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CFM Shadow C-D (G-MWEZ)

Rotax 503 CDI. White with orange & blue trim.
Factory Built 1992.
Professionally maintained.
Full instruments, radio, intercom & headsets.
Long range tank.
Permit `til August 2001.
Good starter, totally reliable.
7500 o.n.o

Name:  Rod Laver
Contact: 01342 713549

Star Streak Components

Anyone is looking for Star Streak components? Mine was built by Laron Aviation in 1997. I'm not sure about the wings, since it's hard to look inside, but the rest of the airframe is easy to inspect and is usable as is, or for parts. Now I have a 582 installed on it with an Ivoprop and EIS, but I will take them off, since I want to use them for a future ultralight project.

Zoli Nemeth

36 Hunter Ave. Hudson, MA, 01749 USA (978)-567-9106

Skyforce Moving Map

See your way to locating a Skyforce Moving Map (with mains adapter, manual & recently overhauled by SKYFORCE). A bargain to be had not only in this century but also in the next, and it's only....... 450.00 ono.

Call Nic Mines on 01249 714871 (office hours) to map out your life and to go down the right route. OR if necessary, with a bribe of two month's supply of Bacon Butties, I would swap for a Garmin GPS 92 or a Garmin III Pilot.... Hurry - first come first served... this offer cannot be repeated!!!

Dual control Streak, with trailer.

100 hours. excellent condition. Based at Cranfield, following repair at Shadow Flight Centre following a landing accident. 532 engine, petrol / oil mix.

Complete with headsets, intercom, Garmin 100 and Skyforce Locator 2. Side windows. Painted red and yellow. 15500 ono.

Contact Jack Sorenson on 01908 584488

Streak Shadow, G-BTDD.

Rotax 582. TTAF/E 150hrs. Permit till August 2000, 50 hour decoke carried out by Rotax Engineer.

Crosbie wing fold fitted for single handed rigging/de-rigging. 80 kts cruise New tyres. 

Good instrumentation, Cummunica intercom, headsets, Icom radio and GPS in good condition and ready to fly.

Always hangared and currently based at Perth.  12,500.

Contact Robert Davidson Tel No 01738 828147'


Two 2 bladed propellers for use with a Rotax 447.  Both are in very good order and details are as follows:-

1 off marked  51x45  19R139  NP1089  (I understand that this is actually a pitch of 50 and not 45 as the standard prop.  This gave me a very long legged cruise at lower revs)

1 off marked  51x45   19R39   NP1186 I understand that this is the standard prop for the Rotax 447.

I changed the engine in my Shadow from a 447 to a 503 300 hours back so thought it time I got rid of these props.  No reasonable offer refused.

Peter Walker:  Telephone  01522 879614

Shadow C-D, G-MWLD

Airframe 358 hrs. Rotax 503 dual ignition, 60 hrs, oil injected. Factory buildnew., first flight August 1989, owned since Available with or without Trailer/Hangar. Available with or without GPS Garmin 100.

Colour orange and blue for visibility. Strobes top and bottom. Twin tanks, well instrumented, well maintained.

Permit Renewal date 20.10.99.


a) The aircraft was originally built for an attempt on the World Altitude record. This was abandoned for safety reasons. However 23,621 ft was recorded on 7th April 1990 by D. Cook and is considered a European record. We believe this record still stands.

b) The aircraft these days is flown by Margaret Palmer from Prestwick where it can be viewed and demonstrated.

Offers are invited.

Email: Tom Palmer -

Streak Shadow SA-M, G-MYNX

Airframe 264 hrs. Rotax 618 dual ignition, oil injected, 128 hrs. Electric Start. First flight August 1992. Owned since new.

Available with or without Hangar debenture. Available with or without GPS Garmin 100.

Colour: orange and blue for visibility.

Strobes Top, Bottom and Wing Tips.

Twin tanks, very well instrumented, landing light and nav. lights.

Well maintained.

New Permit.

N.B. A very fast single seat microlight. The aircraft is hangared at Oban under a debenture holding scheme where it can be viewed and demonstrated.

Offers are invited.

Email: Tom Palmer -

Streak Shadow, G-BONP

Airframe 652 hrs. (Hobbs Meter). Rotax 582 dual ignition 367 hrs. (New crank at 264 hrs). Factory build1988., first flight June Ex-Factory demonstrator, brakes front and rear. Present owner since August 1995. Available with or without trailer/hangar. Colour: red with blue stripes. Twin tanks, well instrumented, carefully used and maintained.

Permit renewal date: September 1999.


a) A very famous aeroplane and subject of many interesting articles and tests flown exclusively by D. Cook. BONP was first of type and was also a flying test bed for 7 years.

b) Some noteworthy entries from the log:

1. Pilot only 0-10,000 ft in 8 mins 55 secs. Average rate of climb 1,124 f.p.m.

2. Pilot & Passenger 0-10,000 ft in 10 mins 54 secs. Average rate of climb 917 f.p.m.

July 1995 Fitted with floats and featured on PFA membership card in 1997.

c) G-BONP is flown by Tom Palmer these days from Prestwick, where it can be viewed and demonstrated.

Offers invited.

Email: Tom Palmer -

Streak Shadow

Brand new Streak Shadow, less than 10 flying hours, white, Rotax 582, electric start, seat cushion and others. Emaculate condition. Selling at RM100,000. Brand new trailer selling for RM30,000. Very good buy, with the present exchange rate of 6.8. Interested please contact Zamri at tel: 604 977 4889, fax 604 977 5889, email: "ZAMRI B. IBRAHIM"<>

Streak Shadow G-BUGM - Shares

Fifth or seventh shares available.

Electric start, oil injection, radio VOR

Fully insured, 16.00 per hour wet.

Price negotiable.

Phone Andy on 01923 282269 or email Andrew Clavey

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