built at Pwllheli. As vessels outgrew the local ports some of the operation moved to Liverpool and many fine square rigged ships and barques were registered there. Ship owners and managers referred to themselves as "of  Liverpool and Criccieth" or "Anglesey and Liverpool. The last of the large sailing ship owners, R.Thomas & Co, wound up their business at the end of the great war while the schooner owners in the area struggled on for a few more years.

The small ports, creeks, coves, jetties and beaches of the Llyn penninsula were served by a vast number of small smacks, flats, ketches and schooners, many locally built. During the 20th century these were replaced by small steam coasters.

A steady stream of men (and later, women) headed for Liverpool and the South Wales ports to man the ships of the British Merchant Navy. Sadly though nowadays, with only five hundred or so ships flying the red ensign, this has slowed down to a trickle.

Some seafarers from the area still make a living from the sea, on foreign ships, Royal Navy, Fleet Auxiliary, Cable ships, Oil and Gas related work and so on. Though the area is now mainly dependant on tourism there is still a strong maritime heritage and tradition.

{short description of image}Y mae'r bâs-data electronig yma yn cynnwys wybodaeth am hanes arforol Gogledd Cymru, enwedig Gwynedd. Mae gennyf ddiddordeb yn y pwnc oherwydd fe'm magwyd yn yr ardal ag 'rydwyf  un ô'r pumed genhedlaeth ô forwyr. Y mae gan yr hen siroedd Caernarfon, Môn ag Merionydd hanes hîr gyda gysylltiad â'r môr. Adeiladwyd ganoedd ô sgwneri, brigau, smaciau a cetjis ym Mhorthmadog, Bwllheli, Nefyn, Amlwch a Gaernarfon ag yn gegau'r afonydd a glannau'r arfordir Gogledd Cymru. Ym Mhwllheli, yn enwedig, aeiladwyd llawer o farciau a llongau llond hwyl sgwar.

Mentrodd rhei ô'r perchynogion a rheolwyr mewn y llongau fawr, haearn, hwylio sgwâr a sumudoedd nhw i Lerpwl. Bu rhan mwyaf ô'r gapteiniaid â'r criwiau yn ddynion Gwynedd. Bu'r machlud y llongau hwylio â'r diwedd y Rhyfel Fawr a newidiodd yr hogia' i llongau ager (stemars) hefo cwmnîaid fel Blue Funnel, Harrisons, Ellermans etc. Erbyn heddiw mae llyngesau Brydain bron wedi diflanu ac mae rhaid i'r morwyr yr ardal chwilio am waith ar bôb fôth o llong o dan bob fflag y byd.
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December 2007 More images and news on the end of the "Fleetwing"
Rhagfyr 2007 Mwy o lluniau a hanes diwedd y "Fleetwing"

March 2008 - Complete new section with my illustrated stories
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Links to three very good sites containing much information and pictures concerning the maritime history of Llyn
Ddolenau i tair safle arddferchog sy'n cynnwys hanes arforol Llyn

Click here for some Notes, anecdotes and pictures from my own seagoing experience / Ychydig o storiau, nodiadau a lluniau o profiadau arforol fy hyn.

Illustrations and descriptions of the rigs of the different types of sailing vessels mentioned in this site/ Lluniau ac disgrifiadau ô'r gwisg a  rigin y wahanol llongau hwylio soniwyd amdan yn y safle yma.

Notes and pictures of  Gwynedd registered or owned  sailing vessels and histories of the ports( includes Caernarfon, Porthmadog, Borth y Gest, Barmouth, Pwllheli, Amlwch and Nefyn ships).  /Llongau hwylio oedd wedi cofrestri neu yn perthyn i Gwynedd ac hanesodd y porthladau.

The Large Square-Riggers owned and manned by local men. Notes and fleet lists with details of each ship  /Llongau Penrhyn yr Horn ô Gwynedd.  New photos / Lluniau newydd newyddnew

Liverpool Ships after WWII. Many local men sailed on these ships./ Llongau Lepwl. Hwyliodd llawero'r hogiau ar y llongau yma.

Wreck and Rescue in Tremadog Bay - History of Criccieth lifeboat, Wreck Database etc./ Llongdrylliadau ag achubaeth ym Mae Dremadog - Hanes Bad Achub Cricieth, Hysbysrwydd Llongddrylliadau - mwy.

Steam and Motor Coasters of North Wales

Welsh Songs and Poetry of the Sea/ Cerddi a farddoniaeth y Môr

Who was Hugh Pugh? (not the one from Trumpton) - the truth - and what's a Flat?/ Pwy oedd Huw Puw? - y gwîr - a beth ydi Fflat? Lluniau..... Pictures!

My Reading List for North Wales Maritime History/ Fy Rhestr Ddarllen

  • {short description of image} Excellent site run by the local fisheries officer of the Llyn Penninsula. Includes much about the sealife, commercial fishing, history of the harbours and ports and the men who earn a living from the sea
  • Loads of information about the Llyn penninsula in N.W.Wales including local and maritime history
  • Site by local merchant seaman. Much on the history of the village of Rhiw on the Llyn Penninsula, the harbours, creeks, coves, beaches where the small coastall vessels worked into. The deep sea ships on which local men served and local wreck and rescue. Many photos and paintings. {short description of image}

Click here .. for an outside link to the Public Records Office where you can find out  how to trace seafaring ancestors and other shipping information.

Click here ..for a brief description of my work/Disgrifiad byr ynglun a fy waith

Click here ..for  maritime links /  cysylltiadau arforol. Try some of these if you are researching a sefaring ancestor or a particular ship.

Blue Funnel Ship
With acknowledgement to the local maritime historians and authors who have provided most of this information via their many publications. Reading List.

Cydnabyddiad î'r hanesyddion arforol yr ardal ac awduron eraill sydd wedi darparu rhan mwyaf ô wybodaeth yma trwy eu waith. Rhestr Ddarllen

Under Developement and Future Projects {short description of image}Dan ddatblygiad ag waith yn y dyfodol
Any contributions, articles,  pictures etc. would be appreciated / Byddaf yn ddiolchgar am ynrhyw cyfraniad

Expedition to the Arctic 1985 / Robert Dafydd yn y Gogledd Rhewllyd
Famous seafarers and explorers from North Wales/ Enwogion arforol o'r ardal.

Please bear in mind that this information has been correlated for my own use and I cannot vouch for it's complete accuracy. I am setting it up as a consolidation of sources and data in relation to the maritime aspect of my own family and some of the leads and details are biased towards my ancestors. The sources may be of use to some but most of the information is gleaned from publications readily available. Any stories I repeat may have been heard "word of mouth" but of course this is where new information is sometimes uncovered. Please feel free to contact me and point out any errors or ommisions.
The intention is that this database will grow as I gather new and existing information together.
Mae'r manylion yn y tudalenau yma yn dwad ôamrhyw tarddiadau :- y Gwê, llyfrau, gwybodaeth fy hyn etc. Defnyddir am pwrpas amaturaidd yn unig. Mae croeso i rhywyn sydd eisio cymryd â defnyddio'r  wybodaeth, ond cofiwch cyfraithiau cyhoeddi â cwrteisrwydd arferol y Wê Fyd Eang.


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