past editor of the Institute of Plumbing’s Plumbing magazine

past editor of the Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors’ Bulletin magazine

current editor of East Express, newsletter of the East Branch of the Institute of Consumer Sciences

current editor of the World Plumbing Council’s Review newsletter

contributor to a number of prestigious publications and organisations in the plumbing and heating industry

Roger Willis
22 Collingwood Drive
NR11 8JB

Tel/fax: 01263 722492
Email: click here
Mobile: 07970 077506

Whether it’s a quickfire press release, a 5,000-word article or copy for a website, Roger Willis has the knowledge, expertise and writing skills to meet your requirements.

Of course, he’s well-accustomed to working to tight deadlines and prides himself on accuracy, as well as tailoring style to suit the relevant publication.

His experience stems from working for the Institute of Plumbing for five years (1995 - 2000) where he latterly served as Marketing & Development Manager, and from editing the Association of Plumbing & Heating ContractorsBulletin magazine from 2001 until the Association ceased its publication at the end of 2003. In addition, he has contributed to a number of leading industry publications, including HVP, HPM and PHAM News as well as being the current editor of the internationally distributed World Plumbing Council Review. Outside of the plumbing and heating industry, he is editor of the Institute of Consumer SciencesEast Express.

Both the Review and East Express were also designed by Roger and the latest edition of the former can be viewed at
(click on the ‘WPC News’ tab)

He will be happy to discuss your requirements and to supply a no-obligation quotation for anything from a one-off article to long term commissions. Full contact details are to the right and more information about Roger is on the next page.

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