Lister startomatic
Drawing of the LISTER SL1 Generating set
All the line drawings are taken from an old Lister manual for the engine. These Generating sets were made the time when people were starting to rely on electricity but most rural areas were not covered by the electricity board. The units were referred to as 'startomatic' because the engine was completely controlled by the light switches in the house, starting when something was turned on, and stopping when the last thing was turned off. The electrical panel below controlled the starter, fuel supply (diesel) and battery charging, the decompressor for starting being controlled by the generated voltage.
electrical panel electrical panel
I reconditioned one of these generating sets to use as a lighting set for my stables. The complete unit was bought for 80 and then cost around 450 to restore. For comparison, a new 2.2 kva Honda here is just over half that!! Sometimes things aren't just done for money. The engine runs very well and is very easy on fuel, but like any old lister is always black with soot and oil. The honda woulden't have as much character, at least that is what I say when I'm black after servicing it!.