An Introduction to Spiritualism

Spiritualism is a recognised religion in the UK. Its main objective, through mediumship, is to prove the continuation of life after physical death.

Spiritualism is not so much a religion, but rather a framework, uncomplicated and unrestrained by dogma and ritual. Perhaps that is what attracted me back when I was skeptical of all religions. It's simple churches, it's gentle presentation which posed thoughts for you to consider, yet never preached. It's basic 7 principles rather than rules, allowing those who follow to grow in a way which best suits them. It's mixture of evidence of a greater life & open-plan architecture of belief meant I could investigate what I wanted, when I wanted and not be condemned for it. Stricter religions serve their purpose, but we all have different needs, and the psychic path is one open for those whose needs are less clearly defined.      

About the Churches & Services

For England, spiritualist churches have a number of different events on different days, mostly adopting an evening presentation. These usually include; an evening of clairvoyance, a healing night, and a Sunday evening service but other events may also be available.

Perhaps it is the very simple presentation which attracts people, the fact you are welcome whether you drop in just once or regularly. There are no sermons as such, but you may hear the `Thoughts of the day`, and many offer a cup of tea at the end should you wish to stay and talk to people there. Spiritualists accept all races, it doesn't matter what other beliefs you have, they are NOT interested in `signing you up`. Their interests lie simply in helping people, which should be the founding interest of any religion.

For a list of Spiritual Churches, click here.
(Addresses, phone numbers and service details included where possible)

The Seven Principles of Spiritualism

l. The Fatherhood of God.

2. The Brotherhood of Man.

3. The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels.

4. The continuous existence of the human soul.

5. Personal responsibility.

6. Compensation and Retribution for all the good or evil deeds done upon Earth.

7. Eternal progress open to every human soul.

A Personal Story

"My third visit to a spiritualist church changed my life!"

"However my very first visit left me somewhat indifferent and unconvinced.."

I had been discussing healing with someone at work and before long was invited to a spiritualist church. It was a small venue, simply decorated with flowers and a few pictures. This was to be my introduction to an evening of clairvoyance. The medium introduced herself and began to speak about how we go through life and things that escape me now. But after a couple of hymns she began her 'demonstration'. She stood at the front of the hall, arms slightly outstretched towards the congregation, a look of concentration on her face.

After a few moments she asked if she could come to a lady near the front and said "I have a Bill (or some other name) here for you, can you place that name?" The lady politely replied that she couldn't. This seemed to continue for a while, the medium asking the lady if she could place certain things and the lady politely saying she could not. The medium went round the congregation asking people if they could place information she was picking up. Unfortunately most of them couldn't. It would be unfair if I didn't say that she did make one or two brief connections that were verified, but they were not impressive to my young skeptical mind.

My host had to concede that it was not a convincing demonstration of spirit contact, and that usually the mediums were a lot better, or perhaps this particular medium was just having an off-day. I can understand how that might be a plausible reason now, but back then it just fuelled a lot of doubts that I already had. Sadly, this poor introduction meant I didn't return for a whole six months. My second experience was better than the first, but I still wasn't totally convinced and again it would be a long time before I would return to another demonstration. But my third visit was to be a turning point in my  life, even breaking the house rules of the particular church I was in !!

So, what happened? Well I was once again invited to attend a spiritualist meeting, this particular person making some effort to get past my overly skeptic attitude. I cited my previous experiences and disappointment, but she was gently persistent and persuasive.

Now then this is the interesting part. Having accepted the invitation to try again, I had made a deal with spirit, or perhaps God himself. I simply said to them "Look, I will attend this meeting OK, but if I don't feel anything, if I don't somehow connect with it, then don't expect me to go again!" A bold statement indeed, but I had laid my cards on the table and as far as I was concerned the rest was up to them.

The meeting started much like the previous two, the venue was larger but the decoration no more elaborate. The medium having given his introductory talk began his demonstration of clairvoyance mediumship. I have to say he was far more convincing than my previous encounters and dare I add  more entertaining? He went round from person to person giving messages and describing people who had passed into spirit with some considerable accuracy.   Of the 30 or so people in attendance that night, he would only have enough time for about 15. The whole evening is kept strictly to a time schedule.

Despite the medium's obvious greater skills than I had previously seen demonstrated, I was still missing that 'something', that connection and feeling. Impressed, yes, but not enough to be convinced and want to return.

As the medium was nearing the end of his demonstration and went to a lady, the chairlady who keeps things together and watches the clock, said "The next one after that lady will have to be the last for tonight". The medium gave an acknowledgement. After giving more superb evidence to the lady he moved around to find his last 'customer' of the evening. Again a reasonable reading, and when he finished he was again reminded by the chairlady that that would have to be the last.

The medium seemed to stop for a moment as if gathering his thoughts, when he just said "No, we haven't finished just yet" The chairlady pointed to her watch, saying that we are already over time. But the medium was gently firm in his reply "No, we have one more to do and I want to come to that man right there at the back" He pointed right at me !! I was a little shocked, here they were breaking the time rules for me! He correctly told me about back problems in the family, but more importantly said "Your very psychic, very powerful also a healer but you don't know this yet." He went on for about 10 minutes mentioning many things including my guide, some names of people in spirit. I was amazed, almost speechless and you know something? I felt something, wouldn't you? I had given my 'deal' to spirit, my conditions and they came through! Came through dramatically!

I remember walking out of that church on a high, a little confused, but intrigued and captivated. It was the catalyst to move me forwards and start developing my own gifts, which were always there, just latent and buried. The rest, as they say, is history!


Spiritualist churches can recommend a medium to you or allow you to sample a live demonstration. Whatever your need they will help point you in the right direction.

For a list of Spiritual Churches, click here.
(Addresses, phone numbers and service details included where possible)