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When Ivor Biggun's first gripping single 'The W*nker's Song' spurted out upon an innocent nation, it was deservedly banned by every radio station in the world. No-one could have predicted the mass debate that followed, however, Ivor's unusually large repertoire continues to be supported by many upstanding members.

Even after a short BBC TV career (as 'Doc Cox' of That's Life!, making jokes about vegetables shaped amusingly like Esther Rantzen), Ivor's right-handed technique with his instrument remains legendary.

This is a not-for-profit amateur fan site dedicated to all things Biggun. Run by a Biggun fan for Biggun fans around the world, it has been operating since July 1997. I'm not Ivor Biggun, I'm just the webmaster! If you'd like to contribute material please e-mail me.

Repulsive Pervert

Trembling Wheelbarrows

"Unforgettable, no matter how hard you try" ... Julian The Landlord

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  Doc and Jilly B are performing with the Trembling Wheelbarrows - the finest comedy band within a two and a half mile radius of Sizewell, in their price range.

See them while most of them are still alive. 2016 sees the start of their Farewell Tour!

Up'n'coming gigs include:

  • The Poacher, Cratfield, Suffolk on Saturday 20th Feb at 8:30pm

  • Grand Concert and Fund Raiser, "upstairs" at Kelsale Village Hall, on Saturday 5th March at 8 pm. Tickets £6 on door. Mike Garrett 01728 603995 for details.

  • The Eels Foot, Eastbridge, Suffolk on Saturday 12th March at 9pm

  • The Crown, Great Glenham, Suffolk on Saturday 9th April at 9pm

  • The Butchers Arms, Knodishall, Suffolk on Saturday 23rd April at 9pm

  • Their Farewell Gig! The Eels Foot, Eastbridge, Suffolk on Saturday 2nd July at 9pm

    Ivor in Mojo magazine
    Ivor in Mojo magazine

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    When did you first hear an Ivor Biggun song? Or do you have a special memory or anecdote about an Ivor Biggun track or gig? Please e-mail me to tell us about it! See what other Biggunophiles from all around the world have written about their first exposures...

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  • W*nker's Song features in Guardian cartoon
  • Another Trembling Wheelbarrows video on YouTube! Recorded at Suffolk's famed 'Poacher' pub, Cratfield
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  • More Trembling Wheelbarrows videos on YouTube! Recorded at Suffolk's famed 'Poacher' pub, Cratfield
  • FREE MP3 to download Kazoo Demo of "Where Did The Lead In My Pencil Go" MP3
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    Ivor's first group. Nurk Wildebeeste & The Mutations
    Ivor's first group, Nurk Wildebeeste & The Mutations,
    as seen in the "Retford Gainsborough and Worksop Guardian"

    Latest News!

    New Orleans Steamcog Orchestra perform 'Hello My Baby'New!

    June 2015

    The inaugural performance of the New Orleans Steamcog Orchestra playing 'Hello My Baby' at Time Fest III in Kenner, USA on 7th June 2015:

    BBC promo film starring Doc CoxNew!

    May 2015

    Freelance producer and director Jamie Langton got Doc to co present a BBC internal promotional film, back in 1988. It stars a very youthful looking Doc, asking lots of searching questions about safety and fire procedures:

    BBC Feeling Secure - Producer/Director Jamie Langton from Jamie Langton on Vimeo.

    Another Trembling Wheelbarrows video on YouTube!

    Dec 2014

    Doc performs Roy Orbison's "In Dreams", with the help of a wedgie from Jilly, recorded at Worlingworth Swan in Dec 2014:

    "Bras on 45" gets a Million hits on YouTube

    Sept 2012

    Biggun fans everywhere will be amused to hear that "Bras On 45" under the name of "Bra size anime" has now garnered over a million hits on YouTube, and surely the fact that it is accompanied by a cartoon featuring large bosomed Japanese girls has absolutely nothing to do with it.

    W*nker's Song features in Guardian cartoon

    April 2011

    Ivor's output doesn't usually feature any politics, but the W*nker's Song appeared in this Steve Bell cartoon. It's from the Guardian, Tuesday 12th April 2011 and features Cameron, Clegg and a certain song.

    Another Trembling Wheelbarrows video on YouTube!

    Mar 2011

    Once again, the infamous Trembling Wheelbarrows invade the privacy of harmless drinkers at Suffolk's famed hostelry, the 'Poacher' at Cratfield. Jon, Bodhi, Doc, Jilly-B and Pete defy the ASBO to bring you an evening of fun and frolics largely unintelligible to anyone outside a five-mile radius. They seem to enjoy it, though.

    In this video, excerpts of "My Uncle Stan", a song about a cheap supermarket, (I wish they could all be) Suffolk coastal girls, the Bungay Boogie, Hunting Tigers Out In 'Indiah', (Son you'll be a) Bachelor Boy, I buy my clothes in Leiston, Special K, and the Dogging song.

    Doc Cox as Compere of Worthing Star Search 1993!

    Feb 2011
       A real gem of Biggun memorabilia has recently come to light - a video on YouTube of Doc Cox as Compere of Worthing Star Search 1993!

    Thanks to Davin for alerting us to this - he writes "The contest was the highlight of our week! Doc sang the Tom Jones classic Delilah at the end of each show, we would all stand on the chairs and sing along with him. Those shows are still talked about now, Worthing hasn't seen anything like it since!"

    Ivor's "Dr Demento theme" Video

    Sept 2010

    Dr Demento theme on Vimeo

       Here's an Ivor Biggun video, shot by Jilly B (Ivor's record producer and better half), as a tribute to Dr Demento, America's craziest DJ and the only human foolhardy enough to risk his career by broadcasting Ivor on the airwaves. It was made in the mid 1980's, using an early VHS portable camera and shot in and around London. It celebrates the good Doctor and the numerous... er... "differently sane" musicians that he airs on his show. Let's take you through the video frame by frame...

    The opening titles, as is obvious to readers of the "Partners In Grime" sleeve-notes, were badly painted by Ivor himself. First we see Biggun in Jilly B's garden shed in Ealing, West London. He emerges wearing a 1940's "demob" suit and miraculously finds himself doing a poorly executed R. Crumb "keep on trucking" move in front of Tower Bridge, several miles away. A split second later, he's on the other side of the Thames, opposite The Tower Of London. Apparently St Paul's Cathedral is close by, and then Ivor time-travels to Big Ben and The Houses Of Parliament for his "funny farms" line. The laughing horse is at Horseguards Parade, and the beer pulling sequence was shot at an Ivor's Jivers gig in the Caernarvon Castle pub in Camden.

    After a brief arboreal interlude in an Ealing park, various luminaries at the gig spell out D.E.M.E.N.T.O. "D" is Dave Briggs, great rockabilly guitarist, as seen in Scotty Moore's band. "E" is the famed Tony "Blues-Boy" Barker, Music Hall archivist, author and wild harmonica player. "M" with the mullet was the Jiver's drummer on that night. "E" and "N" is Eddy Masters, bass player, now with the Lonnie Donegan tribute band featuring Lonnie's sons. "T" is Pete The Professor, regular ace keyboard player for the Jivers and The Vulgar Band. "O" is the gorgeous Vicky, friend of the band.

    Next you see Ivor in Whitehall (mentioning a Demento favourite "Dead Puppies" by Ogden Edsl) followed by Jilly's cat "Strat" (hear her on "The Pussy Song"), and a reference to "Fish Heads" by Barnes And Barnes, another Demento fave). Then onto Piccadilly Circus (note Demento star Spike Jones), and Ivor's back garden with a Gibson Explorer guitar. Jilly B herself appears on sax, and the skunk is played by her cat "Boogie" (a nod to "Dead Skunk In The Middle Of The Road" by Loudon Wainwright III). In Bigguntone studios, featuring Ivor's notorious 4-track Tascam recorder, he mentions other Demento stars: Flo and Eddie, and Cheech and Chong. Next he's in a red telephone kiosk outside Parliament, then Trafalgar Square where he name-checks Napoleon (see later!).

