Famous psychics of our time


Our history is full of people with psychic gifts who have gained public recognition, winning the hearts of many with their wonderful demonstrations of mediumship and other skills. Most have confounded the investigators and continue to be a source of mystery. We look back at some of these amazing people who paved the way forward  for the modern medium by facing ridicule and objections.

Read brief accounts of famous psychic people, from as far back as the 1800's to modern day. 

(1) John Edward - Medium
(2) Lucy Hale - Medium
(3) Doris Stokes - Clairaudient Medium
(4) Helen Duncan - Physical Medium
(5) Daniel Dunglas Home - Physical Medium
(6) Jose' Arigo - Psychic Surgery
(7) Gerard Croiset - Psychometry Reader
(8) Eusapia Palladino - Medium

(1) John Edward

American medium John Edward has created quite a following for his amazing tv show 'Crossing Over with John Edward' which has recently aired on British tv on the cable channel 'Living'. Although mediumship has aired on tv before, such is the accuracy of John's messages and detailed descriptions, even the sceptics are tuning in to be amazed!  
Raised in New York City, USA John became aware of his gift while still a teenager.

(2) Lucy Hale
(Born Oxford - 1994)

Guest Contributor John Hardarker writes about the medium Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale lived in the Abingdon area of Oxfordshire, England, and served the Spiritualist Churches in the surrounding area. She had worked as a Medium for over 40 years; well into her eighties. Her work was simple and straightforward. A Church Service took the form of: an Opening Prayer, given by Lucy, a Reading given by a Church Member, then an Address from Brother Bernard, followed by a Demonstration of Clairvoyance. A Closing Prayer finished the meeting. 


When I first met Lucy she had given up her church work except for the Church in Abingdon. After witnessing a Service given by Lucy I offered to take her to other Spiritualist Churches so that she could continue her work for Spirit. This gave me the opportunity to record Brother Bernard's talks. It was about this time that Lucy invited me to join her Circle where, over the years, the Circle talks were recorded. Lucy carried on with her Church work and running the Circle until she became ill. After a short stay in Hospital she passed to the Higher Life during December, 1994.

These talks were recorded in a Home Circle or a Spiritualist Church over the years 1986 to 1993 although the information is timeless. It has been a privileged for me to have known Lucy and I offer these talks to anybody who is interested in the purpose of life, here on earth, and our future life when we return, once again, to the World Of Spirit which is our true home. You will find a certain familiarity about these talks as if you already knew this information but many of us, for one reason of another, choose to reject it. In certain cases this is part of the life's plan to do so. The teachings of Jesus of Nazareth also echo the teachings of Lucy's communicators. It seems as if this message continually comes across, through one vehicle of another, from Spirit.

I also note that so called primitive people, such as the North American Indians and the Aborigines of Australia know about the eternal life. Read Mutant Message Down Under for example. I found these talks interesting and informative - I would not have gone to the effort of creating this site had I not thought so - and I hope you will also. They are ideal for Private Reading, Readings in Churches, Discussion Groups, etc. Anything to do with the Message of Eternal Life and our responsibility as citizens of the planet Earth. All I ask is that you attribute this material, in any form you may use it, to The Guides of Lucy Hale or stating that Lucy Hale was the Medium through whom these talks were given.

John Hardaker.

We thought it fitting to present a sample of the messages that Lucy brought forth from spirit, this article along with many others can be found on John's website. There is a link at the end of the transcript. 

Just One Little Incident
A talk by Sister of Mercy

Recorded in the Circle on the 26th of January 1993.

"It is with joy that we come into your Circle once again giving you our blessing as always and assuring you that those you love on the other side of life are not very far from you and they too join in saying to you God Speed. 

As we come into your world at the present time we are very mindful of the dark clouds that surround it, of the difficulties that are facing so many people, but we are also aware that through the darkness there are lights, they may flicker from time to time and yet together they make a bright steady light that illumines some of your dark places, that gives you hope. 

We who come from the other side of life, as we step into your world, as we feel the dark vibrations that come from so many people, it is of course very difficult for us to make contact. Yet there have been other dark periods in your Earth's history. Everything that you are facing today in your world has been faced in more or less the same perspective in other times and in other places, in other periods of your Earth's history. You have been told so often from Spirit that the time is coming when there will be more contact between your world and ours and it is our mission to reinforce that promise. To assure you that although the way may seem very dark to you at the present time yet there are streaks of light. There is hope; there is the purpose for which your world was intended: why it was created, why the pattern of life has existed on your earth plane and has developed through the centuries. It is very difficult for Earth people to appreciate the impermanence of time. Eternity can encompassed in the flash of an instant and yet a moment can be prolonged into a period that you would judge to be thousands of years. You have often been told that time, as you know it, does not exist in the Spirit World. It is very difficult for you to appreciate that fact when everything around you on the earth plane reminds you of earth time. Your scientists are just beginning to realise that there is more to matter than what can be felt and handled and measured. They are beginning to understand something of the power of Spirit, although they will give it very many different names, but it is the Spirit that is permeating your matter. My medium heard something the other day that made her think and I would pass it on to you and that is if all the space between all the molecules in a person's body was to disappear then the matter that was left could be put on the head of a pin and there would still be plenty of room over. [It would still weigh the same though! J.H.] 

