GIRTHDAY NEWS: Happy birthday to Weeble for Friday, November 28. The curly-haired funster is now 97.

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May 10: Wittering
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Mark 'Billy' Silcox is racing a Suzuki SV650 in Minitwins with the Bemsee club. Click here for more.
Inexplicably, Tony Hoare bought a TZR250 to go club racing. Click here for more info if you must.

New section on Weeble Racing

Weebleracing.co.uk has added a new section that deals with all the crucial questions relating to the Cambridgeshire area's most disorganised moped team. Click on the tag at the top of the home page.

Putting Weeble Racing on the map

Weeble Racing is to apply for recognition as an independent country in a bid for Olympic glory in 2012.
The Weebles have been forced into the move after falling out with their sport's governing body in the UK. Gaining recognition as a nation would put their chances of Olympic gold back on track. It would mean writing a national anthem and developing a financial system, though.
Weeble, a near certainty for a podium position in his chosen discipline, said: "It's long been a dream to appear in the Olympics, but my chances are being shattered by petty bureaucracy. As far as I'm concerned, the British Salad Dodging Association can stick their selection criteria up their arses."

Official: Not as shit as he used to be

Fighty flabster Tony H finished his first full season of racing a 250 in Yamaha Past Masters by taking the award for Most Improved Rider in the class for 2008.
The hairy one collected the award at Brands Hatch as both he and Minitwinner Billy finished their BMCRC (Bemsee) seasons.
TH said: "Cool trophy. Chuffed with that." Weebleracing.co.uk says: "Most Improved Rider of the Year award? Is that really the 'not as shit as you used to be award?'.
Tony now faces a winter of crank rebuilds and maintenance while Billy begins the search for a new engine to replace the one that went bang at Snetterton. Both are hoping to race in the Plum Pudding meeting at Mallory Park on Boxing Day, where Rucksack is due to also appear on the TZR250 he has bought with the intention of joining Tony in Past Masters in 2009.

Weeble Racing future in jeopardy

Serious doubt has been cast over the future of Weeble Racing after sources close to the supposedly pathetic outfit claimed they had WON a race.
The revelation lays the shoddy and shambolic team open to accusations of having taken things vaguely seriously.
The heat win came courtesy of supertoddler Binbag, who was apparently first across the line at Rowrah in a Class B race.
Weeble said: "I warned him not to do it, but the little blighter ignored me. That's it, we're done for now. Doomed. How can we go on now we've won a race."
Someone from Blue Dog Racing probably said: "Yeah, but we won all the others so I don't know why you're getting carried away."

Billy bang

Weebles' Welsh wonderold Billy's legendary forward planning reaped explosive rewards in the latest round of the BMCRC Minitwins Championship at Snetterton.
Billy made a pre-emptive strike last winter by replacing his 2003 Suzuki SV650 engine with a newer 2005 motor, as the 2003 model is vulnerable to spectacular blow-ups. The 05 motor then eschewed its reputation for reliability, spectacularly blowing a hole in its cases with two races of the weekend remaining.
, who is mulling over an invite to represent Wales in the Celtic Thinking Cup next year, switched to a biofuel Laverda after a kind offer from a friendly team who had a spare bike lying inactive.
The Billster spent the days immediately after Snetterton fitting his old 2003 engine, the one with a reputation for spectacular blow-ups, into his bike.
His final race of the season looms, at Brands Hatch on September 27-28, and he is looking to cement his place in the championship top 10. Two-stroke aggro merchant TonyH will also be there, finishing his first full season in Yamaha Past Masters.

Fungal furore

The British Medical Association is considering an emergency change to its naming of infections after Weebles’ overage teenager TonyH was hit with a bout of athlete’s foot.
A spokesman for the BMA said: “This could be the final straw for the naming of athlete’s foot. There has never been a stipulation that only athletes can suffer it, but this takes the biscuit.”
The BMA will meet to consider reverting to its medical term ‘tinea pedis’ instead of the athlete’s foot name, which is believed to have been coined in 1928.
The spokesman added: “These things have to be realistic. This ‘man’ has no claim whatsoever to the word athlete and I suspect it’s time for a change to attempt to popularise the medical term tinea pedis instead.”
The BMA previously considered a change after chubby stargazer Russell Grant and Royle Family gutbucket Ricky Tomlinson suffered from it. But change was averted when written submissions suggested that Grant had once completed the cross-country run at his secondary school and that Tomlinson had thrown the shotput in three school sports days.

Rucksack is a Passed Master

Weeble Racing's post-teen Rucksack went racing on a TZR250 like Tony H, in the same championship as Tony H. He started the four-race weekend at the back of the 38-bike grid and stormed through to a series of impressive points finishes with a 14th, a 12th and two 11ths in his first weekend of racing.
Tony H struggled through the weekend in 12th, 10th (twice) and an eighth. Now Rucksack has decided to smash open the fireworks box by agreeing to buy his own TZR and tackling TH in 2009. It is very likely to end in the biggest mess since Weeble's tummy-button came undone after a particularly large and violent vegetable biryani. The pic below shows our demented duo (Rucksack is No 16) chasing a good rider, in the shape of Pat Herron.

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