    This is followed by a RARE SHOT of Ivor's Jivers IN ACTION at the Caernarvon, with Eddy Masters in the foreground. Another D.E.M.E.N.T.O. is now spelt out by the gorgeous Serene, Richard and some large friendly bikers. Ivor then appears at Marble Arch, where he references Demento faves John Zacherle ("Dinner At Drac's"), Barnes and Barnes, The Goons, Steve Martin, "Shaving Foam" (which is a blooper... it should've been "Shaving Cream") by Benny Bell, and National Lampoon (whose "Deteriorata" is a Demented classic), followed by "They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha! Ha!" by Napoleon XIV. He lurks outside Buckingham Palace (quoting Fred Blassie's song "Pencil Neck Geek"), and name-checks Monty Python, Loudon Wainwright III, animated figure Gumby, Ogden Edsl again, Frank Zappa (see Dr Demento interview Frank Zappa on YouTube) and glamorous horror movie queen Elvira, followed by a reference to Weird Al Yankovic, Ivor's hero, creator of the top-played Demented tracks "Another One Rides The Bus" and "One More Minute" (both on YouTube).

    Ivor is then pictured in Soho's Chinatown, outside Lee Ho Fook (where Dr Demento has dined, a reference to the opening Lines of Warren Zevon's "Werewolves Of London"). He then appears in unconvincing tennis garb (with a quote from Vic Ropejump's song "John McEnroe"). Finally, after a brief stroll in an Ealing park, Ivor is seen being arrested by two REAL policemen outside Downing Street.

    There are a couple of "Let's All Get Demented" videos on the net, made by fans, showing pictures of the artistes Ivor mentions. Oh...and some song-lyrics sites have missed the "exackerly" Zacherle reference...John Zacherle(y) was a madman who made spooky records in the 50's.

    John Penny's "More Filth, Dirt Cheap" pics

    January 2010
    Cue for a Song
    Cue for a Song
       John Penny writes:

    I found the photos of me meeting Doc and Jilly for the first time when he asked us to stay at his London abode, and did some 'backing' on the album 'More Filth, Dirt Cheap'. Great shot of D&J at the studio I think, and I'm delighted to send the one of me and Doc outside his house with ukes (taken by Jilly).

    I couldn't actually play a uke at this point and so Doc showed me where to put my finger to make a chord. It was this meeting that finally made me take up the uke properly (well, those that have heard or performed with me since might disagree!). They were taken in August of 1987 on my camera.

    John Penny's "Cue for a Song" pics

    January 2010
    John Penny writes:

    Here's a picture of members of Bradford Abbas Variety Club performing 'Cue For A Song' with this likely bunch (allegedly) at the 'Crucial Theatre'!! I would guess it's mid 1990's. Obviously after the IB album with it on, came out, anyway.

    I am on the left as 'Harry Burns'. Next to me is Steve 'Interesting' Davis, then 'Bill Rubberneck', next was a spoof character from the village who had better remain nameless(!), then Ray 'Dracula' Reardon, and then on the right 'Kink Stevens' (best not to ask...). I would introduce them in turn, and they all had their little 'foibles' exploited to get the laughs, then I asked the question 'What do you find in men's trousers and on snooker tables?'

    The rest... well it was like the album track. (Well, okay; a little bit like the album track...!)

    As a footnote to this, I must add we had no written music, however our regular pianist Norma Budworth listened to the track again and again and wrote the music down from that! She was a trained accompaniest, and superb at what she did, also having the gift of anticipation. She also did the same with 'The Charabanc Trip' and it was always great to work with her. We performed at many charity gigs together. Indeed she played piano for Doc and me when he came down for a gig (see other photos). Sadly she developed leukaemia and passed away in 2001. I never performed in the show again - it just wasn't the same. Rest in Peace, Norma.

    Cue for a Song

    More Pics from John Penny

    December 2009

    John Penny writes: "I was rummaging through my drawers and found these pictures of the Bigguntone Studio on the road at our home in Bradford Abbas. I think this must have been about 1996 or 1997 from looking at our daughters (Joanne and Sarah). They were mere teenagers when these were taken.

    What are we doing? Well; recording 'Ukulele Lady' of course, and on the CD you can hear them playing their ocarinas. Me? Well I abused a couple of ukes for the recording."


    James Whale show 1989 videos on YouTube!

    July 2009

    Robert Hokum has posted these wonderful old videos onto YouTube: "Ivor Biggun (Doc Cox) backed by Robert Hokum (guitar), Nigel Appleton (drums) and Andy Hyam (bass) on the James Whale show from 1989."

    There are two video clips of Robert Hokum with ĎBlues Sans Frontieresí at the Bush Hall in Oct 09, that also feature Nigel Appleton on guitar. Nigel played drums in Ivor's Vulgar Band.

    Ivor writes:

    The "Bluesmaster" (a.k.a. the mighty Bob Hokum) actually appears on the Partners in Grime album, playing very fine jazz licks during "Sixty Minute Man". His brother, Dixton P plays the bass on it, and another splendid Ealing-onian plays acoustic guitar & electric slide. Together they were, with odd bods added and subtracted, several dozen different bands, most notably "The Amazing Rhythm Burglars", "Beer Parlor Jive", "Rock Salmon & The Chips" to name but several. The Ealing-onian mentioned above played with them under various names, usually "Gary Hound-Dog Smith" if they were sort-of-serious, and Harry "Ground-Hog" Smith, if they weren't.

    Bob organizes the annual Ealing Blues Party, every summer in Walpole Park, W5, which is either free or everso cheap, and is one of the great hidden wonders of the blues world. His own band is legendary, The Guvnors, and well known on the circuit (have a butcher's hook at their excellent website). However, every year Bob has a knack of recruiting other outfits to play throughout the day. He's had everyone from Ronnie Wood's brother to red-hot latin funksters to The Nashville Teens! Every member of the Vulgar Band has appeared there, in various line-ups, even Ivor has sung a clean song or two. Terrific Teddy has wailed the blues there, and Ivan Yujedic, who played and produced "The Son Of The Man With The Biggest..etc etc " has played bass there with a wild and wonderous bunch culled from the four corners of London's bluesiest borough.

    More new Trembling Wheelbarrows videos on YouTube!

    June 2009

    Once again delighting the public until the Public Health authorities arrive, it's the famed Trembling Wheelbarrows at Suffolk's famed 'Poacher' pub, Cratfield.


    Kazoo Demo of "Where Did The Lead In My Pencil Go" MP3

    January 2009

    Here's a world exclusive download that will excite Ivor's fans... both of them.

    For the "Partners In Grime" album, Ivor wrote a filthy farrago entitled "Where Did The Lead In My Pencil Go?".

    Then he went to London's Mean Fiddler to see Bo Diddley and was impressed by his sax player (he bloody well should have been... it was Dick Heckstall-Smith, who played with John Mayall, Alexis Korner, Colosseum and a million others). The hairy-palmed troubadour was also pleased to discover what a lovely bloke Dick was.

    Now, the old furtive trouser fumbler had a very very very rare album featuring Dick playing with the Cambridge University Jazz Band. He phoned the legendary reedsman and offered to give him the album (one that Dick hadn't seen since 1957), and a modest fee, if he'd play on a Biggun track. To Ivor's utter astonishment, Dick agreed. Ivor then hauled in Brian Gulland (a brilliant instrumentalist and ex-member of the folk-rock band "Gryphon"... and possibly Dick Heckstall-Smith's biggest fan) on baritone sax, and they organized a backing band of hairy 60's blues maniacs who were desperate to meet and play with such a National Treasure. Ivor quickly recorded a demo for them, on a 4track Tascam reel-to-reel, with the sax parts played on a double tracked kazoo.

    The band was basically Ivors Jivers, with Mick Phillips on bass, because Eddie Masters was playing elsewhere. Colin Brind, trombonist extraordinaire, was borrowed from Bob Hokum's funk band The Guv'nors. Tony "Blues Boy" Barker played a blinder, but he was in a terrible state... we later found out he had mumps. Fearless Phil... always very cool, organised and reserved at recording sessions... was delighted to see that the supplied guitar amp at the Acton 16track studio was a huge Marshall Stack, and he ill-treated it accordingly.