We cannot put what we know into words that you would understand because we are limited (in coming to Earth) by the thoughts that come from mankind; by the limitations of the human brain. All we can do is assure you of the truth and the reality of Spirit, and ask you to make the most of your lives upon Earth. Ask you to do whatever comes to your hand in service, in love, to your fellow men and women knowing that in giving service to them you are giving service to the Great Spirit. There will be many discoveries in the future. Some of them in your lifetimes. But if you just set your hearts and your minds in living each day, praying that you can be of help to some other soul, whether it is a soul upon Earth or a soul in the Spirit World, you will have done your part. And when you come to the end of your time here and you can look back upon the whole of your life you will be able to see that you have made progress.

However disillusioned you may feel yourselves to be, however many disappointments there may be, yet there will also be the happiness; there will also be the delights. There will also be the knowledge that you have been of help to some other being. We give you our love and pray that each one of you will be able to lift your hearts up to the Great Spirit, whatever you term it to be, knowing that life is everlasting and your time upon the earth plane is just one little incident in a whole line of incidents. Goodbye and God bless you all".

To read more of these inspiring transcripts, visit John's website - http://freespace.virgin.net/john.hardaker/Lucy/talks.html 

(3) Doris Stokes



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(4) Helen Duncan
(Born Scotland 1898 - 1956)

Physical Medium

The story of Helen Duncan is as tragic as it is fantastic. Born in Scotland in 1898, her psychic skills were in demand during 1930's & 1940's. Using her special gift of physical mediumship she would hold séances both in peoples homes & spiritual churches, where she would produce a physical manifestation of departed loved ones.

Despite any claims of fraudulence, there are two instances of her mediumship which remain remarkable. On two separate occasions she brought forth from spirit a man serving in the Royal Navy. No one who attended these séances was aware that the man had passed over, even the Admiralty itself. It would only be some hours later that reports of the vessel's sinking would be announced. It is thought her prior knowledge of such events would be a danger to national security, and might explain why she was silenced. 

Helen was to be accused of faking in 1933. A policewomen successfully grabbed a vest that was claimed to be Helen's spirit child helper, she was found guilty of fraud and fined £10. Despite the setback, she continued her mediumship. Until in 1944 one her séances was raided by police. A police officer made a grab at the ectoplasm emanating form the medium, claiming it to be nothing more than a white sheet, but was unable to retain it. No sheet was found when other officers inspected the room. Despite no immediate evidence of fraud being discovered, Helen along with three others were ordered to appear at Portsmouth magistrates' court charged with conspiracy.

With bail being refused the medium spent four days in prison. The case was transferred to the central criminal court at the Old Bailey, where various charges were brought including vagrancy, conspiracy and amazingly the Witchcraft Act of 1735, which caused an uproar with spiritualists. The trial lasted 7 days, during which many people testified to Helen's gift, recalling many impossible feats. Helen had been able to tell one of her visitors that a family member had just died, later it was confirmed, the passing had happened just two hours prior to the meeting. Many other claims were made to the authenticity of Helen's gifts.

Despite the many attempts to prove Helen's ability she was finally sentenced to 9 months imprisonment. After serving her sentence Helen once again returned to her spiritual work. Again many are the accounts of her outstanding work in physical mediumship, reports claiming materialisation's of those who had passed on.

In 1951 the Witchcraft Act of 1735 was repealed and substituted with the Fraudulent Mediums Act.

In 1956 a police raid took place at one of Helen's séances in Nottingham. Claiming to be searching for props, they had interrupted a séance in full progress. The effect of this interruption caused great discomfort to Helen, believed to be caused by the shock of ectoplasm returning to the body too quickly. A doctor had to be called and she was so ill that she returned to Scotland to be with her family. Just over 5 weeks after the raid she was dead.

This tragic story has no definite conclusions, if she was the talented medium that many claimed she was, then she did herself an injustice to bolster her abilities with fraud. Or was she just a con artist and a great deceiver? We may never know, but mediumship is a gift form God and given honestly will always come up with the proof when necessary.

(5) Daniel Dunglas Home
(Born Scotland 1833 - 1886)

Physical Medium

Born on the 20th March 1833 in Edinburgh, Scotland, Daniel Dunglas Home was perhaps one of the most amazing physical mediums of the nineteenth-century. Daniel & his family moved to America in 1842 and after loosing his mother in 1850 went to stay with his aunt.

