The Reality Street Book of Sonnets has been a hit and looks set to be a standard text for years to come. One of the most exciting poetry anthologies of recent times. More details here.



REALITY STREET EDITIONS was formed in 1993, as an amalgamation of two independent poetry presses: Ken Edwards' Reality Studios, which had been operating in London since 1978, and Wendy Mulford's Street Editions, founded in Cambridge in 1972.


The two presses recognised a common interest in publishing the poetry of what Ken has termed the "parallel tradition": its various formations being the British Poetry Revival (Eric Mottram's term), the Cambridge diaspora, and what has sometimes been called "linguistically innovative" poetry across the UK - all overlapping categories. There was also a common interest in post-New American Poetry, Language Writing and related North American fields, as well as adventurous poetry in other English-speaking regions and from other languages and cultures. In recent years, Reality Street has also been interested in experimental prose, both narrative and non-narrative.


Wendy decided to retire from small press publishing in 1998, since when Reality Street has been run by Ken Edwards - with help from Elaine Edwards. The press moved from London to Hastings in 2004.


We're committed to producing well designed and printed trade paperback editions at affordable prices. Since 2003, all our new titles have been produced on a print-on-demand (POD) basis. The books look and feel almost exactly as they always have done - but copies are printed to order via the Antony Rowe/Gardners Books operation in Eastbourne, UK. Trade orders should be directed to Gardners, but we keep a small stock of each title here in Hastings to fulfil direct customer orders. We're only a small, part-time operation, publishing no more than three or four titles a year at present - but this means that we can lavish care on the production of each book.


Your feedback is always welcome - but those contemplating submitting a manuscript please note that we are usually heavily committed. We don't want to discourage new writers; but if you are not familiar with any of those writers we have published and/or are unwilling to research further by buying and reading our books, then it's highly unlikely you have anything to interest us.


Getting in touch


All correspondence should be addressed to Ken Edwards at the address/phone number at the top of this page, or by email.




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Thanks to John Cayley for initial web design and technical help, and to the Arts Council of England for financial assistance which enabled us to set up this website, and for help with publishing translated works; also to Eastern and London Arts, the Finnish Institute in London and the Finnish Literature Information Centre for help with some of our titles.