    First, the Jivers laid down the rhythm tracks, based around Nigel Appleton's solid drum patterns. Then the Great Dick Heckstall-Smith arrived, resplendant in leather tousers. The "Brassoles" had learned the arrangement from Ivor's demo, and Dick suggested an old studio trick whereby they changed the speed of the multi-track tape during the brass overdub, so that they could play in an easier key (saxes are transposing instruments, and keys that are easy for guitarists are often difficult for sax players). This produced the thick honking sound you hear on the finished track, like Wagner conducting a million Plas Johnsons, and some flatulent dinosaurs. Wonderful.

    At the end of a very enjoyable session Dick casually asked if Ivors Jivers (the pub blues band, that is) were doing any gigs, and if so "would anyone mind" if he came along and joined in? Remember, this is the man who'd played with Blues Incorporated, The Graham Bond Organisation, Jack Bruce, Peter Green, Ginger Baker, John Hiseman, Chris Farlowe and Mick Taylor! After about one billionth of a micro-second for thought, the band agreed, and that is why for several consecutive Fridays, in the late 1980's, Ivor's Jivers (and Ivor's distant relative Doc Cox) played R&B at the Swan, Fulham Broadway with a British blues legend...

    Dick Heckstall-Smith sadly died on September 17th 2004. The Dick Heckstall-Smith web site has a fine tribute to a fine gentleman, and honorary Ivor's Jiver.

    Click here to download the actual rough-as-a-bear's-bum kazoo/guitar/plastic-keyboard Demo of "Where Did The Lead In My Pencil Go" that Dick and the Brassoles learned their bits from. You can buy the real finished track, with DHS & The Brassoles on the CD "More Fruity Bits" in sparkling hi-fi.

    Pics from Paul Green

    Sept 2008

    Paul writes: "I remember seeing Ivor's Jivers at the Swan in the late 80s and early 90s - I also saw him do a couple of Ivor Biggun gigs there as well.

    I took some photos at a gig in 1989 - it was at a bikers rally just outside Watford. The rally was the "Highland Fling" and Ivor's Jivers performed there for several years."

    Doc and Tony 'Blues Boy' Barker might recall the wet T-shirt contest...?


    Ivor's Jivers on stage at the Highland Fling
    Ivor's Jivers on stage at the Highland Fling
    Doc on stage at the Highland Fling
    Doc on stage at the Highland Fling

    "My Great Grandad John" Video

    November 2008


    Ivor's 'clean' song "My Great Grandad John", as originally broadcast on "That's Life" many years ago, is now available for viewing on YouTube.

    It was filmed in Walpole Park, right outside the BBC Film Studios in Ealing. Ivor's "mum" in the video is Jo Monroe, a talented and beautiful lady who went on to appear in West End musicals, like Mamma Mia and Blood Brothers.

    The drunken derelicts in the video are paid extras in costume. However, when the Beeb food wagon started handing out bacon butties and tea, suddenly there were about twice as many!

    Ivor's Xmas TV Spectacular

    Oct 2008

    Well, just fancy that, the power of the internet has managed to lure Ivor temporarily away from his Suffolk home, away from his cats and (even more amazingly) away from Jilly B.

    This very web-site was contacted by TV Producer Chris Hill of "Shine" Productions (they did the recent "Little Britain" documentary). He wanted to find Ivor for an understandably tiny part in a film about Comedy Records, so we passed on a message to the monomanual serpent agitator.

    Usually, Ivor takes little or no action when we send him stuff, but on this single occasion, after much prompting from ourselves, (and Steve Webbon and Jilly B), the hairy-palmed renegade dragged his enfeebled carcass, and his ukulele, down to Holborn in London. There, in exchange for a Starbucks Coffee, a Muffin and his train-fare, he was filmed answering questions about strangling pink-policemen, and how to play tunes on either pork-clarinets or beef-bassoons.

    The film location was "THE RED ROOMS" in Holborn. After 50 minutes of interview, Ivor noticed in the gloom, that he was sitting alongside what he took to be a vertical scaffolding pole. Only when the lights went up did he realise that he'd been filmed in a lap-dancing club. He also sang "The W*nker's Song" in the non-censored version (though this wasn't actually broadcast - Ed).

    "Comedy Songs: The Pop Years" was first broadcast in Christmas week on Monday 22nd Dec 2008 on BBC Four, and repeated several times during 2009.

    Other contributors included Tony Blackburn, Bill Bailey, Mitch Benn and The Barron Knights... plus millions of others, so Ivor only appeared on screen for slightly less time than Sharon Stone's doodley-doo did in "Basic Instinct". Ivor hopes that his appearance though equally brief will be equally memorable.

    Sample question from the filming:-
    Interviewer: "You must have been one of the first people to use the "F" word in a popular song."
    Ivor : "Well, I was probably the first to use the "W" word."

    Whatever next? Ivor was also interviewed on BBC RADIO SUFFOLK on the 20th October 2008... sang one of his few clean songs, and plugged his Suffolk just-for-fun-band "The Trembling Wheelbarrows". We'll let you know if he ever gets them on the air.

    Eagle-eared Londoners may have heard Ivor's distant relative Doc Cox blethering on, on the 10th of October 2008 edition of the Radio London Breakfast show. That was when it was being guest-hosted by that charming young stunner, Esther Rantzen. Together with his recent mentions in "Mojo" (a whole column) and "Uncut" (a tiny bit in the corner), it seems that the world-wide-w*nkers are at last hearing about Ivor through legitimate media and not, as per usual, in stuff written in green biro on convenience walls.
    Good grief.

    Ivor Biggun
    Ivor Biggun (in tasteful jacket)

    Pics from John Penny

    Sept 2008

    John Penny and Doc on stage (1997?)
    John Penny and Doc on stage (1997?)

    Same gig - different viewpoint
    Same gig - different viewpoint

       John Penny writes:

    Here is a pic of me and Doc on the stage of Bradford Abbas village hall, a photo taken by an unknown person, of us performing 'With My Little Stick of Blackpool Rock' which surfaced recently. I have some more pics of me and the kids playing for 'Ukelele lady' for the 'Swollen Goods' album - They're grown and married now!

    I think this pic was taken about 10 or 12 years ago when Doc and Jilly came down from London where they were living at the time, for a charity gig. I had played a few standards on the uke, and then it was the most wonderful moment in my stage career ('career - to lose control totally') to be able to introduce Doc onto the stage to play this one.

    Doc inspired me to take up the uke. I remember playing 'The Winkers Album' till the tape wore out, and I have performed 'The Charabanc Trip' in our village variety show - surely the greatest monologue of all time - in 1986. I called the BBC as a mate of mine twigged it when he saw Doc on that's Life. A year later Doc invited me up to do backing on 'More Filth'.

    I bought my first uke in '87. It took a few years to get into it but I never regretted a minute of it. I have performed the Charabanc Trip on 35 occasions on stage (I've noted them all!) and countless times to friends and in pubs etc - or even just to myself on a car journey, I love it so much.

    I sent Doc a video of me doing it at a gig in Yeovil and he said I do it better than him - surely the ultimate accolade? I also have done the Other Educated Monkey on stage a few times as well, although the audience has to be a little more broad-minded...!

    Additional (May 09)

    Having a rummage through my drawers recently I came up with another picture of me and Doc playing at Bradford Abbas Village Hall.

    I'm sure Jilly took this and Doc, er.. 'Doctered' it! It's his writing anyway!!

    Ivor's Photo Album

    April 2008

    Ivor has kindly opened his archive photo album, and selected his favourite photos to share with us all - enjoy! Explanatory comments are from Ivor himself.

    Ivor being encouraged to sign for Beggar's Banquet
    Ivor being encouraged to sign for Beggar's Banquet

    This is Ivor signing for his 3rd Album, Partners In Grime. The man without the hammer is Steve Webbon. The hammer is wielded by Tom (sorry, don't know his surname) who was a bike messenger and roadie for various Beggar's Banquet acts, and also appears on the sleeve of Partners In Grime.