It was here while still in his teens that the strange phenomena started, furniture moved and noises were heard in the house. His aunt called in ministers to rid him of the curse but they instead informed him he was gifted by God to do this work. He turned his hand to giving séances, most in broad daylight so as not to feed any sceptics. At these meetings knocking noises were heard, and the table would vibrate, tilt or rise from the floor. This was followed by any number of unexplainable phenomena such as furniture or people levitating, musical instruments that would materialise and start playing by themselves. Hands would appear and begin writing on pieces of paper.

It was in 1852 that Home first began to levitate himself, something he was to become renowned for. But in 1855 he returned to England. His reputation preceded him and Home once again began to demonstrate his extraordinary gifts. Many accused of him fraud, such was the many unbelievable events that occurred at his séances, but he was never found guilty. Reports of tables lifting so high that he was able to walk under them, and other such accounts were also documented.

Home was also tested by noted scientist Sir William Crookes, who after conducting a series laboratory condition tests concluded that his gifts were genuine.

Home eventually retired from séance work in 1873, his health failing he died of tuberculosis in June 1886.

Sceptics might argue that any of Home's gifts were simply the work of a superb illusionist. But it should be noted that he was never found guilty of any fraudulent act. Indeed, even Harry Houdini, who had explained away many fraudulent medium's claims, could not replicate any of Home's more amazing feats.  

(6) Jose' Arigo
(Born Brazil 1918 - 1971)

Psychic Surgery

Jose' Arigo first became aware of his healing gift when confronted with a dying relative in his home town. As the last rites were being read, with no hope or knowledge of a cure, Jose' grabbed a knife from the kitchen and promptly removed a huge tumor from the women. The women recovered and a new life had begun for Jose'.

News of this miracle cure spread quickly and soon Arigo was treating many people. Arigo claimed that he was working with a German spirit doctor named Adolphus Fritz, who would effectively take control of Jose' body to perform these incredible cures. Arigo continued with his spirit helper to cure many people before being arrested in 1956 for illegally practicing medicine. Following the announcement of an eight month sentence and fine, the Brazilian president issued a pardon. However he served a custodial sentence in 1964, despite impressing a visiting judge with his talents, he was to continue his sentence on the basis that he had broken the law.

Many favorable reports of his amazing surgery were written. He was often described performing surgery on patients with the most basic of instruments, often just using whatever was to hand. The judge who presided over Arigo, Judge Filippe Immesi, wrote the following report after his visit to Jose' in prison. (Jose' was permitted to continue to treat people while in prison!)

'I saw him pick up ...a pair of nail scissors. He wiped them on his shirt and used no disinfectant. I saw him then cut straight into the cornea of the patient's eye. She did not flinch, although perfectly conscious. The cataract was out in seconds...Arigo said a prayer and a few drops of liquid appeared on the cotton in his hand. He wiped the women's eye with it and she was cured.'

(7) Gerard Croiset
(Born Holland 1909 - 1980)


Gerald Croiset began his psychic work while still a child, he was able to tell people their life histories by just holding an object that belonged to them. This recognised psychic skill is known as Psychometry

After his unhappy childhood and having tried a number of jobs, he married. Not long after he suffered a nervous breakdown caused by stress. It was during his recovery period that he visited a watchmaker's workshop where he picked up a ruler. At once a series of pictures ran through his mind of the watchmaker's youth. These images were confirmed and this turned out to be the start of Croiset's psychic career.

After surviving the war Croiset attend a lecture on parapsychology given by Prof. Tenhaeff of Utrecht University. Croiset demonstrated his gift and the two became friends and together undertook a study of Psychometry.

But it was in 1949 that Croiset first demonstrated his wonderful gift to the police. They asked him to describe any impressions he got from a sealed box. He correctly informed them that it contained a blood stained shoe belonging to a girl that had been killed. But even more impressively he described the scene of the crime, including details of how she was killed and a surname of 'Stevens'. The police were more than impressed with Croiset's ability and confirmed that they were holding someone by the name of Stevenson'.

Croiset went on to aid the police in many other cases including those of missing persons. The accuracy of his descriptions of various locations was amazing as was other information he was able to offer. He became well known for his gift, even appearing on tv as interviewed by the BBC.

Today the police still occasionally seek the services of psychics who use Psychometry, though often in a unofficial capacity. Psychometry is also special for me, as it was my first step into the psychic realms.

(8) Eusapia Palladino
(Born Italy 1854 - 1918)


Eusapia Palladino was born in Bari, Southern Italy in January 1854. Her mother died while giving birth to her and her father was murdered when she was 12. Eusapia's introduction to the world of mediumship was rather special. In 1872 at a séance in London, a spirit communicator told those attending of a powerful new medium who lived in Naples. The spirit person went, fantastically, to say this was the reincarnation of his daughter - Katie King! He even gave the address. An English visitor from Italy was in attendance at this séance and sought out the contact on her return.

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