The first Borissow - Christian Ignatius

The first Borissow I have on my tree if Christian Ignatius Borissow, born in Russia in 1785. Her traveled to England sometime between then and the birth of his first child, in 1820. He married a Welsh lady, Sarah Rees and they had ten children. Christian Ignatius was an accountant according to the occupation listed on his first child's birth certificate. By 1824 however his occupation was listed as a teacher of foreign languages. 

He also wrote several books:

Commerce of St Petersburg, with a brief description of the trade of the Russian Empire, to which is added an appendix, containing an account of the usual charges on imports and exports, custom house duties, fares etc, exemplified by invoices on account sales.

Commercial Phraseology (English/French)

He died in Bradford in 1867 from Uranea (Chronic Inflammation of the Bladder), and was buried in the Undercliff Cemetery there. As was his wife who died in 1862.

Christian Ignatius's Children

Christiana Amelia (born 1820 Huddersfield)
Frederic Ferdinand (born 1822)
Isabella Louisa (born 1824 Huddersfield)
Sarah Elvina (born 1826 Huddersfield)
Alfred Ignatius (born 1829 Huddersfield)
Albert Mathew (born 1832 Huddersfield)
Cornelius (born 1833 N. Huddersfield)
Augustus (born 1835 Wakefield)
Blanch (born 1838)
Louis (born 1840 Wakefield)

Of these children I currently only know about the descendants of Albert Mathew, Cornelius, Augustus and Louis. Louis being my great, great, great grandfather.

Rev Louis Borissow

Louis, son of Christian Ignatius,  married Harriet Dixon in Doncaster,  in 1868. Together they had ten children. Louis entered St Catherine's College in 1862. He was the Chaplin and Precentor of Trinity College, 1870 - 1901. Ordain priest Rochester 1867, Curate Wheathamstead 1866-68, of Buckingham 1868-71, of St Andrews Cambridge 1872-75, Rector of East Gilling, North Yorkshire 1901-17. He died in 1917 in East Gilling. 

Rev Louis Borissow's Children

Ernest (born 1868 Buckinghamshire)
Clement Louis (born 1870 Buckinghamshire)
Harold Henry (born 1872 Cambridge)
Theodore (born 1875 Cambridge)
Beatrice Mary (born 1877 Chesterton)
Ronald William (born1879 Cambridge)
Basil George (born 1880 Cambridge)
Gerald Francis (1882, died in infancy)
Francis Augustine (born 1886 Cambridge)

Of these children only three have descendants, Francis Augustine, Ronald William and Theodore. Theo being my great, great grandfather.

Theo Borissow

Theo, son of Rev Louis Borissow, traveled to India sometime between 1880 and 1900. In India he worked as a tea planter in Assam. While there he meet a Bengali woman, I do not know here name or whether they married. They must of stayed together for at least four years though. They had three children Minnie, Winnie and Topsy. There mother died in 1912 and Theo put the three children into a home in Kalimpong. Theo returned to England in the 1920's leaving the girls in India. He died at The Limes, Penton Road, Staines in 1929, age 53 years.

Theo's Children

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