    Ivor Meets Irma Thomas
    Ivor Meets Irma Thomas

    Hurricane Katrina wiped out Irma Thomas's club in New Orleans. Ivor, a great fan, met her there in the 90's. She did a great set (in a room about the size of an English pub) after we'd all eaten gumbo, cooked by the sultry dusky charmer herself.

    Ivor Meets Ivor Cutler
    Ivor Meets Ivor Cutler

    Doc kept up his Beeb sound engineering job until 1997, because he loved it. He met Ivor Cutler, one of his idols, who came in to record a film commentary. There'll never be another.

    Ivor On Stage With Judge Dread
    Ivor On Stage With Judge Dread

    A wonderful chap, and the walking encylopaedia of Ska. Did you know that a young unknown Bob Marley played in his road band? Er... so did Ivor and Jilly B. Here we are in Chiswick, early 90's.

    The Trembling Wheelbarrows

    December 2007

    We hear that Doc & Jilly B are doing odd pub gigs, under ludicrous names like "Barnaby Green and the Blueprints" and "The Trembling Wheelbarrows", the latter with Jilly on Tea-chest bass, 3 singers, and an odd mix of fairly clean comedy (strewth that's difficult!) and skiffle.

    More Fruity Bits: The Rest Of Ivor Biggun

    October 2006

    Following on from the original "Fruity Bits" CD, this new ultimate compilation features all of the rest of Ivor's first three classic LPs ("The Winkerís Album (misprint)Ē, ďMore Filth! Dirt Cheap...Ē and ďPartners In GrimeĒ) plus rare singles, extended plays, live recordings and private pressings. This 44-track double CD was released in October 06 on the Stiff Weapon label, catalogue number TOSSA3CDD.

    The full track listing is:-
       SEEDY ONE / 1. Ivor Biggun Is My Name 2. The Winker's Song (misprint) (stereo album version) 3. Sing A Mucky Song 4. No! No! No! 5. I Wish I Was 6. I'm Shy 7. Graffiti Night Fever 8. Cucumber Number 9. Great Grandad John 10. Underground Music 11. My Brother's Got Files (misprint) 12. The Winker's Paradise (misprint) 13. The Winker's Rock 'N' Roll (misprint) (original version) 14. I Lift Up My Finger (And I Say Tweet Tweet) 15 Send For Dr. Clap 16 Hide The Sausage (original version) 17. Give Us A Wink For Christmas (misprint) (New Song!) 18. Bras On 45 (Dirty Gertie version) 19 Gums And Plums (Live) 20. John Thomas Allcock (Live) 21. Jeremy Is Innocent 22. The Johnny G Fan Club Song
       SEEDY TOO / 1. My Shirt Collar (It Won't Go Stiff) 2. Southern Breeze 3. a) The Burglars Holler b) Gums And Plums 4. John Thomas Allcock 5. My Brother's Magazine 6. Richard The Third (He's In The Business Now) 7. I Can Be The Hot Dog And You Can Be The Bun 8. I Wanna Be A Bear 9. Ah Woke Up This Moanin' (Parts 1 & 2) 10. The Filthy Farmer (A Song Of The Soil) 11. The Other Educated Monkey (Humorous Monologue) 12. Piles Of Trouble (New Song!) 13. You Can't Have A Snog With A Snowman 14. Chantilly Lace 15. Probing Andromeda 16. The Majorca Song (Just-About-Broadcastable-Version) 17. Sixty Minute Man 18. Toolbag Ted From Birkenhead 19. Where Did The Lead In My Pencil Go? 20. Cue For A Song 21. Send For Dr. Clap (Live) 22. The Winker's Rock 'N' Roll (Live)

    You can order "More Fruity Bits" NOW direct from online stores such as: Stiff Weapon, HMV (MP3), Amazon, Foxy, Play.com, or Townsend Records.

    Ivor Biggun in Blogs

    May 2006
    Ivor Biggun and 'Friend'
    Ivor Biggun and 'Friend'

    London, Paris, New York, Wigan - Everybody's blogging Ivor Biggun!

    Here's a small selection of Biggunophile's blogs:


    Laurie Bamford - An Appreciation

    December 2005

    We were very saddened to hear of the death in late December 2005 of Laurie Bamford.

    Laurie "The Smartly Dressed Tramp" Bamford was the lovely cheerful hairy bloke who booked The Vulgar Band into "The Gun" in Croydon and other pubs. If you've ever attended an Ivor Biggun gig, you've probably paid admission to Laurie at the door. If punters wanted an Ivor Biggun T-shirt, Ivor would always direct them to "The man over there who looks like God". A Biggun fan from the early days, Laurie appears as a heckler/singer on the "Live" part of the latest CD, attended some of the recording sessions (see the photo elsewhere on this site) and he was the genius who suggested the title.

    Laurie was a keen music fan, and his tastes ranged from The Bonzos to Folk and Jazz and beyond. He was a numismatist, specialising in Victorian bronze coins, and was well loved by everyone who dealt with him. He was fond of music and good cheer and good beer. He was a founder member of the very unofficial "Croydon Real Ale Preservation society" (don't look too carefully at the initials of that organization). Some days before his funeral, they held a session in his honour.

    Laurie seems to have died peacefully in his sleep, probably of a heart-attack. He was found with a smile on his face. He leaves behind his brother Richard and his nephews and nieces, as well as a host of music fans, historians, coin-collecting friends, beer-drinkers and people who simply enjoyed the company of a splendid and unique gentleman. He is sadly missed.

    Handling Swollen Goods

    October 2005
    Handling Swollen Goods
    Handling Swollen Goods
       "Handling Swollen Goods" was released in Oct 2005 on the Stiff Weapon label, catalogue number TOSSA 2 CD and is distributed by NOVA via Pinnacle.

    18 years in the making, this 5th-coming album from the elderly phallus throttler features:

    • Several New Songs!
    • Some New Versions of Old Favourites
    • A Clean Song, writ by somebody else
    • Two Christmas Songs
    • A Humorous Monologue
    • Some studio-recorded 'Rugby Songs'
    • Bonus "Live At The Gun Croydon" session tracks
    You can read more about the Making of Swollen Goods with reports and pictures from the recording sessions.

    Here's the full track listing:
    The Winking Caveman (Misprint), Dorothy Please Trim Your Hinge (Misprint), The Premature Ejaculation Waltz, Down By The Riverside, The Yodelling Winker (Misprint), All Of These Things Are Soul, Ukulele Lady, Two Thirds Of Four Fifths, The Son Of John Thomas Allcock, My Baby Loves My Yorkshire Pudding, Bonkola featuring The Mighty JUDGE DREAD, You Canít Have A Shag With A Snowman, All I Want For Christmas (Is A Great Big Dong), The Sailors In The Gents (Humorous Monologue).

    Plus extra bonus... Live in Croydon:
    I Feel Like Winking (Misprint), Ivor Biggun Is My Name, Cats On The Rooftops, Iím Looking Over A Four-Leaf Clover, The Filthy Limerick Mambo, I Have A Dog His Name Is Rover, The Winkerís Song (Misprint) (Rotten version)

    You can order "Handling Swollen Goods" direct from Stiff Weapon, Amazon, Foxy, Play.com, or Townsend Records.

    U.S fans can order it from CD Baby.

    TWO MP3s to download!

    July 2005

    Two live tracks have escaped from Ivor's bottom drawer, and have made a welcome bid for freedom here, FREE for you to download - enjoy!

    The Ukelele Man
    The Ukelele Man
      Click here to download "(Send For) Dr Clap"

    This Ďliveí version of ĎDr Clapí, a cautionary tale in a ragamuffin rub-a-dub style, was recorded in front of a small but noisy, blind drunk audience in a boozer in Southall, Middlesex and was one of the Vulgar Band's first live gigs. Ivor dun the recording himself, on portable gear, and despite the fact that you canít hear his guitar (or maybe because of it) it has captured the atmosphere very well. You can almost smell the St. Bruno and the big white mothballs in the gentís urinals. There's some drunk shouting "Manchester!" on it... goodness knows why. The filthy gag in the middle comes from a book of rugby jokes that Ivor was given at a previous gig, by the man making the bird noises at this one. The song appeared originally in a very ropey studio version on the "W*nkerís RockíníRoll" E.P, and this vastly superior attempt is now released 'due to popular demand'.

