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Welcome to Northern Megaliths. This site concerns the Megaliths of the northern part of the island of Britain, that is Scotland, Northumbria, Cumbria, Durham, Lancashire and Yorkshire. Many megalithic web sites concentrate on the well known monuments of the south of England such as Avebury and Stonehenge. While I would not want to downplay the significance of these places it is true that the attention given to them acts to distract many from appreciating the rich megalithic heritage of the North. As they are less well known many of the northern sites offer a superior ambience as they visited less than their southern counterparts.  Many of the northern sites are also surrounded by dramatic highland scenery that provide the jewels of our prehistory with the very finest setting. So please do enjoy browsing around this site and remember that British prehistory isn't just confined to Wiltshire!

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This site was created by Richard Broadhead purely to share an interest. Site last updated 29 April 2007. More coming soon including Long Meg, Temple Wood and Thornborough.