12mins, 1:1.85, DigiBeta, 35mm Dolby SR Surround

"no longer restricted to zone three of the local buses,
our dad took us on motoring holidays of a lifetime..."

The real-life story of a shy and awkward father who desperately wanted the family car to make him a better parent.

The film is based upon the family folklore and memories of his children. After his death they realise that their first and only family car, once a luxurious chariot to endless holidays in paradise, had gradually become a painful vehicle of his affection.

Their dad's struggle to be a loving parent had turned into a battle against rust.

This vivid family history uses innovative, atmospheric computer animation and treated album photographs, with Bill Paterson in live-action as the father.

You can view the film at Atom Films

"a truly breathtaking film" Museum of Modern Art, New York
"one of the most intriguing shorts ever" RES Magazine

A Finetake Production for Channel 4 in association with the Arts Council of England.

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A Finetake Production
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