    Click here to download "W@nker's Rock'n'Roll"

    This was recorded "live" at the "Gun Tavern" in Croydon, digitally recorded and edited by Tim Beaton. It comes from the same session as the "Live" section of the "Swollen Goods" album.

    The Fruity Bits CD

    The Fruity Bits

    "The Fruity Bits of Ivor Biggun"
    (Stiff Weapon Records - TOSSA 1 CD)

       A selection of 16 classic tracks from Ivor's very best albums:
    The W*nker's Song
    Bras on 45
    Hide The Sausage
    I Have A Dog His Name Is Rover
    Halfway Up Virginia
    The Pussy Song
    (Nobody Does It Like) The Ukelele Man
    The Cockerel Song
    I've Parted
    The W*nker's Rock'n'roll
    Are "Mice" Electric?
    Hello My Baby
    W*nking Your Blues Away
    I've Got A Monster
    The Majorca Song
    The Charabanc Trip
    You can order Fruity Bits on the web from Stiff Weapon, Amazon, Foxy, or Townsend Records.

    What's on the Fruity Bits?

    Here's a quick breakdown of what to expect:-

    1. The W*nker's Song (with The Red-Nosed Burglars).
      The original MONO version of Ivor's first single-handed single. A hit in 1978, and still used for emptying Ibiza clubs at closing time.
    2. Bras on 45 (with the D. Kups)
      A song about a lady with bloomin' great, huge, enormous, immense, colossal, massive breasts. For some reason or other, it's quite popular in America, where the legendary "Dr Demento" features it on his radio show.
    3. Hide The Sausage (New Rap Version). (with Ivor's Jivers).
      Here's Ivor's sausage, with a large new bit inserted into the middle, especially for your enjoyment. Deservedly unreleased until this album.
    4. I Have A Dog His Name Is Rover (with the Red-Nosed Burglars)
      This used to be a short traditional song, but Ivor has... er... extended it, so it's now something long and rude that Rugger-Buggers can entertain one another with in the showers.
    5. Halfway Up Virginia (with Wellington Ramsbottom IV, and The Cowherds Of The County).
      Hear Ivor put the "tree" into Country music. It could've been worse, I suppose.
    6. The Pussy Song.(With Claude Furniture and the Litter Kickers).
      A song in which Ivor imitates a cat. "The most difficult part" he confides "was licking my arse during the banjo solo."
    7. (Nobody Does It Like) The Ukelele Man (with the Red-Nosed Burglars The Friday night crowd at "The Swan" Fulham, and The Twickenham Grasshoppers Rugby Team). Sorry folks, this is a clean one.
    8. The Cockerel Song (with the Red-Nosed Burglars)
      There is a club ("Rumours" in Blackpool) where they regularly play this record and a naked man runs along the bar, inadequately concealing his nodger with a rubber chicken. Beat that, Bruce Springsteen!
    9. I've Parted (misprint) (with The Red-Nosed Burglars)
      Ivor pumped up the volume on this, his second single. Later, he was almost arrested on a trumped up charge.
    10. The W*nker's Rock'n'roll (New Remix Version).
      An old favourite, organically grown (well... hand-raised) and digitally manipulated so at last you can hear the words. Understandably unreleased until this album.
    11. Are "Mice" Electric? (with Uncle Hans Von Trapp and The Mice-tersingers).
      Rude rodents and swearing.
    12. W*nking your blues away (with the Red-Nosed Burglars)
      Ukelele fans will appreciate Ivor's phenomenal right-hand technique. "It comes from years of practice, shaking ketchup bottles" he claims. Oh yeah? Pull the other one.
    13. Hello My Baby (with Amelia Blowhard)
      Amazingly, this got played several times on BBC Radio. Then somebody turned it over, discovered that the "A" side was a song about farting, and it never apppeared again!
    14. I've Got A Monster (with Ivor's Jivers)
      Featuring two very fine gentlemen. The late great Screaming Lord Sutch (as Dracula) and the irreplaceable Judge Dread (as The Monster). Also, lend an ear'ole to King Kurt's Dr. Smegma (a Werewolf), Amelia Blowhard, and a zonking guitar solo from Fearless Phil.
    15. The Majorca Song (Filthy Version) (with Ivor's Jivers and Norma Lee Soba).
      Never mind the Balearics, here's Ivor tromping about, surrounded by nude Germans.
    16. The Charabanc Trip (Humorous Monologue).
      Ivor, putting on Ayres, recites a perverse verse. Pianist Robin Langridge remembers "I'm not easily moved, but during this performance, I very nearly went."

    Littlecote House Warner Blues weekend

    January 2003

    Doc, Tim and Paul at Warner Blues
    Doc, Tim and Paul
       From Tim Aves:

    These photos were taken at Littlecote House Warner Blues weekend, in Hungerford, Berkshire, Jan 03. Doc acted as MC as well as performing a couple of hilarious short sets during the all-night jam sessions which ensued. He also played an acoustic session in which he premiered a new song called "Mulligan's Tyres" (sung to the tune of "Mull of Kintyre").

    The lineup for his backing band was Tim Aves on guitar, harmonica and backing vocals, plus Rob Barry on bass and Paul Lester on drums. Tim, Rob and Paul play together in a Texas blues band called "The Rockin' Armadillos". The young chap on the guitar is called Joe Hollywood!

    Reviews at Boogaloo Promotions.

    Doc at Warner Blues
    Doc at Warner Blues

    Ivor's Jivers Gig Report

    July 2002

    By Our Correspondent:

    On 15th June 2002 Ivor Biggun's 'alter ego' (or possibly 'right hand man') Doc Cox emerged from the heavily-guarded seclusion of his country estate and trekked down to the Windsor Castle pub in Carshalton, Surrey (between Sutton and Croydon, for you geographers) for a reunion of Ivors Jivers, the blues band which Ivor led from the late seventies to the mid-nineties and who appear on many Biggun recordings.

    The lineup - the first time all six chaps had appeared together in over eight years - was the mid-eighties 'first team' of Tony 'Blues Boy' Barker on vocal, harmonica and slide guitar; Ivor himself on vocal, rhythm guitar and very sharp suit; 'Fearless' Phil Drury on vocal and lead guitar; 'Enigmatic' Eddie Masters on bass; 'Charismatic' Chris Perry on drums and Peter 'The Professor' Terry on keyboards.

    Apart from a general increase in the amount of grey hair (or a slight decrease in the amount of hair generally) and some trousers being a bit snug round the waist rather than the lunchbox, the guys all looked in pretty good shape considering that most are now over 50 and have lead lives of ruinous dissipation. Ivor looked exceptionally dapper in a green suit, like a cross between a trendy vicar and a fifties spiv.

    The intimate atmosphere of the Windsor Castle suited the Jivers well, and the band played to a mixture of pub regulars and old (well, not that old) fans, several of whom had first made the band's acquaintance in the heady days of the now-legendary Swan in Fulham Broadway (RIP). Noted as present was a contingent of Ealing's Polish Posse (most of whom now seem to live in Shepherds Bush) which ensured audience participation when this was needed, as well as a steady stream of requests which helpfully reminded the band of the titles of some of the songs they used to know.

    The Jivers set consisted largely of old favourites, several of which they remembered surprisingly well. "We never used to rehearse anyway", said Ivor, "so what's the difference?". The show commenced with the lengthy 12-bar medley which the band refer to among themselves as 'Dah Dee Dah Dee Dah (B'boom)', an approximation of the intro. Tonight, this was led off by Tony with 'Sweet Home Chicago', followed closely by Ivor and his rollicking version of 'TV Mama' and concluding with Fearless Phil's rending (sorry, rendition) of 'Statesboro Blues'. The set progressed (?) through a mixture of blues (both types - fast and slow), Chuck Berry rock and roll, and various other rhythm and blues related oddments - a typical Jivers set list, in fact. A few new numbers were attempted - Phil had a bash at the old BB King favourite 'Every day I have the blues', and Tony ventured a version of the Little Walter standard 'My Babe', among others.

