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The eXeMeL Browser was initially being designed and written as part of my Computer Systems Engineering degree at the University of Warwick, UK. This is now being developed further into a fully extensible and modular browser.


The project was begun due to a lack of XML viewing tools available. The initial aim was to build a browser to view XML documents in a number of different way. The main design of the browsers features are based on the two main HTML browsers in current use, namely Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. The project has been written in Java, to appeal to the widest range of platforms.



The latest version of the browser can always be found here. A list of other versions available can also be found there.


The latest documentation can be found here. The documentation is also included in the release.


Please send any comments you may have about the browser to Simon Matic Langford. I'm always happy to hear any comments which could be used to improve the browser for users.

DTD 2 Java

This is a small program I wrote recently for my own convenience, and have decided to release to the world. It is currently released under the LGPL v2.1 and can be downloaded below.
It takes a DTD describing an XML document and produces Java classes to hold the document as well as read the data from the XML. It takes the hassle out of reading XML into Java and seems to work quite well.
Download it here (588 Kb).
To build, unpack, "ant package", then "ant test" to test, or "java -jar dtd2jar" to run.

Wedding Photos

If you're looking for our wedding photos, then go here (no, I still haven't updated it with the ones from Croatia).


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