Reading objects by touch

The psychic has a variety of ways to receive information, Tarot, crystal balls and auras for example. But some are drawn to certain methods that work better for them, so we come to Psychometry. Psychometry is a psychic skill that involves the handling of objects in order to pick up information about that objects history or the events or emotions of people connected with that object. 

What is it?

It is a combination of normal psychic awareness plus the ability to read the energy patterns that we all leave on the objects around us. But it also acts as an aid to the psychic, helping him / her tune in better to their sitter, if you have read the section on Tarot cards, this is something similar. Most psychics who use this method tend to prefer metal objects, such as rings, bracelets or other jewellery, this could have a lot to do with the fact that these objects are in contact with the person on a more regular basis and therefore retain more information. But it can be almost anything, other psychics are good with cloth, such as clothes, again these items are in regular contact with the owner. But there are no rules, it's simply a matter of what works best for the individual, or whatever is available!

Psychometry is also the method that a lot of psychics use when working with the police, especially when trying to locate a person. The psychic or medium will be given an object which belongs to that person or a photograph of them. The handling of an object here, helps to create a psychic link to that person, see also section on Psychics.

How does it work

Whenever we handle an object we are laying down information about ourselves on that object. Because our bodies give off magnetic energy fields it can be likened to a recording on to audio tape. Its also important to remember that an object may have been handled by more than one person, thus its history may reveal things that are not relevant to the sitter. If, for example an object has been passed on down the family, it will contain information about its previous owners. But back to our tape recorder, the psychic can then be thought of as a tape player, playing back the information stored on the object.

As our page on psychics explains, the information is picked up by the subconscious mind. The `signatures` on objects are imprinted on the subconscious and then transferred to our conscious thinking. But here is another way to explain how this works. Imagine you are reading a book, the TV is on in the background. Your conscious mind is involved in what you are reading but you suddenly hear something on the TV that interests you, you look up to see what is happening on the screen. Your subconscious mind was monitoring the output of the TV, and registered the information. Although not a perfect example, I hope it goes someway to explaining how the information arrives.  

Strong emotions seem to be stored well on objects, psychics are often able to pick-up on these signatures. The imprints left on objects could relate to any information, a location, a time, a feeling -all seem to be stored.

A medium may choose to start with Psychometry during a reading, as I often do, to help link into the person. This will enable some basic details to be picked up about that person and help gain some trust from them. As the reading develops it may then become a `medium` reading, when spirit communicators come through to give a message.

Try Psychometry for yourself..

You can try Psychometry for yourself by asking a friend for an object, a watch, a ring, cigarette lighter, wallet etc. But something they are in regular contact with can make it easier. Try to find somewhere quiet and peaceful if possible. Place the object in the palm of your hand, and place your other hand on top. Explain to your friend what you are about to try and also ask their permission. Then sit quietly for a few moments and try to relax. I try to explain this step of relaxing as 'taking a step back from the world', it's similar to meditating. After a few moments or so you may find an image pops into your mind, for now just mention this out loud to your friend.

Don't try to process these images at first, just say what you see. Most people when trying this for the first time may see every-day things, but are surprised how relevant they can be to the owner of the object they are reading. For example you may see or get the feeling of something as simple as a kettle, on mentioning this you might be told that their kettle decided to 'pack up' and stop working today. So the point here is to just make sure you say everything you see, you might sense feelings about that person too, so mention them as well. You may find much of what you describe can't be placed, - don't expect miracles! Accept you will be wrong, be prepared to keep trying. Good luck!

The more you try the better you will become, you should start to see better results as your mind becomes used to 'seeing' the information. But you can progress, at first you will be pleased to pick up on things correctly, but the next stage is to follow the pictures or feelings. There may a lot more information that you can obtain.

For example if you sense a person connected to your friend, you should be able to pursue the image so that more information is revealed. It might be best to start with the YES / No technique. This involves simply asking questions in your mind concerning what you 'see' or feel. Try asking is this person family? Do you get a positive or negative feeling? If you feel a negative response try something like; is this person a work colleague or social friend? Is there a problem here? and so on. In time more information comes to you and you begin to see a bigger picture, how these things connect and how to suggest solutions. Never guess! Never make something up! Your catchword should be RESPONSIBILITY.

Please take your time and don't try to become a psychic councilor overnight. Always remember you are dealing with real emotions of real people, hold them in the respect you would demand for yourself.

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