    In the second set, a particular highlight was Ivor's performance of the Johnny G reggae tune 'Highway Shoes', which was played in response to one of the more reasonable audience requests and went down very well indeed, with just about the entire pub dancing, bar staff and all.

    The finale was the Jivers' regular closer, their inimitable take on Dame Vera Lynn's deathless 'White Cliffs of Dover' (known to both band and fans as 'Bluebirds'). As is also traditional, during the quiet part of this Ivor introduced the band, taking the micky out of them as he did so. The crowd called for an encore, to which the band replied with a thumping version of 'Mercury Blues', and the evening came to a close.

    In the band/audience socialising which always follows a Jivers gig, several of the pub regulars, who had never heard of Ivors Jivers and just turned up on spec (i.e. they had nowhere else to go), were heard to tell the band how much they'd enjoyed the show, and Pam the guv'nor - who recognised Ivor from his Esther Rantzen days - pronounced herself very pleased (this usually means they took plenty of money over the bar) and assured the band she would have them back. All band members said they greatly enjoyed playing together again and they certainly hope to get a return engagement, and intend to find a few more 'occasional' gigs if possible.

    Ivor's Got Married!

    November 2000

    Notorious ukelele-basher Ivor Biggun has recently married his saxophonist/record-producer Jilly B! The baggy-eyed member-manipulator confesses "I suppose Iíve lost my amateur standing, now."

    Ivor has known Jilly (an attractive Liverpudlian, many years younger than him, much too good for the old bastard, and so say all of us) for over twenty years and sheís been his sweetheart and next-door neighbour since 1982. Jilly B produced the "Partners In Grime" album on which she plays some keyboard and provides breathy teenage nymphet voices on "Hide The Sausage", "Nobody Does It Like The Ukelele Man" and "Probing Andromeda". She played tenor sax on the forthcoming album "Handling Swollen Goods" which she also produced, and is heard on the tracks available on Dr Demento CDs.

    "Live" gigs by Ivor Biggun And The Vulgar Band featured Jilly on sax, percussion and Fartophone. She also acted as Ivorís memory - the one nature gave him has been destroyed by years of winkle-wringing, so Jilly used to shout the name, key and first line of the next song to the bumbling old oaf on stage. It occasionally got through to him.

    Jilly survived male nude stage invasions, female nude stage invasions, dogs in the drumkit, fires in the auditorium, a man with a firework up his bottom and the famous gig at the "Gun" Croydon, raided by seven policemen, one policewoman and a firearms expert.

    Jilly constructs a number of Ivorís stage props and costumes, her most recent effort being a suit with arms 12 foot long. She has a one-eyed-cat called Tipitina and a degree in Media Studies. Sheís a little corker.

    The marriage took place at Chelsea register office, London, on the 29th November 2000 and was kept secret "to avoid a press and media frenzy" says Ivor. Only three witnesses and one guest attended. They were Pete The Professor (Ivorís long-term piano player, as heard on most of his recordings), Vicky B (Jillyís friend, who was there trying to talk her out of it), Maggie C (ditto), and the mysterious W. Whitehouse who deals with Biggun mail-orders. "I handle whatever Ivor needs stuffing through a letterbox" chortles the bemused jiffy-bag jockey.

    The party arrived in Roy Orbisonís Cadillac, driven by comedian Big Al. They went home pissed on the tube. Jilly wore a charming cream outfit. Ivor wore a ludicrous green suit from Shepherdís Bush Market and a tie with hedgehogs on it. The "something old" was the groom. "Something new" was the fact that he actually paid for the drinks. And "borrowed and blue" describes the jokes on his latest CD.

    In studio with Wee Willie Harris

    April 2000

    Doc Cox, a fading ex-television personality, and constant companion of Mr Biggun for many years, has been in the studio with Wee Willie Harris. Ian Dury fans will recall the lyric of "Reasons To Be Cheerful" where Wee Willie is mentioned as one of the reasons! Willie (real name Charlie) was the first "wild man of British Rock'n'roll" pre-dating his friend Screaming Lord Sutch by about three years. His UK versions of "I Go Ape" and the rockabilly "No Chemise Please" were cut for Decca in the mid-50's, along with "Rocking At The Two I's" a celebration of the famous Soho Coffee Bar.

    Never having a top-ten hit in Britain (like Sutch!) he had great success in Holland, Germany and Israel. However, he was a fixture on the legendary "6-5 Special" TV show and renowned as the most extravagant and uninhibited showman on the live music scene. At the Liverpool Empire in 1958, a young Paul McCartney queued for his autograph. Jimmy Page played on his sessions, and Johnny Kidd and the Pirates followed him from gig to gig, memorizing his wild stage antics which they would later use as their own. Now in his sixties, Wee Willie Harris no longer has his pink hair (although he's kept quite a thatch) but still does cabaret and stage shows. Doc Cox met up with him through the late Screaming Lord Sutch, when he played with both of them at what was to be Sutch's last ever gig.

    Rag Moppin'
    Rag Moppin'
       Impressed with the "cheerful little earful" and his still-amazing voice, Doc took Willie into Westar Studio in Southall Middlesex (where Misty In Roots record) and laid down a few tunes. One was the old skiffle song "Greenback Dollar" done in two versions, straight and low comedy! Another was "I've Got My Mojo Working" done in a Junior Wells/Buddy Guy blues style and the last was "I've Got The Screaming Ab Dabs Over You". This was written by Doc for Dave Sutch who sadly died before he could cut it himself. Willie's version is a tribute, with any profits from a release going to Sutch's favourite charity.

    The "RAG MOPPIN'" CD "WEE WILLIE HARRIS & The Alabama Slammers" (POLLYTONE PEPCD137) is now available from Pollytone Records.

    The band were all ex-Sutch's Savages, including Sax virtuoso Pete Newman, formerly from Johnny Kidd and Cliff Bennett. The bass was played by Nick Simper, another ex-Kidd man, but more famous as a founder member of Deep Purple (look at the first two album sleeves!). Piano was Johnny Casanova, who has just recently signed to indie label 'Rakumba' and is currently working on recording his first album. Johnny is also known for his Jerry Lee Lewis tribute artistry. The drummer was Paul Atkinson, of Little Sister and countless sessions. Guitarists were Alex Chanter (one-time Tremolo) and Pete Parks from the original Good Old Boys. Jilly B, Ivor Biggun's producer, played second sax and taught Mr Newman the arrangement! Doc and Willie have plans (and backing tracks) for a few more songs plus a collaboration with Ivor Biggun on a song entitled "Put A Little Willie In Your Day".

    The Demento Connection

    January 2000

    Biggunomaniacs will be pleased to hear about a couple of EXTRA Ivor Biggun releases. DR DEMENTO has once again released his annual "BASEMENT TAPES" CD. Dr Demento (a.k.a Barret Hansen) is a DJ based in Los Angeles, and the only one in the world to risk his career by actually broadcasting Ivor Biggun records. Dr Demento has also compiled and written the sleeve-notes for numerous excellent rootsy albums on the legendary SPECIALTY label.

    An Ivor track "YOU CAN'T HAVE A SHAG WITH A SNOWMAN", in a slightly different mix from the one on the "Swollen Goods" album, appears on this magnificent compilation. It's Volume 8, featuring Washboard Sam, Weird Al Yankovic, Barry Martin, The Two Jew Revue and many others. To grab yourself a copy, simply check out the Dr Demento website.

    You have to join the DR DEMENTO SOCIETY to get the CD, but it works out at about the same price as a cheap-ish CD anyway. You'll also get 23 other songs by other artistes, including one about an incontinent dog, one about an incontinent cat, one about cows farting, one about a dog who slides his arse along the ground and a version of the Laurel & Hardy theme tune (March Of The Cuckoos). In fact it's a 100% solid Ivor recommendation!

    Dr Demento is also responsible for a collection on RHINO records called "DEMENTIA 2000: DR DEMENTO'S 30TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION". This contains a whole heap of wonderful stuff as well as TWO Ivor Biggun tracks. One is a different version of his disco bumper "Bras On 45" and the other is a previously un-available tune "Let's All Get Demented" which celebrates the contribution to world wide lunacy made by America's craziest DJ. "He's crackers!", says Ivor, "Who else in the USA would play Screaming Lord Sutch records?"

