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Welcome to our Service

Do you want to sell your home quickly and simply without hassle and stress.

If you do then Street Property can help and are ready to buy immediately.

We have cash funds available and have developed a first class service to ensure we find a solution to meet your needs.

Selling the Traditional Way

We know that selling any home is a difficult time for the homeowner, but if you need to sell quickly then using traditional methods can be extremely stressful and frustrating.
After cleaning, decorating, gardening and showing many time wasters round you eventually receive an offer, normally well below the estate agents valuation. The purchaser will usually need to get finance and sell his own home. His buyer will probably be in a similar position - the dreaded chain! On average 30% of accepted offers do not proceed to completion.If your sale falls through then the viewing process starts again.The average time between deciding to put a home on the market and selling through an estate agent is 7 months. That's 7 months of stress, frustration and cost for you.

Our Alternative

  • You receive cash within days not months.
  • You avoid the stress and frustration.
  • You pay no estate agents fees.
  • You pay no legal fees.
  • You pay no further mortgage payments.
Avoid the stress and frustration

Avoid the stress and frustration of selling your home

Try our fast and simple service

Try our fast and simple service

A Prompt Sale Guaranteed

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