Status Bar Ticker

The ever-popular status-bar ticker is easy to use. Like all JavaScript applets it's fast, it needs no extra files, and it shouldn't screw up your browser!  If you can't see the ticker, click once in this frame to shift the focus.  Because the code for this applet has to be placed in the file header it's not the best candidate for using in a frame-document.

D O W N L O A D     Z O N E

  1. Click inside this frame, select your browser's SAVE AS option and save the file to disk.

  2. Copy the section between the commented CUT marks and paste it into your own document.

  3. Edit the lines near the start of the section beginning var m1 = replacing my text with your own.

  4. Remember that this must be placed before the document's <HTML> tag.  If you're creating a frames-based site you'll need to put this code in a file that sets the frames.

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