    Dementia 2000: Dr Demento's 30th Anniversary Collection
    Dementia 2000: Dr Demento's 30th Anniversary Collection

    Ivor's Recordings


    The Winker's Album
    The Winker's Album
       The Winker's Album (Misprint) (LP: Beggars Banquet 'BBL 1')
    The Winker's CD (Misprint) (CD: Beggars Banquet 'BBL 1CD')
    The Winker's Cassette (Misprint) (Cassette: Beggars Banquet 'BBLC 1')

    The Winkers Song (Misprint), Sing a Mucky Song, No! No! No!, Hello My Baby, I Wish I Was, I'm Shy, Graffiti Night Fever, I've Parted (Misprint), Cucumber Number, Great Grandad John, Underground Music, My Brother's Got Files (Misprint), The Winkers Paradise (Misprint), Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!, Charabanc (humorous monologue).

    More Filth! Dirt Cheap
    More Filth! Dirt Cheap
       More Filth! Dirt Cheap (CD: Beggars Banquet 'BBL 3CD', also cassette 'BBL C3')

    The Cockerel Song, My Shirt Collar (It won't go stiff), Southern Breeze, The Burglars Holler, Gums and Plums, John Thomas Allcock, I have a Dog His name is Rover, My Brothers Magazine, Richard the Third, Walking Your Blues Away (Misprint), Are Mice Electric?, I can be the Hot-Dog and You can be the Bun, I Wanna be a Bear, Ah Woke Up Dis Moanin, The Filthy Farmer, The Other Educated Monkey (humorous monologue).

    Partners in Grime
    Partners in Grime
       Partners in Grime (CD: Beggars Banquet 'BBL 79CD', also cassette 'BBLC 79')

    Hide the Sausage, (Nobody does it like) The Ukelele Man, Chantilly Lace, Halfway Up Virginia, The Pussy Song, Probing Andromeda, The Majorca Song, Sixty Minute Man, Toolbag Ted From Birkenhead, Gums and Plums (live), John Thomas Allcock (live), Where did the Lead in my Pencil Go?, Cue for a Song, I've got a Monster.

    The Fruity Bits
    The Fruity Bits
       The Fruity Bits of Ivor Biggun (CD: Stiff Weapon Records 'TOSSA 1 CD')

    The W*nker's Song, Bras on 45, Hide The Sausage, I Have A Dog His Name Is Rover, Halfway Up Virginia, The Pussy Song, (Nobody Does It Like) The Ukelele Man, The Cockerel Song, I've Parted, The W*nker's Rock'n'roll, Are "Mice" Electric?, Hello My Baby, W*nking Your Blues Away, I've Got A Monster, The Majorca Song, The Charabanc Trip.

    Handling Swollen Goods
    Handling Swollen Goods
       Handling Swollen Goods (CD: Stiff Weapon Records 'TOSSA 2 CD')

    The Winking Caveman (Misprint), Dorothy Please Trim Your Hinge (Misprint), The Premature Ejaculation Waltz, Down By The Riverside, The Yodelling Winker (Misprint), All Of These Things Are Soul, Ukulele Lady, Two Thirds Of Four Fifths, The Son Of John Thomas Allcock, My Baby Loves My Yorkshire Pudding, Bonkola featuring The Mighty JUDGE DREAD, You Canít Have A Shag With A Snowman, All I Want For Christmas (Is A Great Big Dong), The Sailors In The Gents (Humorous Monologue).

    extra bonus... Live in Croydon
    I Feel Like Winking (Misprint), Ivor Biggun Is My Name, Cats On The Rooftops, Iím Looking Over A Four-Leaf Clover, The Filthy Limerick Mambo, I Have A Dog His Name Is Rover, The Winkerís Song (Misprint)(Rotten version).


    The Winkers Single
    The Winkers Single
       The Winkers Song/Readers Wives. (BOP 1)

    This notorious first single by Ivor Biggun and the Red-Nose Burglars was released on 2nd September 1978 on the blue Beggars Banquet label, and was immediately banned by the BBC as being 'sexually explicit'. Early editions came in plain bags, because the ladies in the first pressing plant refused to handle sleeve-designer Dave Brett's revolting artwork. After a few weeks, it appeared on the picture sleeves we know and love. It is the same ukelele-pronged pervert you see on the sleeve of The Winkers Album.

    It spent 12 weeks in the charts and reached its highest position at number 19, 20, 21 or 22 (depending whose Charts you read), and was Number One on the Indie/Punk Charts for several weeks, being the first big hit for Beggars Banquet Records. It featured in an episode of 'Men Behaving Badly' (series 4, episode 3) when Gary and Tony, having lost their girlfiends, felt a song coming on. The B side is completely unavailable elsewhere, because Ivor thinks it's crap.

    • Hello My Baby/I've Parted (Misprint). (BOP 2) 1978
    This single featured two tracks from The Winkers Album, on the blue Beggars Banquet label. Another Dave Brett sleeve adorned this long deleted flatulence festival.
    Jeremy Is Innocent
    Jeremy Is Innocent
       Jeremy Is Innocent/Woof Woof Bang/I'm Jolly Mad. (BOP 4) 1979

    A three track single, spoofing the Jeremy Thorpe scandal, recorded at Monterey Studios. This was released on the blue Beggars Banquet label by 'Rex Barker and the Ricochets', a pseudonym for Ivor and Terrific Teddy.

    It has a white paper picture sleeve (drawn by Ivor himself) with a cartoon Ivor holding a shotgun with a bone hanging from the end on a string. The dog is standing alert and smiling and eager, salivating at the bone, while the shotgun barrel almost touches its little black nose.

    The W*nkers Rock'n'Roll E.P
    The W*nkers Rock'n'Roll E.P
       The W*nkers Rock'n'Roll. (BOP 5) 1979

    A 4 track E.P on a red or blue Beggars Banquet label with another Dave Brett sleeve.

    1) The W*nkers Rock'n'Roll
    2) I Lift Up My Finger (And I Say Tweet Tweet) - originally written by Leslie Sarony in the 1920's, this track features 'Johnny G' on electric guitar
    3) Send For Dr Clap (a sailors love song)
    4) Hide The Sausage (an early version, different from the one on Partners In Grime).

    This copy is signed "hello Keith! You w*nk*r!! from Ivor Biggun xxx" If _you_ are that Keith, then please contact me.

    Bras On 45
    Bras On 45 (Sleeve)
       Bras On 45/Are Mice Electric/Richard The Third. (BOP 6)

    A single on the DEAD BADGER label, with a sleeve and label drawn by Ivor. The two B side tracks were from MORE FILTH DIRT CHEAP. The A side was a spoof on the Stars-on-45 craze, and included a startling Gary Numan impersonation. The run-out groove is inscribed "Bras in pocket!" - a novel twist on a similarly-named Pretenders track.

    There was a just-about-broadcastable 'Family' version of Bras On 45 on the 7" single (produced by Robin Langridge), but the 12" Disco Single version (BOP 6 T) had the 7" version on one side, and an extended 'Dirty Gertie' version on the other.

    Bras On 45
    Bras On 45 (Label)
    • Jobsworth/Great Grandad John. (RESL 121) 1982
    • This 7" single on BBC RECORDS features the brilliant Jeremy Taylor on the A side, and Ivor on the B side singing a different version of a song from The Winkers Album. It sold twenty seven copies, about the same number as JEREMY IS INNOCENT, making these two singles Ivor's rarest recordings.
    The Majorca Song
    The Majorca Song
       The Majorca Song (Filthy version)/The Majorca Song (Just-about-broadcastable version) (IVOR 1)

    This 7" single on the DEAD BADGER label came in a nice brown-paper vomit-bag. Due to a factory cock-up, most copies had the A and B side labels reversed, so some unlucky radio DeeJays found themselves broadcasting the filthy version by mistake. It crawled into the Charts at about number 50, and is still used to drive people out of Majorcan clubs at closing time. There was a 12" version (IVOR 1T) in a similar sleeve, which contained the two 7" versions plus a very expensive, utterly crap disco remix that Ivor had sod all to do with.


