Roger Willis, born in 1945, has been a writer for many years but chose it as his main profession in 1992. Prior to this his career had mainly been involved in the international commodity markets, working mostly in London but also in Guernsey for five years in the 1980s. Wherever he went, however, he always ended up writing the company’s newsletter as well as frequently contributing relevant articles to the media.
In 1992, circumstances dictated a shift from the commodity markets and he subsequently started publishing his own newsletter which resulted in, amongst other work, a commission for a regular column in the international publication Public Ledger. With a freelance career established, he was nonetheless attracted by the opportunity in 1995 to take on the challenge of editing the Institute of Plumbing’s bi-monthly magazine Plumbing.
The next five years were spent at the Institute and the success of the magazine was followed by a widening of his role to ‘Marketing & Development Manager’ which kept overall editorial control of Plumbing while also embracing the Institute’s marketing activities.
In 2000, Roger left the Institute to run, with his partner Jill, a restaurant in Chipping Ongar, Essex. Unfortunately, ill-health forced an early termination of this otherwise successful venture and a subsequent return to freelance writing.
Shortly after this, the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors sought his expertise to take over as freelance editor of its Bulletin magazine, a position he held until the Association ceased publication at the end of 2003.
As well as widespread experience creative writing, sub-editing and magazine layout, Roger Willis can claim to have a broad experience of life! He has lived and worked in a number of European countries and has also run his own companies. His expertise goes beyond the ability to simply paraphrase or concoct a press release from a series of facts. If your company or organisation has a need for well-written, imaginative PR, website copy or a full-blown story, contact Roger Willis for an informal discussion about the possibilities.

Roger Willis
22 Collingwood Drive
NR11 8JB

Tel/fax: 01263 722492
Email: click here
Mobile: 07970 077506

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