    • Rude Rock & Dirty Ditties (Disgusto CD 6969)
    • Rude Rock & Dirty Ditties
      Rude Rock & Dirty Ditties
         A compilation of 23 raunchy tracks including not only Ivor's "W*nkers Song" and "Bras on 45", but also "Come Outside" and "Up With the Cock" by Judge Dread. Available from Continental Records.
    • To help break the ice at parties, "The W*nker's Song" features on the Sunfly Series Karaoke. (SF-0042), alongside other classic sing-a-long tracks such as Star Trekkin' by 'The Firm' and "2 Pints Of Lager & A Packet Of Crisps Please" by Splodgenessabounds.
    • Ivor's Jivers: Live at last! (Promo Tape and Video)
    • - see Ivor's Jivers.
    • Ivor sings The 'Johnny G' Fan Club Song on Johnny G's 'WATER INTO WINE' album (Beggars Banquet BEGA 30).
    • Rumours Fun-Pub in Blackpool released a cassette called "IVOR BIGGUN LIVE" as a fund-raiser for The Grand Theatre.
    • Ivor played ukelele on "YU RATS", a single by CYRIL TROTTS (Jeff Duff) on CHERRY RED records YY1 (7" and 12" versions).
    • "The W*nkers Song" appears on "THE FILTHIEST PARTY ALBUM IN THE WORLD" as well as various tracks by Kevin Bloody Wilson, Roy 'Chubby' Brown and Judge Dread. This CD is on the PRISM LEISURE label (PLATCD 4910, also cassette PLAC 4910).
    • Beggar's Banquet Punk Singles CD (CDPUNK 73)
    • Punk Singles
      Punk Singles
         A compilation of 20 tracks including Ivor Biggun ("The W*nkers Song"), The Lurkers, Tubeway Army and The Carpettes. Released March 1996.
    • Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 2 (Dec 93) 25 tracks including Ivor Biggun's "Let's All Get Demented" recorded specially for the "Dr Demento" show in the USA.
    • The W*nker's Song appears on The DJ Box "Sound FX And General Utilities" (Disc 2, track 55). This CD contains a compilation of tracks for all occasions, specially for DJs.
    • Doc Cox can be heard introducing Noel Murphy 'live' on an Irish folk music CD, which Doc also engineered and produced. Called 'Noel Murphy in a Session', it is on Fine Hairy Rope Records, available from Noel at gigs and a few specialist folk music outlets. Released on St Patrick's Day 1998.
    • You can also see Doc Cox on a Video Cassette called something like "That's Life's Funny Animals" from BBC Enterprises.
    • Brunel University put out a bootleg cassette, with reasonable sound quality (taped off the p.a. sound-desk) of a 'live' Ivor Biggun Gig there in 1992?.
    Thanks to Paul Sadd for providing info on some of the above recordings.

    John Denny also reported an EP featuring 'Readers Wives' (BOPA 2 ??)

    Ivor's Bands

    The Vulgar Band

    Ivor Biggun and The Vulgar Band gigged regularly in and around south London during the 1990's.
    Ivor Biggun (lead vocals, electric guitar, ukelele)
    Jilly B (saxophone, fart machine)
    Pete 'The Professor' Terry (keyboard, accordian)
    Andy Hyam (bass guitar)
    Nigel 'Lucozade' Appleton (drums, electric helmet)
    The Flasher
    The Flasher
       They appeared at a number of fine venues over the years, including:
    • The Swan, Fulham Broadway
    • The Gun Tavern, Croydon
    • The Grey Horse, Kingston
    • The Bun Shop, Surbiton
    • The John Bull, Chiswick High Rd
    • The Turk's Head, Twickenham

    Ivor's Jivers

    Ivor's Jivers were resident band at the Swan in Fulham during 1981 to 1992, and at The Cornet (near Clapham Junction) during 1994/5.

    Two 'official' Ivor's Jivers tape recordings were produced : 'Ivor's Jivers: Live at last!' from 1989 and 'Another Chaotic Evening with Ivors Jivers' from Feb 1985. The latter is affectionately known as the 'Hospital Tape', as it was made to raise money for Hammersmith Hospital's Laser Fund.

    A number of musicians have performed with Ivor's Jivers over the years, including:

    Doc Cox (vocals, guitar)
    Tony 'Blues-Boy' Barker (vocals, guitar, harmonica)
    Pete 'The Professor' Terry (keyboard)
    'Enigmatic' Eddie Masters (bass)
    'Charismatic' Chris Perry (drums)
    Sam Kelly (drums)
    'Fearless' Phil Drury (vocals, guitar)

    Their most recent (last?) gig was in Carshalton on 15th June 2002.

    'Fearless' Phil Drury has written a brief history of Ivors Jivers.

    Ivor's Jivers: Live at last!
    Ivor's Jivers: Live at last! track listing   
    Ivor's Jivers: Live at last!
    Side A
    1. Dear dad
    2. Sweet little angel
    3. Oh lonesome me
    4. How can a poor man
    5. One way out
    6. Help me

    Side B
    1. Hoochie Coochie Man
    2. Walking by myself
    3. Smokey Joe's cafe
    4. Back to Louisiana
    5. Shake your moneymaker
    6. Let it rock
    6. White cliffs of Dover
    Recorded live in 1989 in Fulham as the soundtrack to a video.
    Ivor's Jivers: Hospital Tape
    Ivor's Jivers: Hospital Tape

    The 'Hospital Tape' was recorded live at the Fulham Swan in Feb '85, edited and remixed by Doc, with two studio recordings from April '82 added just before the end. The (performance) quality is a bit mixed, although among the tunes are the definitive version of 'Big Bird', an early Doc 'clean' song, and a version of Big Joe Turner's 'Cherry Red'.

    Big Boogie Spoonful

    Ivor's 6-piece rhythm and blues band.
    Doc Cox (vocals, electric guitar)
    Alex Chanter (vocals, electric guitar)
    Pete 'The Professor' Terry (keyboard, accordian)
    Terry Peaker (bass guitar)
    Robin Williams (electric violin)
    'Hud' (drums).
       The "Big Boogie Spoonful" gigged in August '97 at The King's Head, Acton Vale. Some classic numbers (with witty interjections from Doc), including: 'My Baby', 'Hello Josephine', 'Red River Rock', Willie Dixon's 'Don't call me fat' (I'm built for comfort, not for speed), 'Sweet Old Chicago', and a version of Elvis's 'Hound-dog'. The grand finale was the climactic 'Boogie Woogie Country Girl', where Pete excelled himself on the keyboards. Ivor Biggun fans in the audience (including me) were gratified to also hear 'My Name is Ivor Biggun' and 'The W*nkers Song'. Thanks to all the band for making it a memorable night out!

    Stage Props

    A variety of different props appear during gigs, including:

    Fart Machine - a sophisticated array of hi-tech electronics, carefully constructed using leading-edge technology and skillfully programmed to accurately emulate that wonderful, vibrant sound of a fart. Its operating range extends from the almost-silent 'fart in a lift', via gurgling 'bubbles in the bath' through to the ultimate 'real rip-snorters'. Note: being a machine, it is incapable of accidental 'follow-through', unlike its human equivalents.

    Pistol - this no longer features during 'Halfway Up Virginia' because of an episode at The Gun in Croydon when a passer-by outside dialled 999 when he heard the sound of shots being fired. This Christmas gig was temporarily interrupted while Ivor had to explain to an investigating police officer that the 'smoking gun' was not actually real.

    Electric Helmet - usually worn by Nigel the drummer and percussed with his own drumsticks during renditions of "I'm Looking Over My Dead Dog Rover". A real turn-on for the ladies, this wonderful instrument was actually hand-crafted by Ivor.

    Beer - an essential part of every show, for the band as well as the audience. Ivor attempts to gargle a pint to the tune of 'W*anking Your Blues Away'. Needless to say, most of it ends up on the floor or over the front row of the audience.

    The Flasher

    Lavatorial Links

    Doc Cox
    Doc Cox